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Did you know that our heart has the ability to bring our emotional state, physiology, and mind into coherence? It also has more neural pathways going to the brain than the brain does to the heart, radiates an energy field of our emotions up to 5 feet, and impacts our cognitive function including the ability to enhance our decision making.

If you have not heard of Heart Math and the incredible work they are doing there for stress management, emotional resiliency, and increased cognitive performance, you will want to learn more about them. They are a research and educational non profit organization advancing knowledge and awareness about the intelligence of the heart with our minds.

Heart Coherence for Peak Energy Performance

We can learn how to get into coherence which is explained further in the podcast here and by so doing, we can decrease stress, self regulate our emotions, build energy, and be more resilient.

The work of Heart Math is being used by CEO’s, leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, health professionals, the military, schools, and people seeking well being for greater performance.

With the faster pace of life, the increase of distractions, and having to do more every day, we are becoming less connected to our heart’s intelligence and it’s intuition. If you want to learn an effective technique that can get you out of the sympathetic fight and flight response, empower you with greater emotional resilience, higher cognitive functioning as well as reconnect you to your inner knowing, the heart lock in technique from Heart Math is a great method to learn!

Highlights of Heart Math Episode 007, Listen in to Learn…

4:07 The research Heart Math discovered linking emotional states to the beating rhythm of the heart
5:25 How our emotions impacts our heart rate variability
6:00 Being in Sync and having harmony between the heart and brain
6:25 How coherence can change our mood, attitude, perceptions, and physiology and the power of our heart rhythm to shift emotions
7:30 A coherent body state starts in the heart with 40,000 neurons originating in the heart sending more messages to the brain
8:10 A window into our Autonomic Nervous System and Self Regulation
14:35 A guided coherence technique by Dr. Deborah Rozman
18:30 How the heart has an EMF, electro magnetic field and how our emotional state is being broadcast to those around us up to 5 feet
21:40 Stress management and how heart coherence is an effective tool
26:30 How our ego overrides intuition
27:40 Getting back to your center, Self Security, Inner Ease
28:00 When we are in coherence, we gain insight and that is when the light bulbs can go off for our life, decisions, and much more
29:00 Dr. Rozman’s peak performance recommendation and where to find more information on Heart Math to start your journey with coherence

Resources & Links for Heart Math

Heart Math Website: https://www.heartmath.com/
Personal Wellbeing Survey: https://www.heartmath.com/survey/
Inner Balance Tool: Learn more about Inner Balance
The Science of Heart Math: Explore the Science

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