Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching, Communication, Leadership, Business, and Performance

Get Answers to Your Questions about how coaching for entrepreneurs, leaders, and companies works including corporate training and group workshops.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching provides career professionals, executives, and leaders with a coach who works with each individuals specific goals to: increase leadership skills, brainstorm and advance leadership goals, develop a leadership and career path, elevate their leadership presence, increase confidence in leading, and provide accountability for leaders to progress and stay focused on their goals as well as providing them with peak performance coaching.

What is C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence or C-IQ is the neuroscience of communication based on over 35 years of research by world renowned Judith E. Glaser PHD.  It gives leaders and everyone the tools to communicate for trust and collaboration by understanding how our brain responds to communication. C-IQ explains how simple daily conversations can change the biochemistry of who you are speaking to either into a state of fight and flight or partnering. It is rated as a top business skill by INC and is used by fortune 500 companies around the world to improve communication, trust, and culture in their organizations.

What is Peak Performance Coaching and how can it help me as an entrepreneur or leader?

Peak performance coaching is similar to how Olympic athletes hire coaches to fine tune and improve their performance as a top athlete. However, Peak Performance coaching is for executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and career professionals in growth who want to refine their performance and have peak energy and health to play at the top of their game. Peak performance coaching energizes and elevates people to have focus, develop energy management, improve their health and self care, effectively manage time and priorities, and fine tune specific skills to elevate them to their next growth level.

How can I improve my Confidence with Confidence Coaching?

The lead coach at Elevare, Jody Kennett, is an American Confidence Institute certified Confidence coach approved by ICF where she is trained in the neuroscience of Confidence. She elevates the confidence in each client by guiding them with specific exercises some reflective, some practical incorporating and assessing key confidence indicators. Jody extends her confidence coaching to include powerful presence in body language and effective communication skills.

How can business coaching help me as an entrepreneur? What results can I expect from business coaching?

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs gain clarity in their offers, messaging, and in business planning. It also provides a sounding board, brain storming, and goal progression accountability when entrepreneurs work with a business coach. The most profound reason entrepreneurs choose to work with a business coach is it is incredible to have a partner leading the growth and development of your business keeping you focused, on task, and in momentum. The results entrepreneurs will receive with business coaching include: business planning, implementation plans with action step goals, progress towards specific business goals, expertise to fast track your business launch and growth, financial cash flow budgeting, marketing promotions, brand identity, scaling preparation and solutions, mindset coaching, performance coaching, emotional support, and direction with resources for your success!

What are your specialties as a coach?

I have a unique combination of coaching disciplines that allows me to coach holistically elevating the individual right alongside their leadership and business goals. My coaching specialties include: Women's Leadership, Service Based Business, Communication or C-IQ coaching, Health and Peak Performance coaching, Confidence coaching, and Business planning and coaching to launch, grow and scale. My podcast, Peak Energy 4 Performance showcases one of my specialties in energizing the being behind the business and the leader behind the company. One of the unique traits my clients experience with me, if needed or desired, is breaking through limiting beliefs, the power of guided visualizations, and inner growth to match the outer reality goals.

Are you a certified coach and ICF credentialed? (International Coach Federation)

Yes, I am an ICF PCC Professional Certified Coach which is means I have ovre 500 hours of coaching logged! I am a certified Leadership Coach, C-IQ Communication Coach, American Confidence Institute Confidence Coach, and Whole Person Life Coach. In addition, I am certified health coach with Precision Nutrition and a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise as a Medical Exercise Specialist. With over 15 years experience as a coach, I have extensive experience coaching executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, women, career professionals, and university students.

Tell me more about you outside of coaching...

When I am not working, I enjoy the outdoors in both simple and sporting ways with a passion for nature and our planet. Before I retired from running marathons, I may have surprisingly won one in the female category and qualified for the Boston marathon. I care and commit to youth and women's initiatives most recently volunteering for Fostering Change, a youth aging out of foster care initiative, and the North Shore Women's Centre. You could say I am an ocean girl and I am passionate about saving and preserving it and all its creatures. I have been a mentor for Women's Enterprise society and I enjoy mentoring. In order to energize people weekly, I created the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast on ITunes and Spotify. My roots in health and wellness have enabled me to intuitively train and coach people to heal and balance their bodies. As enthusiastic as ever, I am still growing my wealth of knowledge in health expanding it to natural, plant based, and herbal options to improve health and performance in the body and brain.

