To say there has been a lot of upheaval, change, and uncertainty since the beginning of CoVid-19 is an understatement, but is it possible for us to lead our life, business, and career to a great place through this pandemic? For many of us in the throws of crisis with mounting debt, lost jobs, and our lives in a freeze frame of waiting to see what’s next, the answer would be ‘no’ due to being consumed by the circumstances of the moment. Yet I also know there are many people contemplating a life or career change and this time by choice, aligning it to who they are and how they want to live.

Let me make it clear that I am not a pollyanna when it comes to what the whole world has gone through and the extreme challenges each and everyone of us has faced in our own unique way, but I do feel Covid-19 has provided a valuable shift or awakening for many of us. Do you know how many people have shared with me that this pandemic has brought something good and meaningful into their life? People have become more grateful, more connected to their family, friends, and community, and some are even grateful for time they did not have before.

When the world stops, we stop and stopping can be a reflection and reset in the right direction. Many of us were living life full throttle at a high speed in constant doing with no down time to just be or to connect with our being. Why is this even important? It is in the stillness, silence and slow down that we can connect with our own being and this ability to be is what connects and aligns us with who we really are and what we truly desire for this gift we call life. So what do you want to do with this opportunity to reset and where will you choose to lead your life next?

I have to say I am finding some great lessons in this crisis and to me one of its many lessons is that we were living in a world driven by money and power at the expense of time and health, yet in the middle of it, we have time and for those of us lucky enough we are appreciating our health now more than ever. We still live in this world that demands money, but maybe are awareness has been expanded to see there are other things we value just as much that we will continue to prioritize perhaps even above money.

Where Will You Lead Your Life through Covid-19?

I heard the other day from a spiritual leader to not put our circumstances on the throne and to me this equates to if you look so long at the door that closed, you will miss the other door opening in front of your very eyes. Additionally and a bit ironically, did you know the Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of 2 characters, one is danger and the other is opportunity. We can be stuck in mud thigh deep and it can feel like there is no way out, but if we are looking for opportunities, where our focus goes, energy flows.

When today’s circumstances are mired in loss or devastation, the only choice to get us through is to live in the vision and possibilities for a new future. You have choices, there are options and new pathways or directions available to you, and you can lead your life, business, and career forward. So will you seize this pivotal moment in time that is a pandemic and survive the crippling hand of fear and loss by choosing to lead yourself forward? Will you lead your life forward to a future vision of freedom, abundance, and alignment?

From Destruction We Get to Create a New and Rebuild from the Rubble

Resilience is hard and often we need to go through grieving or a process of acceptance before we can shift our energy into the bouncing back and moving forward. I don’t know how, and perhaps it is from necessity, but I will share that as an entrepreneur, Covid-19 has absolutely affected my business as it has many others; however, somehow i trust that this moment in time is providing us with many opportunities to serve and grow a successful business.

Wherever you find yourself no matter what pile of rubble that surrounds you and whatever path you were on has been destroyed, you can create: a new life path, new business opportunity, or a brand new career path. The question is, ‘will you lead yourself and life forward and what do you need to make that happen?’ Yes this time is hard, yes there will be challenges before you, but yes you have choices! There are endless opportunities, and the economy will bounce back so will you position yourself where you actually want to be, doing what you want, and leading the life you desire?

Life Reflection Questions to Lead Your Life Forward through Covid-19

  1. What has Covid-19 taught me about what I like about my life, what I want more of, and what was or is not working?
  2. What do I need my career or business to give me and does it align with the lifestyle I want for myself, family, future?
  3. In terms of financial health and independence, what do I need to do to prepare, plan, and perhaps pivot?
  4. If what you had is destroyed or on a path of destruction and you could create from a clean slate, what do you want to create for your life?
  5. What new opportunities are available for me and in the market?
  6. Looking to the future, what vision would bring you joy, fulfillment, peace, and excitement for your life, business, career?
  7. What has Covid-19 taught you about your profession, business, or the economy that you will learn, grow, and elevate above from?

Take a moment to complete these questions for yourself where you really envision and connect to who you are and what you want for your life, business, and career. Be still and silent. Be in a mindset of possibilities beyond today with a focus on a future of happiness and freedom. What comes up and where will you lead your life through this Covid-19 quarantine?

Leading Your Life to Fulfillment with Your own Definition of Success

About a week ago which was around the 4 week mark into our quarantine, there had been a few too many disappointing money struggles in my business and it was wearing me down on top of a full week of work and a weekend long online course. If you are an entrepreneur, you may have experienced how making money or not seems to affect or seep into how you can feel about your own worth. So I did what any resourceful women entrepreneur might do and decided to have a short pitty party with some snacks and a drink.

Yet, later that night, I received a text of thanks from someone I had been coaching who was sharing their success with me saying I had helped them. Then one of my long time clients wrote me an email that same night that was one of the nicest emails I have ever received saying I was one of the best things they ever decided to do for themselves and their life. Already thinking this was a rare occasion to have 2 beautiful gratitude messages so close together, I received one more appreciation note by email the following morning and of course they all made me feel great. I was officially out of my pitty party state and now looking for the meaning behind this.

There I was placing all my focus, worth, frustration, and disappointment on money and yet I was a success in the eyes of my clients and bringing them success. I really have lead my life in alignment to my strengths, passion, who I am, and where I can serve and this is and has been a soul honoring journey that excites and fulfills me daily. Like many of you entrepreneurs and career leaders out there, you may be working on your mindset and daily practices to keep you moving through this unknown window of time. Here are a few suggestions for you that I am doing:

  • Have a Growth Mindset, agile and resilient
  • Practice daily Abundance Affirmations or Self Talk
  • Visualize and focus on the Future You Want
  • Look for and See Opportunities
  • Seize this moment to Serve, Lead, and Show Up for Others

If you are contemplating what’s next for you and your life or want to create and chart a new path in your business or career, schedule a complimentary coaching call to get you started! One of my mission’s is to empower people to lead their life and become the leaders in their life. Join my newsletter or stay tuned for upcoming opportunities that will support you to lead yourself and your life in the direction you desire.

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