One of the most effective strategies to make lasting, lifestyle change for your health goals is with behavioral modifications and creating new habits; health coaching and Precision Nutrition coaching focus on small, gradual, and realistic behavioral changes that support people in making new habits that work for them and their life. As a certified Precision Nutrition health coach, I have witnessed how powerful their methodology is because they combine the science of behavior change with the effectiveness of coaching to produce personalized, progressive results. This is all driven by what each client is ready, willing, and able to do each week.

Health coaching addresses the whole person and their entire life including stress, emotional well being, self care, and work/life balance. If you, like many of us during Covid-19, have been thrown off of your exercise and healthy eating routine and are ready to get back on track with your health goals, a health and Precision Nutrition Coach may be just what your body and energy needs to feel great!

3 Steps to To Get Back to Your Health Routine and Goals

  1. Declare Your Internal Why, Motivation, & Desire: When your desire for a specific health goal reaches a certain level, this is your sweet spot for change and/or to start. Desire comes from a place deep inside connected to your personal why of why you even want to create a new health habit for yourself. When you connect to and know that why, you are ready to start. Determine what your motivation is and get clear on what your ‘why’ is because this is what will drive you.
  2. Set a Start Date and make a Commitment to Yourself: Set a start date to begin your new health routine and when you want to commit to your health goals. If we wait until we feel completely ready, we may never begin, so pick a start date that feels right with your schedule, readiness, and ability while also challenging yourself to begin sooner than later. Commitment to begin, to try, and to your why will enhance your results.
  3. Enlist the support of a method, tools, program, or guide to support you along the journey to your healthy lifestyle habits and goals. We all need a pathway, process, or program to guide us towards the results we seek. You know yourself best, so only you know what will work for you. Some people need a detailed, exact plan, others need accountability, and some do best with coaching and support along the way.

How Covid-19, Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty has affected our Health

There is no debating that Covid-19 has affected our exercise, eating, and health habits while also adding more stress, fear, and worry about the uncertainty it has brought. Understanding and acknowledging that this pandemic and the quarantine have disrupted our health routines including exercise and eating habits is essential to approach with compassion and awareness. The emotions of fear, stress, and worry impact our behaviors and stress response. Therefore, Covid-19 adds a requirement of stress management, emotional coping skills, and daily self care first in order to be able to restart our health routines and goals.

Ironically the stress and fear Covid-19 has added to our lives along with being quarantined has knocked us out of our daily routines, but our healthy eating habits and exercise routines is exactly what will help us cope with the stress and fear better. The problem is the routines we had set for ourselves were uprooted and disrupted so to restart our health routine requires some thoughtful planning and intention under our new circumstances. This takes energy and adjustment, but is well worth it!

How Precision Nutrition is helping hundreds of people develop healthy life long eating habits

I will admit that measuring food, counting calories, and having detailed meal plans was something that never interested me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I began the certification process with Precision Nutrition to find out they use hand portion sizes and a very ‘real life’ easy to to use method that works. Precision Nutrition works with what you are ready, willing and able to do and creates success as it gives people gradual steps that build one upon the other. They combine their science of nutrition with behavioral coaching and accountability.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Precision Nutrition that has supported hundreds and thousands of people towards better health habits, is their tools. When you hire a Precision Nutrition coach, they are able to put your specific details and goals into their nutrition calculator which then provides a guide map for meal portion sizing, calories (should you want to follow calories), and food choices. It is tailored to the the type of eating plan you want, your activity level, the time line for your goal, and the macro nutrient split you desire. They have a large variety of handouts and resources to support your success.

I have been working with Jody over the past few months as I try to revive a healthy lifestyle. During the time she has worked with me, I have been able to get back on track and am headed in the right direction. The progress has been very encouraging, and I am excited about what the future holds regarding my healthy lifestyle. Jody is extremely knowledgeable and has a real passion for her work! She is fun, flexible and a joy to work with! Thanks Jody! Frank Vaughan

2 Key Steps to Manage Your Health and Eating Habits

Having a focus on one or two key steps we need to take for our best health will bring profound results. There is so much information out there and so much you could focus your attention on, but I am going to narrow it down to 2 key steps so it is simplified and they are the most important building blocks to start from.

  1. Conscious Awareness to your emotions, stress, and habits is the first step you want to develop in order to transform your health. Becoming aware of when you feel stress, what emotion you are feeling, and what is driving or preventing habits is the absolute key to making lasting change towards your health goals. The reason this is so effective is that it is our unconscious behaviors, emotions, and stress that drive unhealthy habits or prevent us from our healthy intentions.
  2. This second one is a key shift we all need to make when beginning our goals and when we focus on this one change, it produces great results. Precision Nutrition says most people focus on the outcome they desire such as a weight goal or specific result, but what we must focus on is the ‘behavior habit’ rather than the outcome. Think about this for a second, rather than focusing on losing 10 lb, we focus on the habit we need to have in order to produce that which puts our attention on the behavior. This keeps us focused on the process and present and what we need to do now for the outcome to evolve.

    It has been so exciting to become a Precision Nutrition health coach and see the profound results it brings people while sharing the incredible tools they provide. Whether you want to learn how to eat healthier, reach a specific health goal, require healthy habits for a medical condition, want to manage your weight, or have support for stress management and self care, health coaching is a great option.

Precision Nutrition Health Coach for Healthy Eating, Habits, and Health

As a certified Precision Nutrition health coach, I help people create healthy eating habits, improve their health, reach their health goals, and manage stress and self care. If you want guidance, support, or accountability with your eating habits or starting a new health routine, I am here to help you get started and reach your goal! For those of you who know me, I have over 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer and ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, so also bring exercise program design experience to every client I serve. In addition, I am also a Certified Professional Whole Person Life coach which means I have a holistic approach and have refined my coaching skills to support your success!

If you want to learn more about Precision Nutrition, Health Coaching, or how I can support you with your health and wellness goals, email me at [email protected] or call me direct at 604 448-2410 for a free consultation. Let’s get you started and on your way to your best health so you can feel great and be in peak energy, health, and performance!

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