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Welcome to Elevare where we provide companies and individuals with exceptional coaching and leadership training and development for leaders at all levels and where we specialize in women's leadership, communication skills, career growth, health and confidence. Whether you are an individual seeking professional coaching for your career, leadership, and life or you are a company who wants to provide communication or leadership training to your team, we have you covered!

Hi, I am Jody Kennett, the owner of Elevare and it is my mission to elevate leaders, women, companies, and students to own the leader they are by resourcing them with exceptional skills in: leadership, communication, and confidence.

Explore the ICF coaching and leadership development training we provide below and together we will elevate you and your team.

  • Leadership Growth and Development Workshops
  • Women's Leadership Workshops and Training, Coaching, and Assessments
  • Communication Skills Training, Workshops, Courses, and Coaching
  • Confidence Workshops and Coaching
  • Career Leadership, Clarity, Direction, and Growth Coaching
  • Whole Person Life Coaching

Lastly leaders, I support you as busy career professionals, in ensuring your life and health do not get put on hold while you are focused on work. Together we make your health and life a priority energizing you with peak health and fulfillment to lead and live a life you love!

There is a journey every leader is on and it is one of self-discovery, alignment, self-confidence, growth, leadership development, mastery, peak performance, contribution, and legacy. Some adventures are best taken with a guide that will give you coaching, training, methods, accountability, feedback, and performance measures that will speed up and track your progress. If you want a guide or coach just like the Olympians and great leaders use to become world class at what they do or who they want to become to make a greater impact, I would be honored to support you with your career, health, and life goals.


Leadership Training Workshops for Teams and Individual Coaching Services

Develop leadership skills, advance your career, lead your life, and take your business or team to peak performance with our exceptional personal and professional development coaching services. We take leaders from where they are today, develop the leader within, and coach them to breakthroughs for their next level of greatness. Here are the benefits and services we provide:

Leadership Training for Companies

  • Communication Skills Workshops in C-IQ, the Neuroscience of Communication
  • Women's Leadership Workshops that include Confidence and Communication
  • Confidence Workshops
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders
  • 10-10 Partnering, Conflict Resolution, Trust Building, and Difficult Conversations


Professional Coaching Services

  • Women's Leadership Coaching
  • Communication Skills Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Career Leadership Coaching
  • Whole Person Life Coaching
  • Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience Coaching



ICF PCC Professional Certified Coach Vancouver BC Canada

Whole Person ICF Certified Life Coach

The Elevated Leaders Success Path - Choose YOUR Leadership Path!

The 'Elevated Leaders Success Path' allows you to choose where you want to grow and develop as a leader in your life, career, business or health. Each circle represents a leadership focus where you can learn and elevate yourself with coaching or in one of our online coaching programs and courses. This shows an entire leadership success path that a leader can advance through starting with life leadership coaching or choosing where you want to focus whether it be for career growth or leadership confidence or even communication skills.

You as the leader can go at your own pace, choose to start at the beginning and progress through each step in order, select only one focus area, or decide to start on the far right with the legacy you want to leave the world. You get to choose where your leadership needs are right now and whether you want one area of growth or to proceed through the success path. The Elevated Leaders Success Path is offered as private coaching, to groups, and online. Where are you on the leadership path and where would you like to grow and develop as a leader?

Hogan Assessment Coach Conversational Intelligence Coach ACI Certified Confidence Coach SFU Health and Fitness Coach Women's Leadership Coach ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer Vancouver

Results, Reviews, and Experiences

I have worked with Jody Kennett for almost 2 years. As a new manager in my industry, I hired Jody to help me develop effective leadership skills as well as help me identify and release limiting personal beliefs. Working with Jody has exceeded my expectations. As a result of our sessions, I successfully turned around an under performing department in less than a year, doubled staff, met all monthly and quarterly revenue goals and was promoted to manage a more visible, large department which was also under performing. I continued working with Jody after my second promotion and achieved similar results. Recently I transitioned out of my industry and landed a senior management position, moving from one area of the country to another. Jody was instrumental in helping me through this process which happened in a very tight time frame and during a pandemic. During my job search, I distinctly remember the coaching session where Jody said "Laura, you have such a large skill set, think bigger". I'm am beyond grateful that I listened to her advice! On a personal level, Jody has helped me increase my self awareness. She provides a wonderful sounding board when I encounter a challenging staff situation. Jody's coaching style is warm and supportive. She listens keenly, asks provocative questions and provides useful insights. She is very responsive to communication. I am still working with Jody and will continue to do so. I highly recommend her services, she is a phenomenal coach.

Laura Dow

I decided as a leader to make communication a priority throughout our entire company and Jody played an integral role in setting us up for success. It began with training in C-IQ for the top leaders to model great communication and providing tools and processes to navigate any communication conflict or challenges between leaders. The C-IQ deepened leaders’ awareness around how communication impacts others for trust and gave managers tools to handle difficult conversations. Jody then facilitated a new culture shift for the team with core values and communication as a strong foundational component. One of my goals with this was to lower turnover and increase work happiness and health; the result has been remarkable.

