A few weeks back, I launched the Thrive Women Tribe, an online community for women leaders building their business and careers who want to lead and thrive forward together. The soul mission of this community is to bring women together with other like minded women to share experiences, growth, and leadership development as we build our business and careers. The idea for this community all began with a conversation with one of my clients who shared she really wanted to connect with a group of other women in business and learn from and with others while also networking. Then at the same time, we were all experiencing the effects of the pandemic causing isolation, social disconnection, and the effort to re establish connection with others. In addition, I was hearing how important the element of community was right now and how we are all craving it. So one thing led to another and ‘Thrive Women Tribe‘ was created!

Initially, I had the vision and idea of ‘what if I could connect all the great women I know together’ so they could network, support, and elevate each other? Imagine creating the space where we could connect and discuss leadership, life, and challenges in business? Rather than all these women working solo and being isolated with their challenges, leadership struggles, and even celebrations where they may not have anyone to share them with, what if we could create a group? What if this could be a tribe where connection and community thrived around us in an energy that moved us higher, faster, further together?

This idea took flight and what happened next was the launch of our first group get together bringing women from Vancouver to Texas, from DC to Montreal together in one online group where we began the introductions of getting to know one another and sharing our intentions to thrive personally and professionally. My goal as the facilitator of the events is to bring a leadership topic to the community once a month and our first theme was on the topic of ‘Expansion – Play to the Possible’ as well as setting our own personal and professional intentions to thrive.

When you hear comments of:

“..it’s nice to know we are not alone as it can feel lonely” or
“…I have been waiting and wanting a group like this for a while…’ and
‘…i had set an intention to not just survive, but thrive so I knew this was right for me…”

…you know no matter how small we start or whatever time investment it takes, it is the right step to take in this moment for all who were present.

The community is free for women to join and currently is open to the public. In addition to the monthly get togethers, we highlight community members where people can share about their business or network with others, a discussion space to learn and mentor with other women entrepreneurs and hear about their experiences where anyone can pose a question or topic, and also a space for coaching moments of inspiration weekly that include the following topics:

  • Women’s Leadership
  • Peak Energy, Health, and Performance Tips for Women in Business
  • Inspirations on how to Thrive
  • Business Building, Mindset, and Networking for Entrepreneurs
  • Life Leadership and Coaching to keep your life while your building your career and business
  • Confidence and Communication for Women in Business

Here is the interesting thing about communities though, it is not as much about the content or more content, rather it is about the connection, collaborating or discussing topics with the community, and networking or meeting and learning from others.

Women’s Leadership Community Event for December in Thrive Women Tribe

Now that the techpreneur has caught up with the ideapreneur in me, as I had to create and learn about the online community platform where we host the group, I can announce the next event for our women leaders in Thrive Women Tribe is going to be December 17th at 12:00 pm PST, 2:00 pm CST, and 3:00 pm EST. The topic I will be doing a short presentation on is ‘The Power of Your Voice and How to Use It’. The breakdown of our 1 hour group get togethers includes: time to network and meet the other members, a short 20 minute presentation on a Women’s Leadership topic, and then time for discussion, idea sharing, possible individual or group coaching, and questions and answers. Last month there was a downloadable workbook pdf for everyone in the tribe to document their own intentions to thrive in their personal and professional lives. When you join the community, it will be there fore you to access it. You can join the Thrive Women Tribe community here.

Are you a Women Entrepreneur or Leader Looking for a Community to Connect With?

If you are a career woman, a female leader, or a woman entrepreneur who would like to connect with other women in a community with a focus on women’s leadership, growth, and development as you lead your career and business forward, then we may just be for you! We are not corporate, yet we are professional and our more casual, less formal approach lends itself to authentic, vulnerable, and real conversations where no egos, competition, or comparison gets in the way because we are all in it together. There is no dress code or fancy hats or big impressions to be made with us unless you love and want to share your fabulous hats with us! We are a group of women committed to the tribe’s growth, advancement, and thriving from where you are, with who you are, and where you want to lead.

We invite you to come to our community, join us at our next event in December and become a Thrive Women Tribe member with us. Here is where you can learn more about us and be a part of the community.

We cannot wait to meet you in the community or at our next event! What are you waiting for, come on over and introduce yourself to the group. See you on the inside!

Your fellow thriver and host, Jody Kennett
Women’s Leadership, Communication, Confidence and Life Coach

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