If we are to forge forward for gender equality at work, we need to raise our awareness about the challenges women face and in particular the biases that limit them. This years’ International Women’s Day theme is #breakthebias and what better way to learn how to do this than by hearing the voices, experiences, and wisdom of 9 women leaders. The stories shared by this diverse group of women ranging in age from 29 years old to 78 years old shows the historical and evolutionary path women have endured to bring equality to where it is today and why there are still gaps. These women share concepts, strategies, achievements, wisdom, and examples of bias that we can all learn from to create a better, more equitable future for all. You can learn from them and watch the entire event in the video here.

International Women’s Day #breakthebias Event 2022

Women Leaders Share their Experiences, Insight, and Tips to #Breakthebias

Some of the topics, biases, and insightful topics shared at this event include:

  • How to broaden the perception of what makes a great leader
  • How a bias is a story and thought and we need to challenge these
  • We need to overcome our own internal biases as well
  • How men are hired or promoted based on potential and women for their performance
  • How positive stereotypes are problematic and are generalizations that limit a group of people
  • How feedback that you need to be more confident can be counter intuitive and disempowering
  • How women face an inverse relationship in leadership when it comes to power and likeability
  • Questioning if the onus should be on women to make men feel comfortable with how they dress
  • How to raise biases in a productive way whether they are spoken or unspoken
  • How the masculine and feminine energies or archetypes are meant to coexist and they harmonize each other
  • How the work day and week does not take into account a women’s 28 day cycle
  • How we need to break the bias from the inside out
  • The possibility that bias starts and ends with us as it is all we can control
  • Expect equality and demand equality, we have choice, if it is not fair leave or fight
  • Why we should never compromise and how we need the courage to take a stand
  • Dare to show up authentically

Women Leaders Speak to Bias, Equality, and What we need for Progress

The 9 women leaders at this year’s International Women’s Day event were a diverse group with broad backgrounds and they raised our awareness to unconscious biases and how we can break the biases women face at work. Here are the women leaders creating change, equality, and progress in their work and communities:

Stella Lee of Paradox Learning – Learning and Development Specialist, AI Expert
Charlotte Nobles of Wild Sage Coaching and Mentorship – Career Guide and Life Coach
Kim Hamblin-Hart of Seeds of Change Life Coaching – Narrative Coach – Life & Mental Wellbeing Coach
Carol Morgan-Wirth of Wirth Leadership – Personal and Professional Leadership Coach
Lindsay Ashmore – Psychotherapist, Coach, and Guide, Somatic Specialist
Jennifer Bolster – Paramedic Practice Leader and Advanced Care Paramedic
Lauren Dobie – Patent Practioner and Legal Coordinator Lead
Janet Outhwaite – Process Engineer
Shelagh Kennett of Recreating You at Any Age – Self Esteem Empowerment, Career Coach, Writer/Author

Thank you to all our presenters! Your insights, wisdom, strength, and tenacity inspired us!

The Invitation and Ask of All of Us to Break the Bias

Now, it is your turn, our turn to take action and use our voices in speaking up and out to break the bias. It will take courage to productively raise awareness about biases in the workplace and the greatest influence of change is your voice. Knowing that many biases are unconscious, we can openly highlight when a bias may be present and ask the people with the bias to explore the idea with you while also educating them on the impact the bias could have on others. This may not always lead to a positive outcome and if it doesn’t, we can then take the next steps speaking to management or possibly using the whistle blower option if your workplace has that option.

As our final speaker shared, we need to expect and demand equality. If something is unfair, you and we have choices, fight or leave.

When we all use our voices and take action to break a bias, together we will make progress towards equality.

Let’s do this together one voice, on brave action and step forward at a time. We’ve got this!

If you want more information on women’s leadership coaching and training to advance more women into leadership or are looking to create more equality in your organization, reach out to us here.

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