Women’s Leadership Program

Women's Leadership Workshop

Women have incredible inherent leadership skills and make extremely influential leaders who inspire their team to perform at their peak together. They do not need a leadership development course because they are not already great leaders; to the contrary, they make extraordinary leaders, but they face a multitude of obstacles that are quite different from…

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Women’s Leadership Evolution

Women's Leadership Coaching

By now, we are all aware of gender diversity and initiatives that need to be started or developed within companies, but outside the external mandates, what is the depth of understanding around the internal evolution and shifts, culturally, that need to be made around Women’s Leadership? Outside of targets and numbers and appearances, what are…

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Great Leaders Lead with Communication

C-IQ Communication Skills

Communication and Leadership Great communication skills produce amazing leaders and strong leadership for business and career growth. What is your opinion on whether communication or leadership emerges first in a great leader? The one certainty is where there is excellent leadership, we know it cannot exist without superior communication skills. “The art of communication is…

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Mindfulness, Leadership, and Happiness

Mindfulness Teacher and Practitioner

A Mindfulness Practice for Everyday Life and Leaders We hear the word mindfulness being thrown around a lot, but do we fully understand what it means to be mindful and have we experienced it yet? We learned from David Frank Gomes, a mindfulness teacher and practitioner, that being mindful is paying attention, it is living in…

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Confidence and How to Increase It!

Confidence - How to Increase It

KickAss Confidence – Increase Your Confidence Confidence is a word we all know about and have a general knowledge of what it means, but learning how to have confidence and what we can do to increase it, is a whole new study and practice. Luckily the American Confidence Institute, co-founded by Alyssa Dver and Lynnette…

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Women’s Leadership Career Advancement Plans

Women's Leadership Careers

Every company that practices gender diversity and inclusion should have a women’s leadership career development plan for their employees and if they don’t or you are navigating the progression of your career on your own, then here is a career growth action plan template for you to follow. Career advancement and professional growth plans drastically…

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Communication Skills for Business and Leaders

Neuroscience of Communication Training

Conversational Intelligence – The Neuroscience of Communication Does your company or leadership need to improve their communication skills? Have you wondered how communication training for your organization, team, or for you could enhance the working environment and relationships you are in every day? Conversational Intelligence was rated one of the top 5 business skills in…

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Woman’s Wiring & Wealth – 7 Ways Women Need to Rewire!

Empowered Women's Leadership Coaching

7 Ways Women need to Lead and Rewire for Freedom, Success & Happiness The more women I talk to and the more I learn about both Women’s Leadership and neuroscience, the greater the pattern of conditioning in women reveals it’s limiting noose hold on our happiness, potential, and freedom. Exposing these evolutionary tendencies, acceptances, and…

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Lead the Life You Want to Live

Lead Your Life Live Your Best Life

Are you Leading & Living the Life You Want? Is how you are living your life today making you happy or are you wondering how to lead your life to the way you want it to be? There is a path to leading your life and creating what does bring you happiness. If you are…

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Communication – There’s a Neuroscience to Conversations!

Conversational Intelligence Training Vancouver

There is a Neuroscience to Communication There you are running through your day creating and engaging in many conversations, but did you know that with every interaction you have, your communication with others is causing a chemical reaction creating trust and bonding or a stress response of fight, flee, freeze or appease? If you are…

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