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Women's Leadership to Advance Your Career and Business

If you are a woman who wants to be elevated into leadership or advance to the next level of growth in your career or business, mastery and competence will take you far, but Women's Leadership will take you anywhere you decide you want to go. Women's leadership gives you the skill, confidence, communication, and strategy to present yourself as a powerful leader. It is the secret advantage that elevates you and grows your career and business.

Advancing into a leadership role and building Your Career or Business as a Woman, Demands Us to Become a Confident Leader. Many Women are Masters at their Trade; While Few Have Been Groomed to be Leaders. It is
women's Leadership Skills that elevates Us Into
Leadership and Grows Our Careers and Business.

Own Your Space as a Leader. Lead With Confidence.
Show up With Powerful Presence

Are you a career woman or female entrepreneur that is stepping into a leadership space where you will be a leader in your industry, company, or as an influencer? 

Has your career or business growth plateaued or been limited in part due to lack of confidence, discomfort in being a leader, not having a powerful or influential leadership presence, or challenges in presenting and communicating as a leader?

If this is you, first off you are not alone and secondly, you are in the right place to transform and become the impactful, confident leader you are!

women in leadership online coaching
Career and Business Women Leadership Skills

The Story of ElleVantage

When I think back to my twenties and entering the working world, I see a young women who was not prepared with the foundations or skills to navigate all the people, situations, and challenges that were about to unfold as she grew her career and later her business. Skills that would have profoundly accelerated her growth, eased stress, and boosted confidence.

Then after coaching career women and female entrepreneurs, I realized that it is not our skill and mastery that limits or stops our growth, but rather, it is not having specific leadership skills and the confidence that comes with these.

The irony is we each have our own brilliance and shining talents, but we either do not feel comfortable communicating these or don't know how.

I created ElleVantage, an online women's leadership coaching program and course, to empower career and business women with the skills they need to lead and grow their career and business.

My grandma was from Ireland and the Irish meaning of Elle is 'shining brilliant'. Elle also represents ray of light in Hebrew and Greek and in French it is the pronoun description for her.

In addition, the theme of my mission is to 'Elevate' and I believe it is women's leadership skills that are the secret, competitive advantage to grow our careers and business.

We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.  


Leadership Skills for Women Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Business

How leadership skills advance your career and grow your business

Imagine needing to show up to the interview of your dream job or the opportunity to pitch yourself or your business for an exciting sale, but not feeling confident or prepared. What if you did not have the leadership and communication skills to have a successful outcome in those situations? 

Now think about what it would be like to have confidence, to have a presence that exudes leadership and competence, to know how to communicate boldly, and be able to negotiate. 

Amid these higher stress moments and even the seemingly insignificant ones, would it not be amazing to be able to manage your nerves and present and perform to your peak?

This is what women's leadership skills give us, but they offer so much more too. When we feel confident presenting, networking, asking, leading, and communicating, all of these have huge positive implications including: advancing us into leadership, getting a career promotion, and growing our business for more reach and sales.

ElleVantage gives you these skills, preparation, confidence, leadership, and peak performance to lead as the leader driving results in your career and business. In this women's leadership online coaching program, you will learn the six foundational leadership skills to elevate you to your next exciting growth level; whether that be for impact, income, or influence.

Confident Women Leaders Online Coaching Course

The Women's Leadership Program 6 Pillars to Lead Your Career, Business, and Life

In this online group coaching program, module 1 and 2 will cover:

Module 1 will be on Confidence, Limiting Beliefs, and Body Language
Module 2 will be on Leadership Ownership and Presence
Develop your leadership identity, brand, and confident leadership vision
Practical application and exercises in confidence, presence, & leadership

These two sessions will equip you with the tools and ability to show up with confidence and a powerful presence for any important meeting or presentation. You will also fully step into your leader role, owning the space you are in and have a clear vision of what that means and the behaviors that align with it. We will explore and practice how to do these and how to implement them in your career, business, and leadership.

