Peak Performance for Your Entrepreneurs, Executives & Leaders

Peak Performance coach for women

Are you on top of your game feeling energized, in your zone, focused and performing at your peak? Peak performance is no longer reserved for the athletes we watch in world competitions. Entrepreneurs, leaders, and career professionals are hiring performance coaches to not only have superior results, but also to support their energy and health…

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No Limits Thinking – The Mindset of a Champion

No Limits Thinking

Have you ever wondered how a world champion and the winner of the most grueling endurance race in the world thinks? When I first heard Leah Goldstein speak, it was the adversity, obstacles, losses and setbacks she overcame that had me spell bound in awe. Actually it was her brain and the way she thought…

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Blocks Women in Business Face and How to Rise Above

Performance Coaching for women in business

Watch the pitch of your voice, take a seat at the table, but blend in, rise in a man’s world, and for heaven’s sake never show an ounce of emotion. Whether you are a career woman or a woman running your own business, this is the world we live in. You will find yourself in…

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Embracing Change & Being Agile in Business and Life

Embracing Change in Business and as a Leader

How can we learn to embrace change better and be agile with the fast paced, ever changing work world? Being agile in the business world relates to a method of project management that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work with frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans. In fact they…

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Heart Math, Heart Coherence for Emotional Wellbeing, Stress Management, & Performance

Heart Coherence Heart Math

Did you know that our heart has the ability to bring our emotional state, physiology, and mind into coherence? It also has more neural pathways going to the brain than the brain does to the heart, radiates an energy field of our emotions up to 5 feet, and impacts our cognitive function including the ability…

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International Women’s Day 2018 – Press for Progress!

Gender equality diversity and inclusion

The International Women’s Day 2018 theme is ‘Press for Progress‘ and when women essentially start working for free from Sep 22nd till the end of the year due to the gender pay gap, there is still a lot of progress needed! Canada ranks as the 7th most unequal country out of the top 34 industrialized…

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Be Heard and Have a Voice at Work!

Speak up get heard and have a voice at work

Last week I had the privilege to speak to an amazing group of professional women and a few of the key questions they asked at the end of the presentation on communication were about, “How do I get heard and have a voice in meetings?” The answer to this question does not only lie in…

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Grow Your Business, Career, and Leadership

grow your business, career, and income

Are you ready to grow your business, advance your career, become a leader and increase your income? Growth is the act of creation into something new, the processing of growing, full development, and increasing from what is to more than what exists in the present moment. Yes most of us may add to that definition…

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Women’s Leadership Program

Women's Leadership Workshop

Women have incredible inherent leadership skills and make extremely influential leaders who inspire their team to perform at their peak together. They do not need a leadership development course because they are not already great leaders; to the contrary, they make extraordinary leaders, but they face a multitude of obstacles that are quite different from…

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Women’s Leadership Evolution

Women's Leadership Coaching

By now, we are all aware of gender diversity and initiatives that need to be started or developed within companies, but outside the external mandates, what is the depth of understanding around the internal evolution and shifts, culturally, that need to be made around Women’s Leadership? Outside of targets and numbers and appearances, what are…

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