Entrepreneur and Business Growth Tips Learned in 2018

business tips for 2019

Being an entrepreneur is so exhilarating and challenging all in the same breath, but building a business is fulfilling with freedom of expression and unlimited income. Growing my business in 2018 has been an adventure of navigating the dense seas of the world wide web and social media while also discovering solutions to be true to the transformations I am here to serve.

For all you service based business owners, solo entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants starting or growing a business in 2019, here are a few lessons to save you time and possible anguish in your entrepreneur journey.

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Marketing Tips for Business Growth

I get asked all the time by my coaching clients how to gain visibility, fill their courses or programs, and increase their sales and the answer always links back to what some call marketing your business. However, the word marketing does not always resonate for everyone and truly marketing is about visibility,  value, and connection to your customers.

Since most service based business owners I know are quite passionate at what they do and so eager to share their knowledge, they are usually excellent at providing great value! However, where they need help is on visibility and sometimes on connection which is more about the communication or messaging with their audience. 

Here is how to increase your visibility:

  1. Create high value videos, go live, promote, tag, share them
  2. Advertise to a larger audience with Facebook or Instagram
  3. Become a speaker, start local, present to target market
  4. Do webinars and or interactive lives where you are engaging with your customers/clients
  5. Be on search engine social media sites like YouTube and Pinterest. 
  6. Know your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, and communicate your positioning clearly in marketing to stand out
  7. Collaborate with other business owners, be a podcast guest or guest blogger, or offer value to another community who is also your target market
  8. Create consistent content where your target market is
  9. Use social media hashtags, geo tags, stories, and engagement tools to be found and to start conversations

Clarity, Communication, & Connection for Your Business

So here is the other big lesson I learned in my own business and from working with entrepreneurs in starting and building their business

  • Connecting to your customers or clients pain points and problems is crucial, you need to understand them
  • Communicating the solutions you provide with clarity will facilitate more conversions to sales 
  • Messaging that is from the heart, that is authentic, that tells a story or takes them on a journey will connect at greater depths, but you need to have clear messages

Somehow the internet connects us like we have never been connected before, but the connection is not deep, unless you commit to depth and building relationships with your audience. Set an intention to truly connect and care about your followers and also to go deeper with them beyond both of your initial expectations. If you do, you and they will experience transformation. 

My Growth as an Entrepreneur Building Business in 2018

Oh boy was it ever an eye opening year as an entrepreneur. I realized that my business is not separate from how I feel or think about myself. If you are an entrepreneur and you have any old beliefs about yourself or your ability in any area of business, money, worth, success, failure, and or self acceptance, it is going to keep rearing its detrimental weeds into the growth of your business.

I realized even the smallest doubt, the oldest fear, the tiniest of insecurity will prevent me from becoming who I want to be and growing to my next level of impact and success. For those of you who know me I always say the growth of your business can only go as far as your growth as an entrepreneur or person. That’s why one of my motto’s is ‘grow the boss, grow the business’. 

Some of the people who have helped me rewire my brain with new beliefs for business are Dr. Shannon Irvine and James Wedmore.  In fact, the personal growth I went through this year was so transformational and included a compliment of four factors that I developed a methodology around it so other entrepreneurs and leaders can be energized and elevated by it. You can learn more and experience it for yourself with the launch of my podcast in 2019 called Peak Energy4 Performance.

My 3 biggest business lessons in 2018:

  1. Grow Your List
  2. Create and Offer Consistent Content & Value
  3. Focus on your website as much as Social Media; it’s your own true real estate on the web and it is searchable!

Truly the learning and growth as an entrepreneur and business owner is a never ending work in progress that always has room for improvement. The great news is that in January of 2019, I will be launching the Service Business Success System for entrepreneurs wanting to start their business; it will first be offered as a live group program and then it will become an online course. In addition, if you have already launched and want to grow your business, I will be leading a business growth mastermind starting mid January.

What have been your biggest lessons as an entrepreneur in 2018 and what is one focus goal you are setting for 2019?

Close out your year as an entrepreneur in celebrating your beginnings, what you learned, how you evolved, where you experienced growth, and yes even your failures and successes! It’s all progress.

The happiest and healthiest of New Years to all you amazing bosses and builders.


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