Wow, we are half way through the year and this is a perfect time to review and reflect on how you are doing with your business, career, and life goals? Are you doing the happy dance of elation because you are where you wanted to be or are you like most people who are wondering where all the time went and why you are not further along with your life leadership vision?

One of the most effective and results producing action steps leaders can take is to review their progress, goals, and outcomes every three to six months. This gives us the much needed feedback that empowers us with information to tweak what is not working, keep implementing what is, and course correct where necessary. Entrepreneurs, career professionals, and leaders who have set growth goals will benefit greatly from reviewing the action steps they have taken and the momentum towards their desired outcome. All it takes is a bit of time in reflection answering some specific questions.

Half Year Review to Reflect, Reconnect, & Recharge your Goals

Reflection is a leadership, creativity, success, mindfulness, and powerful growth tool that is highly underrated; it is also a personal and professional development skill that is at risk for being under utilized because distractions are winning the war for our attention. Yes, daily, weekly, monthly reflection sets you up for success because it is the tool athletes use with the help of their coaches to become world class. Constant tweaks towards improvement and consistent feedback on our actions or lack thereof helps us modify our own behaviors towards the results we seek.

How do you perform a self reflection 6 month review of your own life and career leadership goals? First off, I recorded a podcast in a coaching format to guide you through the questions to ask yourself. You can listen to it at the player below:

Free Download of Six Month Goal Review and Reflection Exercise

I know, i know, who has time to write and really, ‘I have to do this exercise to reach my goals?’ No, you do not, but it is well known that feedback is the fuel to excellence and winners. It is also proven in studies that those who write down their goals are much more likely to accomplish them. Whether our avoidance is from the sobering truth or the speed of our lives, both are reasons to step out of the race track and make sure you are headed in the right direction for happiness, fulfillment, health, and success.

Therefore, I created this free download of a six month review for your business, career, and life goals. It aligns with the podcast episode 027 above on Peak Energy 4 Performance and you can simply fill it in on its own or follow along with the podcast pausing along the way as you listen in.

Free 6 Month Goal Review & Reflection

A Success tool for you and your business, career, and life goals.

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    Leadership, Career, and Business 6 Month Goal Coaching

    It has been so exciting to be a coach working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives as they make incredible strides forward with their professional goals. If there is one thing I have learned coaching, it is the power of a conversation in generating ideas, solving problems, gaining insight, and receiving accountability on declared action steps. If you find it hard being accountable to yourself or find you may need that outside perspective or guidance to perform at your peak, you may want and need a coach to reach your career leadership and business goals.

    I may be biased, but when I do my own business 6 month review, the results of my clients speak for themselves with evidence of progress, success, and exciting momentum towards their goals and dreams. You can reach out for a free consult or contact me here.

    Let me know how your six month review went and what your biggest reflections were to recharge your growth forward.

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