Leadership Skills for Women Module 3 & 4

In module 3 and 4 you will learn the following:

Module 3 is Women's Leadership Skills that Grow Careers and Business
Module 4 will be Communication Skills for career and business growth
Raise Your B.A.R.: Boldness, Assertiveness, Risk 
3 Powerful Leadership Skills Women Leaders Need to be Competitive
Learn direct, assertive communication skills and how to use your voice
Leading and Communicating with Others

We will build on the confidence you learned in Module 1 and you will discover how to communicate confidently which is an important skill in growing your career and business. You will be guided through specific exercises that will prepare you for real life career and business needs. You will learn some key women's leadership skills that when set with actionable goals will advance you in your career and grow your business. Set the stage for using your voice more and determining where you want to use your voice and what your leadership brand or legacy will be through your voice.

Confident Women Leaders in Business

Your Career Growth Plan and Peak Performance as a Women Leader in Business

In Module 5 and 6, you will learn:

Module 5 is Creating Your Career Growth Plan or Business Growth Plan
How to lead your career and the importance of Networking
Ideas and a plan to raise your visibility, how to be seen and heard
Module 6 is Peak Performance tips to manage energy, stress, and time
Self Care, Emotional Resilience, and Peak Mindset Tips for Women
Peak Performance around fluctuating hormones

In Module 5, we will focus on mapping out a either a career or business growth plan for you depending on if you are a career professional or entrepreneur. Together we will explore the leadership actions that will elevate you to your next level of growth including how to raise your visibility, network, and mentorship. Lastly, in the final module, we energize you with peak performance tips to manage stress and the daily demands of growing your career and business so you can perform at your peak.


I sought out coaching with Jody to build my leadership and communication skills along with my executive presence. Together we worked on developing my confidence and voice to take up space in meetings and in addressing challenging situations. She was instrumental in guiding me through difficult circumstances in the workplace. As I evolved and our coaching continued, Jody coached me in preparing for an important interview where I have now landed a great job. If you are looking for leadership, confidence, communication or career coaching, Jody will assist you with all of these, including the stress and wellbeing required to navigate it.

Women's Leadership Coaching Program

Amora Takawira


Working with Jody over the past couple years has been one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences that I have had since entering the job force nearly 8 years ago. I began working with Jody at a time where my professional life was beginning to spill over and negatively impact my personal life. From the onset Jody created a safe and compassionate environment for me to share freely without judgement while we began dissecting the aspects of my personal and professional life that were no longer serving me.

Throughout the process Jody helped me realize my value, find my voice and learn how to advocate for myself in tough situations. She taught me to have compassion toward myself, and encouraged me to keep moving forward even when I encountered bumps in the road. By doing this important work I was able to find the confidence I needed to make difficult decisions knowing that I now had the tools in my arsenal to overcome the challenging situations ahead.  I cannot recommend Jody enough as she truly is a “perle rare”!

Business women leaders coaching

Lauren Dobie

Reflection of our Work

“I interviewed for the position and one of the interviewers shared that I scored 98%! I know that my confidence and how I was able to present myself is a direct reflection of our coaching sessions and I need to really thank you for that.”

women's leadership online coaching course

Jenn Bolster

Are you ready to lead, grow, and be confident?

The question isn't who's going to let me; it is who is going to stop me?

Ayn Rand

Your  Coach for the ElleVantage Online Group Women's Leadership Coaching Program

Hello ladies! I am excited you are here because one, it means you are seeking growth and two, this program will transform you. Who am I to coach this program? I am someone who completely reinvented her career, had to build leadership skills from the ground up, and I am an entrepreneur who has overcome challenges in fear of presenting, being visible, and owning the leadership space. Today, I present and speak often, I raise my visibility with video marketing, and I can own saying, 'I am a leader.'

In addition to my experiences, I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a GAIA Women's Leadership coach, an American Confidence Institute certified Confidence coach, and I hold a certification in the neuroscience of communication called C-IQ. To compliment this, I energize people with my background in health including being an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, holding a diploma in Kinesiology from SFU and being a certified health and Whole Person Life Coach (WPCC). 

Women's Leadership Coach
ICF PCC Leadership Health and Life Coach
Confidence Coach Vancouver
Whole Person Certified Life Coach Vancouver BC Canada
Conversational Intelligence Coach Vancouver


Vancouver, BC Canada


Elevare is a leadership, health and life coaching company in Vancouver, BC that specializes in Women's Leadership and communication skills with C-IQ.

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