Women’s Leadership Program

Women's Leadership Workshop

Women have incredible inherent leadership skills and make extremely influential leaders who inspire their team to perform at their peak together. They do not need a leadership development course because they are not already great leaders; to the contrary, they make extraordinary leaders, but they face a multitude of obstacles that are quite different from their male counterparts. Therefore, women’s leadership development needs to be uniquely designed to address the specific concerns pertinent to every woman on her leadership growth trajectory.

Women’s Leadership Course

I am excited today as I launch one of my 3 signature women’s leadership programs to advance women leaders in a variety of industries, professions, and business. This program is to empower and elevate women in the working world to boldly and confidently step into their new leadership roles and prepare themselves to powerfully step into being a leader.

This Women’s Leadership workshop is comprehensive covering both hard and soft skills ranging from leadership skills to owning one’s power, to being a change agent, knowing your worth, and having influence. It is a unique program that takes into account leadership is not just an external skill of ‘how to’ learning, but an internal way of being, living, and leading. What is extremely powerful about this course is that it specifically addresses much needed Women’s Leadership issues where many women leaders face challenges and empowers them with training to manage or overcome these.

How this Course for Women Leaders will Serve

Are you a woman advancing your career or growing your business and find yourself struggling with a few of the new idiosyncrasies of being in a management or a leadership role and feel it would be great to develop these skills? or Maybe there is a need at your company to develop more women into leadership roles and you are looking for a women’s leadership coaching program to support this goal. Here is why I created this course for women leaders and how I know it will serve:

  • Empower Women to Step into more Leadership Roles
  • Advance Women’s Leadership and Gender Equality in Companies
  • Strengthen Women in Leadership roles with unique to women leadership development
  • Give more women the confidence to step into their power and own it
  • A comprehensive, holistic leadership training for peak performance
  • Elevate women in the workplace to know their worth, have a voice, and lead
  • Specifically address challenges and obstacles for Women in Leadership
  • Develop bold, confident, and powerful women of all ages and cultures into thriving leaders

Women’s Leadership Training for your Team

This course designed for women on leadership skills for career professionals, executives, and aspiring women leaders is offered in three options:

  1. Women’s Leadership Retreat
  2. On or OffSite Women’s Leadership Development Workshop
  3. Personalized Women’s Leadership Coaching Program

Whether you are a young professional women setting yourself up for success, a career woman advancing into leadership, or a manager wanting to elevate more women in your company into leadership roles, this Women’s Leadership program can be tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Women’s Leadership Expertise

Sometimes you are in the process of growing and advancing your own career that it feels like constant evolution until one point where it all merges together to accumulate to a clear, defined, and celebratory calling. This has been my evolutionary career journey to this point where I am excited to share with you the breadth and depth of what aspiring and veteran leaders will experience with me because of my diverse expertise.

I am bringing a piece of all of my training together into this progressive program for women seeking leadership development. This workshop for women leaders is founded in the teachings of the 9 point wheel for Women’s Leadership where I am certified as a Women’s Leadership coach with the GAIA Leadership Project. There will be a special section of training on communication skills where I have been trained by the World Business and Executive Coaching organization in Conversational Intelligence, C-IQ, approved by the International Coach Federation. C-IQ is the neuroscience of communication.

In addition, leaders involved in the course will benefit in growing their confidence on new skills as I am certified with the American Confidence Institute which also has its roots in neuroscience. They will develop a great understanding of their Key Confidence Indicators and how to develop confidence in the specific areas they want to improve.

Lastly, but not least, I have an extensive background in health sciences and Kinesiology from SFU along with a decade in the health and wellness industry. A segment of the course will give participants insight and training to obtain their own peak energy performance and health including mindfulness. As any leader knows managing stress in high pressure situations is extremely important and this will be covered along with self care and emotional well being. Uniquely, they may even get to experience revolutionary stress management and energy techniques with Jody’s implementation of biohacking and Heart Math throughout the workshop.

Leadership Training for Women

Ladies, I know we don’t all feel comfortable using the word leader for ourselves, but all of us are leading our careers, families, businesses, community, and our lives every day. This is a truly transformational leadership journey that will not only impact your professional life, but also your personal life including your happiness, energy, and fulfillment. It is way more than leadership development or skill training, it is an experience that will leave you feeling elevated, empowered, energized, and strong. This will blend the outer skills of leadership with the inner evolution of being a leader integrated to your core.

To learn more about the workshop or host it at your company or for your team, contact Jody at jody@jodykennett.ca or call 604 448-2410.




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