Corporate Health and Wellness Workshops in Vancouver, B.C.

Energize and Elevate Your Team to Peak Health and Well Being

Inspire and support the health and well being of your employees with health and wellness workshops that will educate, energize, and uplift your team. When the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees is prioritized, it transforms engagement and performance. Empower your greatest asset, the people driving your business, to be in optimal health with Peak Performance and Health Coach, Jody Kennett.

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With Health and Wellness Specialist, Peak Performance Coach Jody Kennett

Corporate Health and Wellness Workshops

Are you looking for health and wellness workshops, presentations, and seminars to bring to your company and team in the Greater Vancouver area? Is your company, school, team or organization in need of health and fitness, mental health, peak energy, self care, or performance coaching? If so, you will find a solution here to energize and empower the physical, mental, emotional, and environment of your team.

Health, Fitness, and Well Being Workshops

  • Heart Math Mindfulness for Stress & Mental Health
  • Peak Energy 4 Performance Health (Body, Mind, Emotion,Environment)
  • Exercises, Stretches, and Movement to Balance the Body from Sitting
  • Confidence and Powerful Presence with Certified Confidence Coach
  • Self Care for Healing Post Trauma, Prolonged Stress, and Compassion Fatigue
  • Everyday Energy for Peak Health and Peak Performance
  • Emotional Resilience with C-IQ - The Neuroscience of Communication
  • Blue Mind Excursion - Reconnect to Being, Calm the Brain, & Increase Creativity
  • Daily Energy and Movement Breaks for the Work and Study Day
  • Exercise and Holistic Health for Anxiety and Depression
  • Energy, Stress, and Time Management for Peak Performance
  • Create Your Personalized Peak Performance Health and Well Being Plan
  • Guided Visualization Exercises
  • Nature Bathing Hikes with Mindfulness, Visualization, Goal Setting
  • Back Basics and Core Stability
  • Health Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Retreats
  • Peak Performance and Health for Women


Bring Health, Wellness, and Energy to Your Team,

We offer lunch and learns, workshops, one day and weekend retreats, and half day excursions to recharge the health and well being of your group. Energize the body, mind, and emotions of your workplace or organization with our health workshops. Reinvigorate the team with an outdoor environment that will change their brain state and body's stress state.

Your Health and Well Being
Presenter, Coach, and Trainer

Hi there, it is so exciting to elevate people's health and well being. Jody Kennett here, I am a health and peak performance coach who energizes your being from all that doing and infuses energy back into your body, mind, emotions, and environment. As a twenty year veteran in the health and wellness industry, I am a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with the American Council on Exercise. After graduating SFU with a diploma in Kinesiology, I became a personal trainer and have been designing exercise and health programs ever since.

My career expanded beyond the body to the brain and I became certified in the neuroscience of Confidence and Communication. Continuing along the path of a holistic health model Corporate Health and Wellness Workshops Vancouverthat incorporated the body, mind, and emotions, I became an Add Heart Math Facilitator which is a mindfulness and stress reduction technique that brings the body into a calm state of coherence. My career grew into leadership and whole person life coaching certified as an ICF coach with certificates in leadership and communication skills called C-IQ. As a corporate health and wellbeing coach, I elevate people in body, mind, and mood with peak energy performance workshops, seminars, and training. In addition, I have developed health coach training programs and developed train the trainer programs.
Let's support your team to peak health and wellbeing together!

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer Vancouver Precision Nutrition Health CoachWhole Person Certified Life CoachICF Leadership, Health and Life Coach

Energize and Elevate Your Company, School, or Leadership Team!
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