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Women's Leadership Coaching Empowers

Leadership coaching empowers women to develop leadership skills for building a career, business, and life that is unlimited and fulfilling.  It will also help you develop strong communication skills, negotiation skills, career advancement and direction, confidence, conflict resolution, and peak energy performance. Leadership coaching enables choice, freedom from limitations, and expands possibilities. It builds leaders that impact and contribute to companies and communities with an exponential, positive ripple effect.

Hello, I'm Jody Kennett, a Women's Leadership, Confidence, and Communication coach. If you are here you may be looking at women's leadership coaching for yourself or your team and that is exciting because women leaders experience unique challenges in the workplace, as they advance their careers, and grow their business; all of which require support to navigate. Women are natural born leaders so it is important that everyone knows that this unique niche in leadership coaching does not exist due to a lack of skill or ability, but more so due to the obstacles they face as a working woman and years of societal conditioning.

I coach women leaders to elevate their inherent leadership skills with confidence, boldly communicate with strength, navigate the advancement of their career, and grow their business as entrepreneurs stepping into visibility and influence. Together we will energize you to perform at your best in your leadership role, create your career advancement plan, build your leadership or executive presence, and develop your personal brand and platform to be seen and heard.

As women thrive when all facets of their being, health, and life are nurtured, I am able to combine the women's leadership coaching with a holistic approach when requested that includes life and health coaching as I am an ICF certified Whole Person life and health coach. One area I specialize in and have created to include a more progressive and feminine approach to high performance is what I call Peak Energy Performance. For any women seeking to increase her energy, performance and health as a leader or entrepreneur in a holistic way, I offer Peak Energy Performance coaching.

For all you women out there supporting everyone else, going it alone, wanting to step into and fully own your power and the leader you are, you deserve to be supported and to be your truly unlimited self. If anything at all is holding you back or limiting your growth personally, professionally, monetarily or otherwise, together we will breakthrough all barriers and smash those ceilings. Let's Elevate together!


I have worked with Jody for almost 2 years. As a new manager in my industry, I hired Jody to help me develop effective leadership skills as well as help me identify and release limiting personal beliefs. Working with Jody has exceeded my expectations. As a result of our sessions, I successfully turned around an under performing department in less than a year, doubled staff, met all monthly and quarterly revenue goals and was promoted to manage a more visible, large department which was also under performing. I continued working with Jody after my second promotion and achieved similar results. Recently I transitioned out of my industry and landed a senior management position, moving from one area of the country to another. Jody was instrumental in helping me through this process which happened in a very tight time frame and during a pandemic. During my job search, I distinctly remember the coaching session where Jody said "Laura, you have such a large skill set, think bigger". I'm am beyond grateful that I listened to her advice! On a personal level, Jody has helped me increase my self awareness. She provides a wonderful sounding board when I encounter a challenging staff situation. Jody's coaching style is warm and supportive. She listens keenly, asks provocative questions and provides useful insights. She is very responsive to communication. I am still working with Jody and will continue to do so. I highly recommend her services, she is a phenomenal coach.

Laura Dow

"This intimate leadership development workshop facilitated by top-notch coach Jody Kennett was inspiring and filled with accessible tools to make an immediate difference in both my career and personal life!"

Stella Panagiotidis

Women's Leadership Assessment for 9 Key Leadership Skills

Take this Women's Leadership self-check assessment to see where you have strengths and opportunities for growth around 9 key leadership skills for women. This assessment will provide you with information on essential leadership skills that empower women to advance in their career and into leadership positions. You will be provided with a downloadable report that contains the summary of your results and action steps you can take. There are 33 questions and it will take approximately 10 minutes or less. Discover what the 9 powerful leadership skills are every women building her career or business needs and where you are in your growth with them.

Leadership Coaching Empowers You to Lead, Elevates Your Career & Energizes You!

Jody Kennett Women's Leadership, Health, and Life CoachJody Kennett is a GAIA Leadership Project Certified Coach committed to empowering people with leadership skills for their career, business, and life. Leadership coaching develops confidence, clarity, a progression plan, and power of choice. Women’s leadership coaching is a powerful, transforming journey not only for women executives and aspiring career builders, but also women who want empowerment in leading their life. Leadership coaching builds leaders in your company, provides a path to advance careers, and elevates women with skills to step up and forward with bold confidence. For any organization with the goal of inclusion, diversity training, and developing women leaders, the leadership coaching and development training programs with Elevare are ideal.


Working with Jody has been a pure gift. Her wisdom, compassion, patience, kindness and authenticity are of tremendous value to her coaching. When I embarked on the deep, soul work that was necessary for me to release, recognize and grow, having Jody there was invaluable. She has the ability to hear your soul’s intentions. The grace and serenity for you to be truly vulnerable, and really sees and hears you. I am an authentic, more confident, radiant and joyous woman, mother, human. Doing the work is defining our experience, creating our world, and there is no one I would trust more than Jody. Her pure heart, nurturing approach, firm insight and generous support is deeply appreciated.

Sarah Dantzer

"I came into this workshop with a list of specific objectives, and left it with an understanding of leadership, a boost of confidence, and a set of goals more valuable than anything on my list. - Thanks Jody, it was awesome! Jessica"

Top Confidence Coach

Benefits of Leadership Coaching for Women:

  • Career Advancement & Growth Plan
  • Becoming a Leader, Managing Leadership Role
  • Leading People, Vision, and Company Direction/Culture
  • Communication Skills with Team/Superiors
  • Negotiation and Conflict
  • Working in Male Dominated Industries
  • Confidence, Standing in Your Power, Powerful Presence

Results of Women's Leadership for Companies:

  • Grow Women Leaders in their Organization
  • Increase the Bottom Line
  • Build Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Increase Productivity & Employee Engagement
  • Become an Employer of Choice & Attract Top Talent
  • Create and Grow a Culture of Strong Leadership
  • Invest in People which Produces Profit

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