Communication and Conversational Intelligence

"The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership." James Humes

In an ever expanding digital world, with diversity of genders and cultures, and generational gaps in the work place along with the challenges of growth and change, communicating effectively can pose many challenges. Developing a culture of trust and leadership with communication that connects people for collaborative results is essential.

Communication is the core of great leadership and the foundation for building your corporate culture.

Conversational Intelligence is the neuroscience of conversations grounded in over 35 years of research by Judith E Glaser and it was rated by INC. as one of the top 5 business skills in 2016.

C-IQ elevates communication, leadership, and trust with leaders, teams, and companies.

C-IQ creates and elevates all of the following:

  1. A Culture of Trust and Connection

  2. Enhance Leadership Communication Effectiveness

  3. Manage Change and Growth

  4. Positively Impact Inclusion and Diversity

  5. Enhance team Collaboration or Foster Partnership

  6. Strengthen & Facilitate High Stress or High Conflict Relationships/Conversations

  7. Build Community, Improve Working Relationships, Unify People

If you want to empower your leaders with superior communication skills, become an effective leader, create a culture of trust, and develop an incredible working environment for your entire team, C-IQ is a powerful and transformative communication method based on decades of neuroscience research.

"The impact Jody has had on our company has been wide reaching and immediate. Through her research, advice and tutoring, we have vastly improved communication between staff at all levels and have made significant progress in improving organisational structure, vision and process. "

Rich Billis, CTO of Create Music Group / CEO of Label Engine

Elevate Your Communication with C-IQ!
Leaders, Teams,  & Companies are
Increasing their Communication Skills
with Conversational Intelligence.

Conversational intelligence or C-IQ empowers people with communication skills founded in neuroscience and developed from over 35 years of research. Whether you would like private training and coaching for yourself, group training for your team, or workshops for your leaders, C-IQ will elevate your communication to a level that produces amazing results. C-IQ has been used in many industries and by the top leaders in the world to build trust, open collaboration, enhance innovation, create a positive company culture, and increase intrinsic productivity.

Increase your communication and learn C-IQ today by taking the first step of contacting Jody at or 604 448-2410.


Here are the benefits of what C-IQ will bring to your leadership, company, team, culture and all your relationships both professional and personal :

  • How to Develop Level 3 Conversations

    There are three levels of conversations we can communicate with and most of us operate in Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 conversations establish sharing and discovering where the parties can co-create together and they develop trust, collaboration, innovation, and a ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ lead communication.

  • Learn the Neuroscience Behind Conversations & Why it is Important

    Did you know your words and the way you communicate can actually cause chemical reactions in every conversation both in person and digitally? The style of your communication can increase cortisol or the stress hormone in people or it can produce more oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Discover how to communicate for trust and develop a culture of trust that activates our highest functioning brain where all the executive functions happen.

  • Build Trust & Partnering Instead of Protection

    By understanding how our brains work in communication and what may cause people to resist or partner, you will learn conversational skills that foster collaboration, innovation, and connection.

  • Learn to Up-Regulate & Down-Regulate Emotions for Positive Communication

    C-IQ gives you tools to understand and communicate effectively in teams, as a leader, during change, and for stressful conversations. By understanding how our brains work and respond to communication, we can co-create conversations that increase or Up-Regulate the bonding hormones to support connection and collaboration. In addition, during conflict or in a stressful situation at work where we may have to have a difficult conversation, C-IQ enables us with tools to Down-Regulate the stress hormone and therefore, the stress response and resistance.

Your Conversational Intelligence Trainer

Jody Kennett, Certified C-IQ Coach/Facilitator for Communication that Connects

Jody Kennett is a C-IQ Certified Coach Facilitator as well as a GAIA Leadership Project Coach. She trains and coaches leaders, companies, and teams to develop superior communication skills by offering both individual and group C-IQ facilitation. In addition, she also specializes in women's leadership and diversity programs. Her coaching and training background is extensive with decades of experience serving clients around the globe with executive coaching, leadership development, and business growth.

She has a keen interest in neuroscience and neuro leadership and is excited with the results it is producing in elevating communication, people and corporate culture. The company she founded, Elevare, is latin for elevate as her mission is to elevate people, communication, and leadership one individual, company, community, and culture at a time.