In January of this year, I embarked on elevating my coaching to the highest level of certification with the International Coach Federation, but what I could not have predicted was the life changing experience of receiving consistent coaching weekly which is a requirement to become certified. As part of the program, not only was I providing coaching to a handful of my peers weekly, but I also received coaching on a variety of areas of my choosing from business and career growth to mindset and life leadership.

What began to unfold for myself was the greatest personal growth and transformation of self discovery I have ever experienced. In addition, all my business, life, and career goals advanced forward with progress at a way faster pace than I had experienced on my own. I am embarrassed to admit that I have received some intermittent coaching sessions in the past, but not consistently where a coach had the ability to get to really know me and where I had the accountability, self reflection, and processing I required weekly to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Why Coaching and a Consistent Check In with a Coach will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

Years ago I learned that the most successful people in the world had coaches and yes I wrote that write, they had multiple coaches for different life goals they were pursuing. Until these last few months, I had never experienced it for myself and I am now converted and will never live without a coach. However, what I learned was that it wasn’t just having a coach here and there that really gave me rapid results in my business, life, and personal growth, but having consistent weekly or biweekly coaching sessions that produced the extraordinary benefits. Here is why consistent coaching will transform you, your life, health, career, and business:

  • You will gain clarity on what you truly want, for decision, and on ideas to lead yourself, life, career, and business forward
  • Coaching supports you to achieve your goals and get results
  • Most of us never process what holds us back and coaching provides self reflection, limiting belief breakthroughs, reframing, and understanding of our own patterns that keep us stuck
  • The accountability is not only necessary, but also creates greater action and way faster results than when we go it alone
  • For entrepreneurs with many ideas or career professionals trying to figure out their next career move, coaching facilitates alignment to you and your values while also exploring and narrowing down your options to actionable next steps
  • The beautiful thing about coaching and where it differs from counselling, is that it focuses on the present and your future to move you forward to what you want to create. Coaching leads you to designing your ideal and best future with internal growth and actionable progression steps.
  • Coaching guides you to navigate conflict in yourself and with others
  • Coaching connects you back to yourself, to your being, your dreams, where you will thrive and be happy
  • Coaching helps people manage stress, increase their performance, and develop people to be the absolute best version of themselves as a leader, entrepreneur, or career professional
  • Coaching provides a safe, trusting container for which to experience transforming, powerful self growth and personal leadership to lead your life, career, health and business forward
  • Coaching helps people explore what is possible for them and their life and elevates people to their full potential.

Coaching Makes us Accountable to our Goals, Dreams, and Growth

Life gets busy with work demanding a lot of our focus and with the responsibilities at home and in our families that fill our days. The hectic pace we keep leaves little time to dream, contemplate our future, plan our life goals, or even have energy to motivate ourselves past surviving. Most of all, let’s face it, if we were our own teacher all through the years, would we have ever been as driven to hand in an assignment by the deadline and with our best effort? Probably not, right? That is the benefit of a coach and what even the best of us needs, accountability!

Sometimes our thinking needs a sounding board and reflection back to us for shifts to happen. In fact, sometimes we need our thinking challenged, expanded, reframed, and yes even reprogrammed in order to experience both personal and professional growth. This is something we cannot do on our own and what I have experienced to be one of the most valuable benefits of coaching.

Beyond the personal transformation coaching provides, it also creates a space to keep your business, career, health, and life goals a priority in your schedule and be accountable to progressing forward with them. Many of my clients find that coaching prioritizes their commitment to their goals that they just simply would not do on their own due to other demands on their time.

Think about it, how many people put their dreams, future, life aspirations, and growth in their weekly schedule? Do you have it on your calendar as a weekly commitment? This is our life and dreams we are talking about; is anything more important? Is our happiness and what we desire last on the list?

Why every Entrepreneur, Executive, Leader, and Personal Growth Seeker will be Elevated with Coaching

Self awareness and self leadership are two powerful traits of the most successful people in the world and the entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders who receive coaching stand out in excellence and influence above the crowds. Coaching elevates our behavior, action, self perception, leadership abilities, self awareness, and interpersonal relationships. It connects us to our being and progresses our life forward in all areas. One of its key benefits is to help us overcome obstacles and discover solutions to move us beyond being stuck toward what we desire in our future.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often running the whole show themselves and may not have a sounding board if they are a solo entrepreneur which means they lack the support of a team and can get stuck in one way of thinking and doing things. However when entrepreneurs work with a business coach, they now have the support of an additional person who will help them to see other options and opportunities they may not have thought of on their own.

I am an entrepreneur myself and one of the exercises I explored in coaching was how to bring up other archetypes in my business that were not naturally my strengths, but were essential to the success of my business. This was a hugely valuable exercise and gives solo entrepreneurs perspective shifts and a balanced approach to building their business.

Leaders can benefit from coaching as most of their days are spent leading and managing others and they have a lot of responsibilities, but often are not receiving the same support network they are giving. Also, leaders have to deal with juggling many challenges, conflicts, and priorities in their day which require coaching around to enhance their effectiveness as a leader; this also produces the need for self care, boundaries, stress and energy management for leaders. When leaders have a leadership or health coach, it elevates their performance as a leader, their well being, and their communication with their team.

Lastly, anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants to have depth of self discovery that leads to positive transformation, will find it in private coaching. There is possibly no greater tool than to be heard in a safe and trusting space, to have your inner world reflected back to you, and to be guided forward to who you want to become and how you want to live, than what you will experience with a coach.

Yes, we can experience personal growth on our own through books, courses, and even meditation and mindfulness, but the act of powerful questioning with beautiful mirroring, and guidance forward takes personal growth to a depth that we may not be able to get to on our own. This is what I found out recently myself and why I believe everyone should experience coaching for themselves and their life goals.

Improve Your Leadership, Health, and Life with a Coach

If you are seeking improvement in your leadership, health, or life and have been going it alone with slow or minimal improvement, it may be time for you to hire a coach. Sometimes there are road blocks in our way that limit our progress and it may require some important feedback to breakthrough what has been holding us back. Olympic athletes become the best in the world with the refinement of their behavior, actions, skill, and mindset by the help of their coaches. We too, can benefit from how coaching can shine a light on one small thing that when shifted could produce extraordinary results or an enlightening way of being that improves our life.

A coach will support you to be your best, live your best life, and most importantly live happy, true to yourself and your dreams.

There is an African proverb that speaks to going it alone verses doing it together and I am going to give you my own version of it here specifically towards the experience of the power of consistent coaching. Here it is:

Go it alone and you will get there with persistence and time. If you want to get there faster with greater personal and professional growth that produces transformative results and progresses you to new levels beyond what you thought possible towards your goals, do it together with the consistent support of a coach by your side.

If you are looking for a leadership, health, or life coach, I would be more than happy to coach you. I offer complimentary 30 minute introductory coaching sessions. To get started towards your leadership, health, and life goals, contact [email protected].

Here’s to you, your dreams and goals, and to being the best version of you living your best life!

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