Personal Leadership to Thrive in Times of Uncertainty

Personal Leadership to Thrive

Now more than ever in the middle of a pandemic with uncertainty on a daily basis, we need personal leadership to lead our life, health, careers, and business forward. This was the topic I was asked to speak on for Yorkville University’s ‘Ask an Expert’ live on YouTube last week and it seemed to hit…

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Career Leadership to Gain Clarity, Advance, & Lead

Career Leadership

Leading our career development is one of the most important active steps we can take to ensure job happiness, professional growth, advancement, and to take charge of our future. However, many of us fall into the trap of being too busy, on autopilot, or too comfortable in our career to make a change or shall…

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Own the Leader Within and Own Your Power

Are you owning the leader within you and owning your power? In this video on owning the leader you are, you will hear how to step into being a leader and the fundamental shifts we need to make in order to embrace our inner leader. If you are a woman leader or you want to…

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How Coaching Advances Your Career, Business, & Life Goals

coaching benefits to transform people and achieve goals

In January of this year, I embarked on elevating my coaching to the highest level of certification with the International Coach Federation, but what I could not have predicted was the life changing experience of receiving consistent coaching weekly which is a requirement to become certified. As part of the program, not only was I…

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Lead Your Life, Career, and Business Forward Through CoVid-19

lead your life, business, career forward

To say there has been a lot of upheaval, change, and uncertainty since the beginning of CoVid-19 is an understatement, but is it possible for us to lead our life, business, and career to a great place through this pandemic? For many of us in the throws of crisis with mounting debt, lost jobs, and…

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Women’s Leadership Empowers Women to Thrive in their Careers and Business

Thrive Women's Leadership Coaching Program

As we approach International Women’s Day in 2020, it is an exciting time to be a women in business as our evolution breaks through barriers and sets new standards. We are in an era of growth where survival is no longer acceptable and the new expected norm we are collectively advancing to is to thrive!…

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Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Company to Develop Leaders and Teams

corporate leadership coaching Vancouver

Creating a culture of coaching in your company or team produces results that transforms productivity, engagement, communication, performance, job satisfaction, and profit. When a company implements a coaching approach with their leadership team which then permeates throughout the organization, it provides numerous benefits including: team collaboration, leadership development, talent retention, business growth, greater efficiency, increased…

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