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Build Women's Leadership Skills that will Grow Your Career and Business. Lead with Confidence.

The Foundations of Our Women's Leadership Coaching Programs and Workshops

If you are a career woman, female business owner, or a women leader who has the goal to build your career, advance into leadership, or grow your business, but have faced some challenges around confidence or leading, then you are in the right place. We offer workshops, coaching programs, and courses that will energize and elevate women leaders. Some of the foundations of our training and coaching programs are:

Women's Leadership Skills and Global Skills for all Leaders
Confidence to Lead, Be Visible, Own Your Power, and Have a Voice
Communication Skills to Lead and Bold Communication Skills
Career Growth and Advancement Planning
Peak Energy Performance for Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Confidence to Lead, Be Seen, and Influence

We may all have a baseline of confidence that gets us through at a specific level for career and business growth, but it's when we elevate our confidence with some bold actions outside our comfort zone where we will experience breakthroughs in elevating to the next level. 

Learn the neuroscience of confidence 
Uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
Learn confident communication and body language
Elevate your executive and leadership presence
Lead with Confidence, Take Confident Action to Grow & Influence
women's leadership coaching for entrepreneurs

Advance into Leadership, and Grow Your Career, and Business with
Women's Leadership Skills

Through our societal and cultural conditioning we have picked up some tendencies that may limit our growth and potential. Add to that other challenges women face in getting seen, heard, and promoted and we have some 'extra' work to do in order to advance. The good news is with a few simple refinements of our actions, being, and behaviors, we can stand out as a leader in our industry and gain greater influence.

Learn Women's Leadership Skills to Advance Your Career
Develop your leadership skills and presence to advance as a leader
Hone leadership, confidence, & communication for business growth
Overcome societal and cultural conditioning and Own Your Power
Own the leader you are to have greater impact, influence, & income

Choose Your Training and Coaching Preference 

Women's Leadership Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats

We offer a variety of coaching and training programs in women's leadership to suit your needs. You can choose from our private coaching packages, women's leadership group coaching program, or our one and multi day workshops or retreats for career and business women leaders.

Live Online Women's Leadership Coaching and Training Workshops

Be elevated and energized with live facilitated private or group coaching and workshops in the three pillars of Women's Leadership. 

Experience Breakthroughs, UpLevel Leadership, Practice Confidence 

Be given powerful exercises to show up with a strong executive, leadership presence, feel confident, and take action to grow your career and business.

Elevate Your Visibility and Voice with Career and Business Growth

Learn the key skills, presence, and action steps to take so you can own your space as a leader, confidently show up and lead, and communicate confidently.

Private Coaching Packages

Group Coaching Program

Elevare offers an 8 and 12 week private Women's Leadership Coaching package that will take you through the three pillars of Women's Leadership including leadership skills, confidence, and communication. The coaching sessions are delivered weekly for consistent progress and integration so you will experience powerful shifts and transformations that you will be able to apply right away into your career, leadership, and business. These one to one coaching packages offer a confidential space for you to learn, be coached, and become the leader you desire to be. Through an initial consultation and assessment, together we will determine the areas of importance for you and focus the coaching sessions there. You will gain skills, knowledge, confidence, leadership, and communication skills to lead in the space you are in and show up with confidence. To learn more about these Women's Leadership coaching packages, email Jody at [email protected] or we can set up a complimentary consult to meet one another.

Be a part of our Women's Leadership group coaching program that we only offer a few times a year. This is a six week online group coaching experience where you will have the support of a community of women leaders and develop your leadership, confidence, and communication skills. There will be a weekly group coaching session where you will learn a new women's leadership skill and have time to practice with peers, discuss important topics, network, and be able to be coached live if you so choose or get your questions answered. There is great energy, shared experiences, and advanced learning in a group format. To inquire about the next group coaching start date or organize your own group, reach out to Jody at [email protected] and we can also put you on the waitlist for the next available group.

Women's Leadership Workshops and Training for Your Group or Company

Provide a Women's Leadership workshop and training to your team of women and elevate more women into leadership. Elevare offers two training workshops for women leaders with one of them highlighting the three key skills all women need to grow their career and advance to becoming a leader: confidence, communication, and leadership skills. The second workshop focuses on career growth and planning and gives women the tools they need to advance. We also offer customized Women's Leadership training to align with the needs and goals of your team. 


“You have been an inspiration to all of us, not only within the Women in Leadership Canada English Committee, but to the entire Alithya  women who are aspiring to be what they want to be.” Zeny Red Alithya WIL Committee

Women's Leadership Coach Vancouver BC Canada

Your Women's Leadership Coach

Hello, I'm Jody Kennett, an ICF PCC Coach who specializes in coaching women leaders who are expanding and elevating in their career and business. I am on a mission to empower women with the skills they need to succeed in advancing their career, stepping into leadership, and being the leader and influencer they need to be for their business. I do this by combining the powerful trio of leadership skills, bold communication, and confidence. I am an American Confidence Institute certified Confidence coach, a GAIA Women's Leadership coach, and I am a certified C-IQ communication coach. 

It is my belief that women have incredible talents, are masters at their craft, and have natural leadership abilities to be powerful and effective leaders. Yet, society, cultural conditioning, fears, challenges, and our own imposter complex can limit us from believing or exploring our own capacity to lead. In addition, from the hundreds of women I have served, I have noticed that it is not our skill or competencies in our area of expertise that limit our growth and advancement, but the lack of confidence or communication and leadership skills. This is where learning, practicing, and implementing women's leadership skills will make the difference in elevating you to the leader you already are!

I am also a certified ICF Whole Person Life Coach and health and peak performance coach for women leaders with extensive health experience.


Women's Leadership Retreats

As mentioned above, my first passion and career was in the health and wellness industry where I began my studies at SFU in Kinesiology and where I have now been a 20 year American Council on Exercise Medical Exercise Specialist. In addition, I am a certified PN1 Health coach. With my education and experience in health and my passion in energizing and elevating women leaders, I am excited to offer women's leadership and health retreats.

Take a break away and focus on your health, energy, and wellbeing
Heal stress, burnout, fatigue and disconnection from self and happiness.
Learn and be guided through the latest science in exercise and nutrition
Calm the body, brain, and nervous system with mindfulness practices
Be energized and refocus on your self care. Learn Peak Performance. 

Personalize Your Women's Leadership Experience - Begin with a Consult

Your leadership, health, and confidence journey starts here. Begin it with a complimentary consult so we can discover the best path forward for you. Email Jody at [email protected] or book a consult by clicking below.

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