Build an Online Business. Create Your Online Course or Product.

Create an Online Business

Build an Online Business from Your Skill Do you have a skill, expertise or talent that you have been wondering how to build a business with and specifically an online business? Congratulations for having the idea because if there is one way to create your own income and leverage your time, energy, and money, it…

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Clarity in Your Business is Key to Success

Get Clarity in Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner with an idea, but find yourself facing a lack of clarity in your offer, your unique selling proposition, or what your signature program/service will be? Maybe you have forged ahead with doors open, but feel a lack of definition or brand and want to define this…

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Start a Business from Your Skill, Service, Expertise

Start a Business from Your Skill, Expertise, and Passion

Have you been thinking about how to start a business or a side hustle with the skill, expertise, and passion you already have? Maybe you already have the idea, but have been wondering how do I start a business and where do I begin? If you do not have the idea yet, it may be…

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Elevate Women Event – Career and Business Leadership for Women

Women's Leadership Coach

In less than 10 days time, the first ever ‘Elevate Women‘ event will be hosted in Vancouver for women who are leading their careers or business and who want to grow their leadership. The creation of this event came about for the woman who is ready to break through, who is climbing, who desires more,…

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My Journey as a C-IQ Coach

Conversational Intelligence Coach Vancouver

It was just days before Christmas 2016 when I was rushing to submit for a grant so that I could embark on becoming a C-IQ Certified Coach with WBECS. I had watched the Conversational Intelligence Immersion trainings which are really only an introduction and was fascinated by how our brain impacts how we communicate. It…

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International Women’s Day 2018 – Press for Progress!

Gender equality diversity and inclusion

The International Women’s Day 2018 theme is ‘Press for Progress‘ and when women essentially start working for free from Sep 22nd till the end of the year due to the gender pay gap, there is still a lot of progress needed! Canada ranks as the 7th most unequal country out of the top 34 industrialized…

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Be Heard and Have a Voice at Work!

Speak up get heard and have a voice at work

Last week I had the privilege to speak to an amazing group of professional women and a few of the key questions they asked at the end of the presentation on communication were about, “How do I get heard and have a voice in meetings?” The answer to this question does not only lie in…

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Next Level Business & Career Growth Mastermind

Business & Career Mastermind Group for Women

Take Your Business, Career, & Income to the Next Level Learning how to grow your business, advance your career, and increase your income to the next level of growth can be a bit of a maze especially if you have hit a plateau or are wanting to elevate to a new level you have never…

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Grow Your Business, Career, and Leadership

grow your business, career, and income

Are you ready to grow your business, advance your career, become a leader and increase your income? Growth is the act of creation into something new, the processing of growing, full development, and increasing from what is to more than what exists in the present moment. Yes most of us may add to that definition…

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How is Your Communication for Trust?

C-IQ Conversational Intellgence

We all communicate daily in our work lives, our personal lives, and professionally to build relationships, but do you know how effective your communication style is and are you communicating with trust? Whether you are a CEO, teacher, manager, nurse, parent, or executive, the way you communicate impacts everything including: employees, company culture, your career,…

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