With the rise in mental health conditions, ever increasing stress levels, employees on extended sick leave, and burnout becoming a common problem, a preventative approach with a holistic health program needs to be implemented in schools, companies, and for public health and emergency services employees. Peak Energy 4 Health is a comprehensive health program which addresses the well being of the four key components to health including: the body, mind, emotions, and environment.

What if your employees, students, and leaders were given the tools to manage their physical, mental, and emotional stress to be more resilient? The Peak Energy 4 Health program provides your company and team with scientific health practices such as Blue Mind, Heart Math, and Kinesiology to energize and elevate people to their peak health. Our thoughts, emotions, and physical body are under constant stimulation and stress while at work or school. Learning how to manage our energy especially with high work volumes or stressful situations, can drastically reduce its harmful effects to our health.

High schools, universities, companies, and all the emergency services providers such as police, hospitals, and fire can all benefit from this type of holistic health program; one that not only includes a focus on the health of the body, but also provides health coaching and training for the mind, emotional health and well being, and developing a healthy work environment. Peak Energy 4 Health educates and energizes people to recharge their being with energy management self care practices.

How Peak Energy 4 Health is a Preventative Approach to Absenteeism, Burnout, Mental Health, and Stress Induced Disease

The health of our schools, our emergency services providers, corporations, and universities requires the implementation of a comprehensive health program that gives people the tools to cope with everyday stressors. By providing health education and training so people can recognize signs of stress and when the symptoms of physical, mental or emotional stress are approaching unhealthy levels, it empowers them with a path of solutions to seek help. This will prevent and reduce absenteeism, mental health conditions, burnout, and stress induced diseases.

For employees experiencing extremely stressful work conditions or who may be exposed to conditions that cause post traumatic stress, Peak Energy 4 Health coaching supports them to calm their sympathetic nervous system with science based approaches and tools to process and replenish their body, mind, emotions, and environment.

The Role Companies and Organizations Play in Creating Healthy Environments

The fourth factor in Peak Energy 4 Health is the energy of our environments which can include our work, school, home, or any other environment we are exposed to on a regular basis. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy environment and the first one is the health of the interaction between people which includes communication, leadership, and psychological safety. Companies and organizations have a great responsibility in ensuring the working environment they lead supports the physical, mental, and emotional well being of their people.

Peak Energy 4 Health training and coaching also helps leaders and employees to design a daily environment that supports them in their peak health and energy goals. Energy needs can be very personal and therefore developing a peak health program customized to each employee empowers them to take charge of their self care needs in order to be at peak performance for their job.

The environment we create for health and well being in the work place also takes into consideration the aesthetics of the sensory experience of our surroundings. This can include cleanliness, scents, lighting, decor that calms and soothes the nervous system, noise, and even the design of the space.

Peak Energy 4 Health Program in Vancouver for Universities, Schools, Public Health, and Emergency Services Providers

You can energize and elevate the well being of your team, students, and company with Peak Energy 4 Health workshops, presentations, and coaching. We provide education and seminars on health, energy management, mind body practices, and emotional well being; in fact, that is how Peak Energy 4 Health is unique because we deliver a holistic approach to health by including not only the body, but health for the mind, emotions, and our daily environment. They are all intertwined and your group will learn the importance of how they interact for optimal health.

We provide health and well being workshops, coaching, and retreats in the Greater Vancouver area that can be delivered on or offsite. Invigorate your team or group with a health day that can be customized and delivered in a natural, outdoor, or peaceful setting to recharge them. Here at Peak Energy 4, we believe in Blue Mind and therefore provide health and wellness workshops and self care days on, by, and near the ocean. We also know the healing benefits of nature bathing and therefore uniquely offer corporate, team, and school health workshops that can be taken to the trails or in the forest.

To learn more or inquire about bringing Peak Energy 4 Health to your school, company, or team, contact Jody at [email protected].

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