Elevate Your Life

Elevate Your Life

You elevate your life every time you desire a change, growth, challenge, and improvement to raise your happiness, potential, contribution, fulfillment, and life experiences. Are you coasting along or struggling or settling in an area of your life where you want to feel abundance, liberation, and vibrancy? Maybe you are fully aware of this mediocracy…

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Elevate Your Life, Business, & Career

Elevate Your Business, Career, and Life

Elevare The ability to elevate yourself, your life, business or career involves an enormous amount of energy and focus. Elevate is defined as raising or lifting something up to a higher level, position, or state. You have the ability to elevate your mood, income, career, business, health and fulfillment among many other things. However, going…

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Conversational Intelligence Top 5 Business Skill 2016

Conversational Intelligence Coach Vancouver

‘Words create worlds’ igniting a neurological response in the person you are speaking to which makes communication in leadership a skill every leader needs to master. From living in a fast paced digital world of emails and high pressure timelines to dealing with diverging personalities, communication can sometimes take a back seat or be a…

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Lead Your Life Aligned

Peak Performance with Joy

Are you leading your life aligned with your values, strengths, joy and purpose? Truly, how many of us could answer this with a resounding, bold, confident yes rather than a sarcastic survival mode response that thinks it is for the dreamers not reality? If you are not living this way, is it because you are…

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How to Increase Your Clients

Increase Your Clients Service Entrepreneur

3 Steps to Increase Your Clients The question I get asked the most from service entrepreneurs who are starting or growing their business is, “How do I get more clients?”. If you are a service based business and wanting to increase your clients, there are a number of ways you can do this and it…

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Everyday Women Leaders

Today is International Women’s Day which means we celebrate women everywhere and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the amazing everyday women leaders I am honored to know. It is an interesting phenomena that not many women would call themselves a leader or even talk with confidence about what they do;…

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Diversity & Differences are Strength & Success

Diversity and Leadership

Having and growing diversity of leadership in your business produces success across many factors necessary for growth and development. Diversity is defined as the state of being diverse, having variety. It is also the fact of unlikeness with the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, gender, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation…

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Beliefs Impact Business Growth

belief and business

Your beliefs about yourself, your business, the market you are in, the economy, and even about entrepreneurship all affect your business growth. Some of the beliefs we have are in our unconscious and some we have accepted, but never defined or declared as true for ourselves. In this last day of the business growth challenge…

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Service Business Growth

Scale and Grow Service Based Business

Hot to Grow and Scale Your Service Based Business Discover the two questions every business owner must be able to answer and communicate to their customers in this short 5 minute video. You will also learn two game changing business growth strategies that when you implement will bring great results. When you put these four…

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Disrupt and Differentiate Your Market

Disrupt Your Market

Disrupt & Differentiate to Grow Your Business, then add Sizzle It is day 3 of the business growth challenge and in the video below you will need to answer honestly two questions about your business and you will find out the four business principles that will help your business grow! Grab your pen and paper,…

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