How does Coaching work or what does hiring a coach involve?
Coaching is the most personalized, transforming, and effective method to elevate yourself from where you are to where you want to go with the guidance of powerful questions and reflection that brings an action oriented accountability approach with a professional. When you hire a coach, or hire me as your coach, you will receive a complimentary coaching call to determine your goals and what coaching service is the best fit for you. The coaching pricing and packages will be shared with you which range from V.I.P half and full days to 3 , 6 and 9 month coaching packages that include weekly or biweekly coaching.

Can we customize leadership and communication coaching for our company/team?

Yes, Elevare offers corporate leadership and communication consulting, training, workshops, and retreats which you can personalize to the needs and goals of your business and leaders. Your company will be able to share the specific goals and outcomes it wants to achieve and the type of leadership or communication coaching required. The C-IQ coaching for teams and companies is very much a facilitated group co-created process where your leadership team plays an active role. Inquire now for a complimentary consult to assess your needs or the goals of your company.

What is the price for coaching?

To determine the price for coaching, we really need to assess your goals and find out how many people it will be for and what type of coaching package or training is desired.  Call or email me for a consultation or quote.

Do you offer corporate one day leadership and communication development coaching?

Yes, Elevare designs and delivers exceptional communication and leadership development workshops and training on and offsite. We even offer one or two day retreats for companies to energize and elevate their team to peak performance. Call us now to learn about your options in designing a customized experience for the growth and development of your team.

Is your coaching in person, online, or by phone? What if I do not live in Vancouver, B.C., but want to hire you as a coach?
I offer my coaching services in person, by phone, and online by video with Zoom. Yes, I can provide in person business and leadership coaching in Vancouver, but I am an international coach able to provide coaching anywhere in the world by phone and with online video conferencing. The choice is yours to make as the client on what you prefer. In person coaching is only offered locally in the Greater Vancouver area. All that is required for online coaching is a computer or phone to be able to access the call in link which I would send you upon booking your coaching session.

Can I book only one hour with you as a coach?

We offer half and full day VIP coaching sessions which would include a 3 or 6 hour coaching session. At this time we do not offer only a single one hour session because our goal is for each of our client's to gain results and we know one hour will not give the results you seek. However, our VIP half day session of 3 hours may be a fit for you or you may want to look into our 3 month biweekly coaching sessions.

Are you an internal or external business and leadership coach?

I am available for both internal and external corporate coaching as long as the internal coaching is part time and located in Greater Vancouver. The difference between an internal and external coach is that an internal coach will be onsite at your place of work to coach your team on a regular contracted schedule whereas an external coach remains off site coaching your team and leaders off the premises or virtually. There are great benefits for companies to hiring an internal coach even part time one day a week supporting your team to superior leadership, communication, health and performance.

What type of payment do you take?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Debit through PayPal. We also accept e-transfer payment or for companies, cheque is accepted as well. Payment is due on the day of the first session or the first of the month for monthly packages and company's hiring Elevare for custom coaching or training have 30 days to submit final payment after providing a retainer upfront for services rendered. If you are a company requiring a unique payment plan not stated here, inquire to see about making adjustments for your specific request.

How did you become a business coach? What experience do you have in coaching business owners and entrepreneurs?

I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and grow their business with a business plan and business coaching weekly. As part of a unique program for entrepreneurs, I taught, advised, and edited business plans for entrepreneurs to prepare for their business launch. This included helping entrepreneurs with their cash flow and financial statements as well as developing sales and expense projections. This experience was in advising youth under 30 and also adults up to the age of 70 in starting their business. The breadth of knowledge I gained in leading entrepreneurs who are launching service based business or product businesses was invaluable. I have also started and grown a service based business, an online product business, and developed my own information products and online courses. One of my strengths as a business coach is in marketing and helping entrepreneurs market themselves and develop their brand strategy.

Do you offer group coaching or masterminds?

Yes, both group coaching and masterminds are available through Elevare and can be customized to your group and goals. Group coaching and masterminds are a great way to develop a community of support around you with the energy of a like minded group pressing forward with their goals. Elevare offers the option of already customized business and leadership mastermind groups for leaders and entrepreneurs or the option to create one yourself and have Jody lead and organize it for you. The benefit of these masterminds is that they include the addition of exceptional coaching for all the participants.

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