Do you ever find yourself leading your business, career, or life by external drivers of what will attract customers, increase your income, or what looks good, but then feel a disconnect from what your soul really wants? Has fear, money, or societal expectations driven your decisions and left you yearning for the self expression and real life you want to live?

Some of you know I have a podcast that is for leaders, entrepreneurs and the health conscious called Peak Energy 4 Performance and I have shared that I will be talking about the fifth factor which is our soul, but you know I have been resistant to dive into it yet. However, the more I coach people in advancing their career, growing into leadership, and building their business, the more I realize everything they want to create and become is connected to actualizing their soul calling and honoring the essence of who they are meant to fully become.

Moreover, if you are unhappy or not confident with your business, career, and life growth, it often links back to the core of your being and or the limiting, whether internal or external, of the expression and expansion of your soul. When you can fully express your being into your business, career, and leadership, this is where flow happens, where you are energized and where your greatest impact is experienced by others.

Why is Bringing Soul into Business, Leadership, and Life Important?

The definition of soul is ‘the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being regarded as immortal’. This means you cannot see your soul, but you can hear it, feel it; it has an energy and an existence, it is just not tangible. Our soul carries with it who we truly are, our reason or purpose for being, the gifts and talents we have to offer, a life path or journey that is our destiny, and the lessons we are both meant to learn and teach in this world.

The exciting part of the definition of soul is that it is immortal. This means, the essence of your being cannot die and it is eternal. Just think about that loved one you adored that is no longer here, but the essence of who they were still puts a smile on your face and in your heart.

So how does the soul connect with our business, career, leadership, and for our life? First off when you express and bring the core of who you are into your business and live your soul calling, it not only brings happiness to you, but it also creates an exciting, aligned impact of contribution to the world.

Secondly and undoubtedly, the people who are unhappy in their career are those who have like many followed the external drivers to building their career or who have not or for some reason are not, living in alignment with the connection to their deepest soul’s desire. If you find yourself in this place, all you need to do to feel more fulfilled in your career is begin to tune in and take action toward what it is you truly want and allow that expression in your career.

The greatest leaders in the world have embodied their soul and lead from and with it daily, communicating it to us from the depths of their being and the presence they are for this world. Without soul in leadership, everything would be about money, profit, bottom lines, outcomes, and results and nothing would have connection to the emotions or soul’s of others to motivate and inspire action. The soul in leadership is what leads people in the direction you and they believe in and it is also what creates a legacy.

We need to know the soul of a leader and the essence of their being in this world, in order to follow them. We do not follow and are not inspired by a mere position executing actions for a corporate outcome, we follow a person for who they are, what they represent, and who they are being as a leader.

Connect with Your Soul to Lead and Live Your Happiest, Best Life

Many of us have a connection or a glimpse to our soul calling, but fear, money, and distraction keeps us disconnected from living out our true soul being. There are many options and ways to live out and express our soul in our life. We can express it in who we are being, experience it in hobbies or our lifestyle, live it by volunteering or in our career, and honor it by allowing it in our lives and giving it to the world.

So how do you connect with your soul if you have been living a life disconnected from your soul? You will first need to slow down, be still and provide a space where: you are not stressed, you can contemplate, and where you can reconnect to what feels right, flows, and brings joy.

One of the greatest problems of the modern world is our fast, full pace of busyness and distraction which puts us in a whirlwind of survival and stress just trying to keep up. This leads to a complete disconnection from our soul among many other things as well. It is imperative if you want to live a happy life, to develop a daily, weekly, monthly practice of stillness to check in and connect with your soul so you can live and become the essence of who you are in full soul expression.

Why Soul is my Fifth Factor for Peak Energy 4 Performance

For those of you new to my podcast, I chose the words peak energy and the number 4 to represent how we need to energize our body, mind, emotions, and environment for health, happiness, and peak performance. I believe the ‘extra’ and yet also the core of what we need to be to live our best life, is bringing our soul or spiritual self into our priorities. Think about the best in the world or the people who are the happiest, they have found their soul calling or purpose and are living it.

The energy of our body, mind, emotions, and environment is positively affected when we are living in alignment with our soul. Now look at what happens to our performance when we are being who we truly are, living what we are called to be and do here, and giving our essence to others; peak and high performance happens naturally when you are soul living. It is inevitable.

And now we come full circle to the fact that your soul is an energetic existence not seen only felt. It is an energy in you, of you, and that is you. That energy can be expressed and lived or left dormant. Your soul is the depths of your being, almost a DNA unique to you to design what you wish for your life and the lives of others. The question now is, will you explore the fifth factor of peak energy in your life by connecting to and bringing soul into all you do for your business, career, leadership, and your life?

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