Zahid Merali, Wellness Pharmacy Group

"The impact Jody has had on our company has been wide reaching and immediate. Through her research, advice and tutoring, we have vastly improved communication between staff at all levels and have made significant progress in improving organisational structure, vision and process."

Rich Billis, CTO of Create Music Group, CEO of Label Engine

Working with Jody has been a pure gift. Her wisdom, compassion, patience, kindness and authenticity are of tremendous value to her coaching. When I embarked on the deep, soul work that was necessary for me to release, recognize and grow, having Jody there was invaluable. She has the ability to hear your soul’s intentions. The grace and serenity for you to be truly vulnerable, and really sees and hears you. I am an authentic, more confident, radiant and joyous woman, mother, human. Doing the work is defining our experience, creating our world, and there is no one I would trust more than Jody. Her pure heart, nurturing approach, firm insight and generous support is deeply appreciated. 

Sarah Dantzer, Event Planner, Career Professional, Mom

I feel privileged to recommend the services of Jody as a health coach. I have been working with Jody over the past few months as I try to revive a healthy lifestyle. During the time she has worked with me, I have been able to get back on track and am headed in the right direction. The progress has been very encouraging, and I am excited about what the future holds regarding my healthy lifestyle. Jody is extremely knowledgeable and has a real passion for her work! She is fun, flexible and a joy to work with! Thanks Jody!

Frank Vaughan, Continue Improvement Program Manager EWEB

"I came into this workshop with a list of specific objectives, and left it with an understanding of leadership, a boost of confidence, and a set of goals more valuable than anything on my list. - Thanks Jody, it was awesome! Jessica"

Jessica, Architect, Women Leader

"Jody's coaching has revolutionalized my personal and professional development. With her expert guidance, I have experienced so many powerful transformations. Prior to working with Jody, minor setbacks were interrupting progress on my important goals. Now, I'm able to take things in stride and continue to use my time wisely despite setbacks -- a game changer for me! Jody sees what is absolutely true for me and helped me shape my dream business. I have more clarity and excitement about my purpose than ever before. I now make decisions in my best interest and focus on what matters most. The results I've gotten working with Jody are absolutely thrilling. I am beyond grateful for her coaching."

Brandee Gerke

"As a VP, I connected with Jody to advance my career to the next level of leadership, but also gain clarity for career fulfillment. As an extremely busy professional, she has kept me focused and consistent in pursuing my career growth goals. I was given a promotion and selected as the only one of my peers to receive greater responsibility in a very competitive industry. We have updated my resumes, LinkedIn, and created a professional development plan where I needed to upgrade my skills which included Toastmasters. Jody uniquely has been able to coach me professionally, but also bring insights on communication skills, life, and health to each session. As a leader who is in a highly demanding job that consumes all my time, having a coach like Jody has given me hope for creating the career and life I want."

Arnaud, Vice President

What I admire about Jody is the innovative, strategic mindset she brings to our sessions. While working together I was able to exceed my business income goal by an additional 30%. Jody’s coaching style is to meet you where you are at, to support, encourage and challenge you, when appropriate. I’ve experienced her as a great listener, flexible, pro-active and resourceful. I’d recommend Jody in a heart beat!

Deni Kubricka, Founder Whole Person Wellness
Top Confidence Coach

Success Stories from Past Clients

“Working with Jody Kennett was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. When I needed the right push or confidence, she was always on my team to push my dream forward into results. Jody has completely given me the wings to succeed in business with her resourcefulness to keep me on track and generate new idea’s to expand in many ways possible. I found balance with work and home life, and she was there to help transition this process.

Laurie Heang
Laurie Heang The Heart Company

I had the pleasure of working with Jody in the early stages of my business. She is an effective business advisor whose positive energy is incredibly inspiring. Jody challenged me to set more ambitious business goals and to take action to achieve them. She has an undeniable passion for encouraging people to be their best in business and in life, and I am grateful for having had the experience of working with her. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jody as a business advisor.

Roshena Minnes
Roshena Minnes Walnutte

"Investing in Jody as my business coach was the best purchase I made for my business. Jody not only helped me to get clear on my business vision, but also gave me the tools to put it into action. Her optimism, encouragement and guidance gave me the confidence I needed to get into a mindset of success around starting my own business. Her support has been truly invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone looking to start or grow their business."

Alexa Gelles
Alexa Gelles Alexa Gelles Counselling

"My experience with Jody as a teacher, business coach, and mentor has been wonderful. Her caring nature and sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of others has been apparent in all my time spent with her.  I cannot express enough the value of learning from a fantastic leader such as Jody! Furthermore, her personal and genuine interest in my business plans has been invaluable. She is a truly effective leader and business motivator. I would highly recommend Jody to anyone considering working with her."

Julia Ellesemere Lingerie