Coaching helps support people with their life, career, health and personal growth goals while also being an incredible self care practice because it is extraordinarily beneficial for one’s well being including mental health. Until one experiences coaching for themself, it is hard for them to know and understand how it will ‘move’ them forward with their life, career, and personal or professional goals. What I hear so often from my clients is that by talking to a coach, it has allowed them to not only process what they need to, but it has also provided: new insight, clarity, ease of decision making, stress reduction, action plans, accountability, and awareness that they could not arrive at on their own. Life coaching is the solution for anyone who feels stuck, lacks clarity, is lost, is transforming or in transition, or who has life and career goals including personal growth and development.

Coaching for Life Goals, Dreams, and Alignment

Do you currently have a life vision, goal or dream that is yet to be actualized in your life? Are you feeling as if you or your life is not where you want it to be or in alignment with who you are and what you want? If you can relate to either of these questions or even to feeling as if you currently do not have a life due to working a lot or caring for others, then life coaching can take you from where you are to how you want live and to what you want your life to be. You deserve to feel energized and excited about your life and one of my motto’s and beliefs is: ‘lead your life’.

Sometimes we are so busy living the life that has evolved, we do not stop to lead it in the direction we want it to go. Life coaching gives you an appointment for your life where you get to take charge, create, and lead your life. Working with a life coach is very empowering because you will see how things that have not progressed, that you did not think were possible, or could not do on your own, are now getting done and positively transforming your life!

One of the greatest benefits of life coaching is discovering exactly what you want because when you know what you want, you can develop the path and plan to get there. Another benefit that coaching provides is the sounding board and reflection back to you of your own words and thoughts because this alone shifts people to awareness, clarity, decision making, and action. A certified coach is also able to make observations and provide insights to you where there may be blind spots; these blind spots can lead to breakthroughs and new ways of thinking that expand one’s possibilities.

In addition, sometimes flying solo with our own life goals and dreams can be hard to stay motivated and consistently moving forward; therefore, many of my clients share that having a coach gives them the accountability they need to make progress, stay consistent, and be way more efficient with their goals. Lastly, many people seek life coaching to ensure they prioritize their life, align it with their values, and discover what will make them happy.

“Life coaching is one of the best things people can do to build their best life, become the leader of their life, make efficient and exciting progress on their life goals, and create the happy, fulfilled life they seek.”

Life Coaching for Career Clarity, Directon, and Advancement

As an ICF certified life and Whole Person Coach, I have clients who have come to me for a variety of reasons under the umbrella of life coaching and one I see consistently is people seeking coaching for career clarity, direction, and their career goals. Life coaching is very powerful for career alignment and clarity because it not only coaches you to become clear on who you are including your strengths, interests, and passions, but it also assesses what careers will be a fit for your life and bring you happiness. A great benefit that coaching offers to career professionals who want professional growth and advancement is providing them the consistent check in with accountability to continually be moving forward with their career goals. Many clients have said the results they gained from coaching for their career advanced them a lot quicker than they would have on their own and they also site new opportunities gained that directly and solely only came about due to coaching.

Life coaching cannot be summed up only by the goals, clarity or progress you receive from coaching because one of the most exciting results I have seen time and time again as a life coach is the personal growth in who someone is becoming through coaching. Coaching changes you as a person, a leader, a colleague, and manager for the better; it brings you to a heightened awareness, expands your thinking, enlightens you to connect better with others, builds confidence, creates peace and happiness, and heals you to a strength and resilience of which cannot be reached without it.

Life Coaching for Personal Growth and Development

We are all master pieces in the making constantly evolving and growing as human beings and if you are seeking personal growth, life coaching is one of the most highly personalized and efficient methods to use. I might as well get personal here and share my own experience with coaching and how it has positively and drastically impacted my own personal growth. As part of becoming a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and the program I selected, all of us coaches engaged in coach trade hours where we coached each other. Over 18 months, I met with fellow coaches weekly or biweekly which meant I was receiving coaching for the first time in my life on a regular basis with consistent coaches who got to know me.

I will share that due to my type of work in the past and partly due to my personality, I am more of a listener than I am a talker. What this meant is that for the first time ever in my life, I was being listened to weekly where I was sharing, processing, and clarifying what normally would have only been thoughts or emotions inside of me. First off, I had no idea how much I had held in and ploughed forward through that actually once talked through, healed me at a level that I can only describe as freedom, lightness, and peace.

Next, the coaching gave me fresh perspectives and new insights that empowered me to view experiences differently and learn what strengths, weakness, and areas of growth I needed in order to improve or make my life easier. The personal growth I have experienced by receiving consistent coaching has positively impacted every area of my life including my relationships, career, peace of mind, confidence, leadership, and income! There is no way I could have gained that extent of personal growth personalized to my specific needs and experiences through a book, a course, or by doing my own work in a journal or other means.

You see coaches are masters at facilitating our growth in a supportive space that is non judgemental while also challenging us to become the best version of ourselves. Having gone from not having coaching at any consistent interval to having it weekly and seeing the results it has brought to my wellbeing, life, happiness, and career, it will now be something I do for life.

How a Life Coach Moves You Forward with Your Life, Career, and Personal Growth Goals

If you are ready to move your life forward to where you are energized and excited, life coaching is a highly personalized and efficient service that will positively transform both you and your life. Many of us find ourselves in a place where we are stuck, unclear, or frustrated with lack of progress or not living how we want to live. This is exactly where a life coach helps because life coaching is all about taking you from where you are to where you want to go with a focus on forward movement. Your coach will not only support you with gaining clarity and direction, but they are also there to empower you to create your path, plan, and the action steps to get you there. They are also a resource that holds you accoutable, challeges you to your highest potential or happiness, and are that scheduled appointment with your life to keep you on track with your goals.

The one thing I have noticed as a coach is that no matter if someone is a high achiever and highly motivated, the necessary growth benefits those people still cannot gain on their own and need a coach for are: clarity, reflection, revealing of blind spots and patterns, accoutability, and challenge. Nor could they gain the ability to process, brainstorm, or solution to as great extent as to that which comes with having a coach. One of my coaching clients has even shared that from our life coaching sessions, she has given her manager, team and company new ideas that will transform their business with efficiency due solely to our weekly conversations. This means the ripple effect from life coaching reaches beyond you to the people you interact with at work, home, and on a daily basis.

Whether you want to grow as a person and be on an extraordinary, guided personal growth journey with a facilitator or have specific life, career, or personal goals, a life coach is a great solution to move you forward. I could not say this so whole heartedly if I had not experienced it myself. It has hands down been the most effective, transforming, and efficient service to support me with my life goals and in leading my life to happiness. Those are the external benefits, but life coaching has shifted me internally to an empowered, strong, confident, peaceful, and clear knowing space which gives me daily freedom and joy.

What I have not shared yet, but has been equally as valuable to me, is how life coaches hold a space for you that when you show up on those really hard, challenging, and perhaps emotional days where life is hard, they get you through the hard times and days often leaving you feeling better. A life coach will be there for you and be with you in the present meeting you where you are at with what you need. There are so many more benefits as to how life coaching serves people, but the best way to understand it, is to experience it!

Here’s to you and your life! Lead it. Live it. Love it!

If you would like to experience a sample of life coaching, head on over to contact page and book a complimentary session. That time to connect can also be used to get your questions answered and learn more about how life coaching works. I can’t wait to hear from you! Lead your life, career, and personal growth forward!

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