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The neuroscience of communication and facilitating trust, collaboration, and We-Centric leadership with C-IQ. Empowering leaders, teams, and companies with communication skills founded in over 35 years of neuroscience.

Communication for Great Leadership and a Thriving Corporate Culture

great communication skills for leaders and companies

If companies stepped back and did an assessment of how important communication was for the success of their leaders, teams, and growth, they would be astounded at how it affects every aspect of their business. Communication that connects creates a culture of trust, efficiency, productivity, and high performing teams. Yet, how many leaders or companies…

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Communication Skills for Business and Leaders

Neuroscience of Communication Training

Conversational Intelligence – The Neuroscience of Communication Does your company or leadership need to improve their communication skills? Have you wondered how communication training for your organization, team, or for you could enhance the working environment and relationships you are in every day? Conversational Intelligence was rated one of the top 5 business skills in…

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How Hiring a Coach for Your Company Increases Performance

Corporate Executive Coach Vancouver

Executive and leadership coaching for companies is on the rise because it is providing extraordinary results. Why every company needs a coach and how a coach can serve your company’s success and growth.

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Women’s Leadership, Confident Communication and Powerful Presence

Women's Leadership, Confidence and Communication Coaching

As more women step into leadership or find themselves leading when they did not expect to, a whole new set of leadership skills emerge which require attention. Women excel at communication, collaboration, and networking, but we may be a bit more inclined to avoid conflict or dodge difficult conversations. In addition as we manage multiple…

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C-IQ Communication for Peak Energy & Performance

C-IQ Coach the Neuroscience of Communicaiton

Learn what C-IQ is and how it is transforming business, leadership, culture, and communication. Hear from three certified C-IQ coaches from around the globe as they share their expertise and passion for the impact they have seen C-IQ have on people and organizations. If you want to improve your communication skills, be a better leader,…

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My Journey as a C-IQ Coach

Conversational Intelligence Coach Vancouver

It was just days before Christmas 2016 when I was rushing to submit for a grant so that I could embark on becoming a C-IQ Certified Coach with WBECS. I had watched the Conversational Intelligence Immersion trainings which are really only an introduction and was fascinated by how our brain impacts how we communicate. It…

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How is Your Communication for Trust?

C-IQ Conversational Intellgence

We all communicate daily in our work lives, our personal lives, and professionally to build relationships, but do you know how effective your communication style is and are you communicating with trust? Whether you are a CEO, teacher, manager, nurse, parent, or executive, the way you communicate impacts everything including: employees, company culture, your career,…

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Great Leaders Lead with Communication

C-IQ Communication Skills

Communication and Leadership Great communication skills produce amazing leaders and strong leadership for business and career growth. What is your opinion on whether communication or leadership emerges first in a great leader? The one certainty is where there is excellent leadership, we know it cannot exist without superior communication skills. “The art of communication is…

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Communication – There’s a Neuroscience to Conversations!

Conversational Intelligence Training Vancouver

There is a Neuroscience to Communication There you are running through your day creating and engaging in many conversations, but did you know that with every interaction you have, your communication with others is causing a chemical reaction creating trust and bonding or a stress response of fight, flee, freeze or appease? If you are…

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