This weeks leadership lesson is all about leading our mindset and mental health with resilience and agility. What do you get when two leadership and health coaches sit down and have a conversation about peak performance? You get to hear the inner makings of a leadership mind that can be owned by anyone and the thought and resilience practices needed through high stress, fatigue states so you will perform at your peak. I had the privilege of being interviewed by Steven Nathenson of Strive for More on his podcast G.R.I.T. which you can listen to on all the platforms or view on his YouTube Channel. Watch the video below on our discussion of overwhelm, mindset, leadership, and how to have peak performance in challenging times.

You will hear in this interview the number one thing I see leaders, entrepreneurs, and really all of us facing right now. You will learn Steven’s mindset shifts and mental focus when he was in a fatigued and depleted state during a marathon and how we can be agile with our own thinking. The two of us have a great conversation about leadership, life and work challenges, and how our health and self care is key through these challenging times of change.

If you are a leader of your business, in a company, or in your life and you are being challenged right now in your mindset, which is happening to all of us due to loss, stress, and constant change, this video and podcast will give you resources to support your own resiliency. Peak performance is about your energy in body, mind, emotion, and your environment. It is about what you put into your body and mind and how you support yourself with self care which really translates to peak performance habits. So if you have ever doubted self care, know that it is your key to peak energy, peak health, and peak performance.

It truly has been such a cool, unique experience being connected to Steven because we met online through a business growth mastermind being in two different countries and from mere moments of interaction we have connected here and there and supported each others growth. I am excited to announce that the two of us will be co-authors in an upcoming book on mindset and peak performance, so stay tuned for its release in August of this year.

We would love to hear from you and what you took away from this podcast interview. What resonated for you or what will you implement going forward? Is there more you would like to learn and grow into as you lead your life, business, career, and health forward?

We leave you with the challenge of asking you to declare to yourself or us, what you will do to support your peak energy, health and performance?

Steven and myself are both here to support you in your leadership, peak performance, and health goals, so reach out to us here:

Steven Nathenson of Strive for More contact here

Jody Kennett of Elevare at [email protected].

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Leadership Lifeside Lessons.

Here’s to developing our resilience and mindset practices that support our peak energy, health, and performance!

Jody Kennett
Leadership, Peak Performance, and Life Coach ICF ACC

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