Peak Energy Performance

Performance is linked to the energy of our 'being' and more specifically to the input of energy rather than the output of 'doing' energy.

Peak Energy Performance was created to merge the performance we seek in our health, business, and life with the source of what will elevate our ability to perform at our peak, energy!

Would you like to perform at your peak or engage a team to peak performance?

Peak Energy 4 Performance is a unique methodology that combines four energy sources to produce extraordinary breakthroughs and increased performance in business, health, and life.

Everybody is an athlete in their life whether they are a stay at home parent, a business owner, career professional, student, or leader of a team. Yet, athletes have really only been the main group of people able to experience performance coaching and performance enhancement techniques to improve their body, mind, and peak potential.

Performance is used as a measure of outcome and results, but performance up until now has been mainly focused on the physical body and the production or productivity of 'doing'.

I am here to introduce a new model of performance; one that is not only focused on the body and 'production', but that also incorporates the mind, emotions, and environment to set people up for success with a focus on the energy input rather than output.

It is a person centered approach to performance with the focal point on 'energy' and optimizing energy in people which will naturally lead to increased performance.

Yes this transforming experience of elevating your energy will deliver high performance results; however Peak Energy Performance was so named as to not focus only on the achievement and end result, but on developing people to their peak ability and increasing energy.

If you want to elevate your performance, increase your energy, discover how to perform at your peak in business, health, and life, and be coached like an athlete to your ultimate potential, Peak Energy 4 Performance will take you there!

Peak Performance Coaching, Programs, & Speaking

  • Elevating Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs to Grow and Succeed in their Business
  • Increasing Energy and Performance for Women in their business, career, health, and life!
  • Energizing leaders, employees, and teams to Peak Performance
  • Recharging and Infusing High Achievers, People with High Stress and Burnout with Energy
  • Empowering People who have hit Mental and Emotional Blocks with Breakthroughs!

Peak Energy 4 Performance Programs!

  • Learn and Develop Your Peak Energy Performance Plan to Perform at Your Peak
  • Increase and Optimize Your Energy for Health, Business, and Life
  • Elevate your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Environment!
  • Implement Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Energy Enhancers for Ease of Performance
  • Perform at Your Peak for Success with Your Business, Life, and Health Goals!

Peak Energy 4 Performance Speaking

Energize your employees, community, and teams by giving them a fresh, new approach to performance with a focus on elevating them to feel great! Empower your group to receive training, techniques, and daily tools that usually only top athletes and the elite receive. Expand their awareness and personal growth to transform their potential, increase engagement, and inspire everyone to their own peak performance to impact the whole team!

Jody Kennett, the creator of Peak Energy 4 Performance, will energize and engage your group to Peak Performance! She has a diverse background in Kinesiology or the science of the human body, neuroscience or the study of the brain with specializations in communication and confidence, entrepreneurship and business, as well as leadership.

She delivers a transformative, high energy, growth invoking, and life changing experience.

Peak Energy 4 Performance Podcast

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