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Welcome to Elevare where we empower leaders, entrepreneurs and career professionals to lead their career, business, and life with leadership skills training and coaching. Whether you are an individual seeking a leadership or life coach or a company looking for team training in leadership and communication skills, we provide a variety of solutions to meet your needs. We also specialize in Women's Leadership elevating female career leaders and business owners.

Here, we are unique because we support leaders not just in their work endeavors, but also in their health and life because we perform at our peak when we are healthy and happy in our life. This is why we provide exceptional training and professional ICF leadership, health, and life coaching. 

We believe in healthy leadership where leaders create work cultures that are sustainable for themselves and their team.  As one of our missions is to create healthy work places and leaders who lead with psychologically safe leadership, we do this by providing C-IQ communication training to companies so they can build an environment of trust. 

We are a professional coaching, training, and people development company in Vancouver, BC Canada and provide online services globally.

Develop Your People

Workshops and Training in: Leadership, Communication, Confidence, and Health

Infuse your team and company with engaging skill building training that will empower them to be exemplary leaders who lead with confidence and great communication skills.

Develop your emerging leaders to advance them into leadership positions and ease their transition into leading with leadership development coaching and training programs

Educate your management and leadership team with communication skills that build trust and psychological safety by providing training workshops in C-IQ, the neuroscience of communication. 

Empower employees or your unique group with a confidence building workshop so they will be confident when leading, selling, presenting, and networking. All of these workshops and training or delivered by a certified specialist in leadership, communication, and confidence.

Elevate and Move Forward with Coaching

coaching Programs: Private, Group, and Team

Coaching advances individuals and teams forward by facilitating: growth, transformation, clarity, synergy, direction, advancement, innovation, and peak performance. It also heals, supports, and resources people to manage high work volumes and stress.

One coaching conversation has the power to bring about solutions and empower a person or team to make positive, impactful changes that create superior results. Team and group coaching facilitates a process that brings about higher level creative thinking through brainstorming ideas.
We offer private and group coaching programs in the following areas: leadership coaching, women's leadership, communication coaching, confidence coaching, business coaching and life coaching.  

People often share that having a coach has helped them to:

1. Process experiences
2. Elevated their performance
3. Supported them through challenging times
4. Given them clarity and self awareness
5. Helped them achieve their goals
6. Improved their mindset, confidence, and wellbeing
7. Set them up for success in their career or business
8. Developed and advanced their leadership and communication skills

upskill with Online Courses and On-Demand Coaching 

Learn online with Courses & On Demand Coaching in: Leadership, Communication, Confidence, Career, Health and life Coaching

Develop your leadership, communication, and confidence in the comfort of your home at your own pace when you have time. We provide online courses to support you in developing leadership and communication skills, building your confidence, and to support you in your career growth and development.

We are excited to be brining you On-Demand coaching sessions very soon where you will be able to get coaching for a specific problem or goal that is pre-recorded and ready for you in the moment you need it most. These will be video micro coaching lessons that will be highly specialized to a specific topic, challenge, or goal and be as if you had your own coach on call in your pocket. It will be affordable, efficient, and effective to get you a solution and results.

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Who We Are and Our Mission

Our Story

As we began offering leadership and communication services to companies, a trend emerged where people and leaders had landed in or were advancing into positions of leadership in their company or business, but felt they lacked the experience and skills to lead. This affected their confidence to lead or to own the role of leader and therefore, they also needed coaching to be more confident. At the same time, many leaders were seeking support and training on communication skills as they found themselves challenged in a conflict or in how to communicate effectively and connect with their team. This created what we call our 3 Pillar Leadership approach for leaders which we offer in training and coaching; the 3 pillars are leadership skills, communication skills, and confidence.

However, our story does not end there because we believe someone's leadership, career, or business is not separate from them, the leader, and therefore, we take a holistic approach.  This is why we support leaders with health and life coaching, workshops, and retreats. When you are happy and thriving in your life and health, you will have peak performance in your work. We created the Lead Your Life (c) coaching programs and The Leaders Retreat to elevate and energize people wanting to be the leader of their life and to optimize their health so they can perform at their peak.

ICF PCC Leadership Health and Life Coach
C-IQ Communication Skills Coach and Training for leaders and companies in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Whole Person ICF Certified Life Coach
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What Our Clients Have to Say... Testimonials and Results

Women's Leadership & Confidence

   Working with Jody over the past couple years has been one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences that I have had since entering the job force nearly 8 years ago. I began working with Jody at a time where my professional life was beginning to spill over and negatively impact my personal life. From the onset Jody created a safe and compassionate environment for me to share freely without judgement while we began dissecting the aspects of my personal and professional life that were no longer serving me.

