Self and Life Discovery Coaching for
Clarity, Alignment, Direction, and Happiness!

Life Leadership Coaching that Gives You a Self and Life Assessment to Lead and Live Your Best Life

It is amazing how few people have ever been guided through their own self discovery and whole life assessment. This is the first step I recommend for anyone seeking greater self awareness, life clarity, direction, living in alignment to one's values, or desiring life happiness. The powerful transformation this process guides you through will positively impact and influence you for the rest of your life. It is simple, yet the clarity and direction it brings, leads people to living their best life. This is an introductory coaching package which includes the following:

  • Personal Values Assessment and Application to Life
  • Web of Life Discovery Where You Will Assess and Prioritize Your Whole Life
  • Core Being Circle for Life Happiness
  • Archetype Self Awareness Discovery
  • Life Plan

You will be guided through each of these and the reflection you receive with coaching deepens your awareness to integrate it so you can lead your life forward in alignment with who you are and what you want.

How Will this Life Coaching Discovery Help You In Your Life?

  • Gain Clarity in What You Want, Who You Are, & How You Want to Live
  • Develop Greater Self Awareness to Lead and Live Your Best Life
  • Discover Life Direction and Develop Life Alignment for Happiness
  • Assess and Reflect on Your Whole Life to See Where You Want to Improve
  • Prioritize What is Most Important to You in Life
  • Depth of Understanding in Your Archetypes & How this Impacts Your Life and Relationships
  • A Life Path and Plan with Goals to Lead Your Life Where You Want it to Be!

Who Will Benefit from the Self & Life Discovery Coaching and Why is it Important?

At the risk of coming across with a biased opinion, I can honestly say everyone can benefit from self and life discovery, but there are people who it is best suited for where it may be more urgently needed. If you are currently unhappy with your life whether it be linked to your career, being overworked and not having a life, not living in alignment to your values, or feel something is not right for you, then this journey of discovery is meant for you!

Here is who has benefited from it greatly already and if you see yourself in any of these people, then it may be just what you need:

  • Leaders who have focused their whole energy and time on work and lost themselves
  • Career professionals and leaders who want greater self awareness
  • People who want clarity, direction, and a leadership path for their life
  • Anyone interested in life coaching who wants self and life discovery assessments
  • Entrepreneurs who want to reconnect to and have synergy with life and business
  • Students & Personal Growth seekers who want to set themselves up for life happiness
  • People pleasers, caretakers, or people in life transition who need self discovery for life leadership

Now I could write a thesis on why self and life discovery are so important for us, but I can sum it up simply for you here. When we know ourselves, what is important to us, what we value, how we want to live, and who we are being or want to be, it leads us and our life forward to happiness.

Hi, I'm Jody Kennett, an ICF PCC certified Whole Person Life Coach. It is these simple, yet profound steps we take in life that make all the difference to chart the right path for ourselves. I will be your life and leadership coach for the guided self and life discovery sessions. This is such a powerful process that truly is life transforming so my wish is for everyone to experience it. As your coach, I will be ever present facilitating the integration of awareness, reflecting back important areas for clarity, and guiding you forward in growth and towards the life you desire. It is always an honor to be a co pilot in people's life journey; a role I don't take lightly. We will have fun, you will grow, you will gain clarity and direction, your self awareness will deepen, and an exciting path forward will emerge.

If you are ready to lead your life, to gain clarity or direction, and to align your life with who you are and what you want, reach out to [email protected].