Clarity in Your Business is Key to Success

Get Clarity in Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner with an idea, but find yourself facing a lack of clarity in your offer, your unique selling proposition, or what your signature program/service will be? Maybe you have forged ahead with doors open, but feel a lack of definition or brand and want to define this so you can stand out and attract your ideal customer. For some of you, it may be that you offer many service/product options and are challenged with wanting clarity so you can focus your energy and effort to gain greater results.

How to Gain Clarity in Your Business

No matter what stage you are at in your business whether it be the idea phase or in full launch and operations, having clarity on your business offer, your unique selling or value proposition, your brand identity, and your long term vision is essential. If you are currently serving the masses or a generalist and do not have a clear focus on who your ideal customer is and exactly how you can help solve their problems, we have some work to do!

Clarity in your business will skyrocket your success; you will be able to communicate, connect, and find your ideal customers and they will seek you out because they will know who you are and exactly how you can help them.

4 Clarity Steps for Entrepreneurs

If you are like me at all in my entrepreneur journey, I did a bit of exploring and reinvention along my entrepreneurial path. We will all learn, adapt, and be agile along the way as entrepreneurs building our business, but there are a few steps every entrepreneur can take to gain clarity in their business.

  1. Self Awareness of Strengths, Personality, Values, Zone of Genius, & Lifestyle:We can all have a great idea and a profitable business venture, but aligning this with who we are, what we want, where we can serve, and how we want to live is crucial not just for success, but also for happiness! Begin with self discovery on the above and take a Strengths Finder quiz link Clifton and definitely determine what your top 5 life values are by taking a values assessment so you can align your business with these.
  2. A Current Market Demand Assessment and Customer Needs Analysis 

    Now that you know what you want, we need to know and understand the needs and demands of your customer. Survey or interview your ideal customers and find out what their needs are, what their greatest pain points are, and where they need help. What are the demands of the market and what trends are on the rise or growing? Lastly, would your customer pay for this service/product and how much would they pay?

  3. How are you unique or what do you do differently that will make you stand out and serve a potential gap?So  now you know yourself well as an entrepreneur and your customer, so the next step is analyzing competitors and intuitively connecting to how your unique approach, presence, packaging, or expertise will stand out.This is your chance to express yourself, pick your piece of the market pie, and showcase how you serve in a unique way. In essence you are helping them know why to pick you by sharing your why and who you are.
  4. Clarity comes from an inner knowing the depth of which is not analyzed, but felt.Yes, we need to assess all of the above because we live in a world beyond ourselves that holds answers, but true clarity perhaps may be what is called a ‘soul calling’, a divine purpose, sharing our gifts, and or a source connection greater than our understanding.  In order to access these, you will need space, stillness, and silence so you can connect and also discover what feels right.

3 Tips for Clarity in Your Business

Gaining clarity in your business will literally launch you forward into a momentum of business growth and therefore is essential to have. Sometimes clarity comes from evolution and expansion especially if you are already in business. Therefore if you are now in the refining stages or want to zero in on your Unique Selling Point, USP, or become an expert, or even define your core signature program/offer, then here are three tips to gain clarity on them.

Answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. What are you an expert in or have expertise in or how can your evolution or expansion serve others?
  2. What is your purpose or what do you believe in that you want to educate, empower, and coach others about? Where can and do you want to elevate others?
  3. Clarity is about connecting and knowing. How do you best connect to your inner knowing? Is it by writing in a journal, being in nature, meditating, talking with someone, creating space, being artistic, self care or brainstorming? Take that step now or set it in place for the next week or month and have patience so you can give yourself time to become clear.

Clarity Brings Focus & Ease

When you have clarity in your business, it all of a sudden aligns a focus which brings an ease of direction and with that great results. I cannot emphasize enough how important gaining clarity and clearly defining your business and your business offers is to your success and growth.

If the block to clarity is the challenge of choosing a niche, it may be important to make a decision about what you would want your main offer to be and not look at it at as letting go of other services. You can also decide what your USP is in a general broad category as long as you can still stand out and that it is not presented with a generalist approach.

Get Clear on Your Key Offers

Sometimes there is nothing better than being thrown into the fire of the moment with little thinking, which can definitely paralyze some of us, and being forced to spontaneously answer questions. Rapid fire answers can simplify the process of getting clear and guide your key offers. Therefore answer the following questions as fast  as you can and then tweak them quickly till  you are happy.

  1. Who do you serve? Who is it you can help most? Who is your customer?
  2. What do you solve for them? How do you help them?
  3. How are you different? or What do you do different or that is unique?

Remember answer these quickly, slightly refine and then state them clearly.

Now the next step to get clear on your key offers or signature program, is creating an offer that aligns with who you serve, how you help, and what you do different in a complete system or step by step program that will take them from start to finish in solving their problem, goal, or dream.

Business Coaching for Clarity

You can try all the steps above to begin and gain clarity for your business. Another option can be speaking with a business coach where you will be able to brainstorm out loud, generate ideas, receive feedback and clarity invoking questions, and be guided with reflection and expertise.

If you are at the beginning phase of your business and wanting to define your services and core offer or you have already launched and now want to get clear on your signature service and unique selling proposition, a business coach can help you gain clarity. Remember clarity is a process and it deserves attention and time to let it evolve and cannot be rushed.

What is one take away you have from this that you will apply to gain clarity in your business?

Business clarity will give you complete direction and focus so you can grow, connect, and serve with exciting impact and powerful presence in your market.

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