Throughout the process Jody helped me realize my value, find my voice and learn how to advocate for myself in tough situations. She taught me to have compassion toward myself, and encouraged me to keep moving forward even when I encountered bumps in the road. By doing this important work I was able to find the confidence I needed to make difficult decisions knowing that I now had the tools in my arsenal to overcome the challenging situations ahead.

Female Career Professional

Lauren Dobie

Rewarding & Impactful Experience

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Communication & Culture

 I decided as a leader to make communication a priority throughout our entire company and Jody played an integral role in setting us up for success. It began with training in C-IQ for the top leaders to model great communication and providing tools and processes to navigate any communication conflict or challenges between leaders. The C-IQ deepened leaders’ awareness around how communication impacts others for trust and gave managers tools to handle difficult conversations. Jody then facilitated a new culture shift for the team with core values and communication as a strong foundational component. One of my goals with this was to lower turnover and increase work happiness and health; the result has been remarkable.

Zahid Merali

CEO Wellness Pharmacy Group

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Leadership & Presence

  I sought out coaching with Jody to build my leadership and communication skills along with my executive presence. Together we worked on developing my confidence and voice to take up space in meetings and in addressing challenging situations. She was instrumental in guiding me through difficult circumstances in the workplace. As I evolved and our coaching continued, Jody coached me in preparing for an important interview where I have now landed a great job. If you are looking for leadership, confidence, communication or career coaching, Jody will assist you with all of these, including the stress and wellbeing required to navigate it.

women leader testimonial

Amora Takawira

Leadership and Career Coaching

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Improve Communication & DeStress

 I'm so glad I enrolled in the C-IQ training sessions with Jody. The one-on-one sessions helped me a lot in understanding my business communication challenges and gave me tools to tackle them effectively. The skills I learned working with Jody continue to help me lead and participate in constructive conversations at work. These sessions also help me de-stress before an important or difficult conversation, which to me has been one of the biggest benefits.

I highly recommend the C-IQ sessions to anyone who is taking on a leadership role and wants to improve communication with their team, their peers as well as C-level executives.

executive on tablet

Suraj Eyanni

Manager in Broadcrasting Technology

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Successfully Met Business Goals & Career Transition

   I have worked with Jody Kennett for almost 2 years. As a new manager in my industry, I hired Jody to help me develop effective leadership skills as well as help me identify and release limiting personal beliefs.

Working with Jody has exceeded my expectations.
As a result of our sessions, I successfully turned around an under performing department in less than a year, doubled staff, met all monthly and quarterly revenue goals and was promoted to manage a more visible, large department which was also under performing.

I continued working with Jody after my second promotion and achieved similar results.
Recently I transitioned out of my industry and landed a senior management position, moving from one area of the country to another.
Jody was instrumental in helping me through this process which happened in a very tight time frame and during a pandemic.

Laura Dow Stiff to Fit Owner

Laura Dow

CEO Stiff to Fit

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Career Growth & Clarity
Leadership Advancement

 As a VP, I connected with Jody to advance my career to the next level of leadership, but also gain clarity for career fulfillment. As an extremely busy professional, she has kept me focused and consistent in pursuing my career growth goals. I was given a promotion and selected as the only one of my peers to receive greater responsibility in a very competitive industry. We have updated my resumes, LinkedIn, and created a professional development plan where I needed to upgrade my skills which included Toastmasters. Jody uniquely has been able to coach me professionally, but also bring insights on communication skills, life, and health to each session. As a leader who is in a highly demanding job that consumes all my time, having a coach like Jody has given me hope for creating the career and life I want."

Picture of VP in Finance

Arnaud Lasseron

VP Financial Industry

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 This spring, as part of our Alithya women in leadership initiative, we were privileged to virtually host Jody Kennett and participate in two customized trainings on women's leadership:

‘3 Key Pillars to Advance Women Leaders and ‘Career Growth Planning’.  Both workshops proved to be a real success, not only in terms of content and results, but also in terms of impact, with the superhero pose being the highlight of our journey.  Jody has been an inspiration to all of us, not only in the Women in Leadership Upskilling Committee, but also to many fellow Alithya women.

Dahlia Beristain Gil

Transformation and Organizational Change Practice director

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