As we approach International Women’s Day in 2020, it is an exciting time to be a women in business as our evolution breaks through barriers and sets new standards. We are in an era of growth where survival is no longer acceptable and the new expected norm we are collectively advancing to is to thrive! The modern day career woman and female entrepreneurs are conscientiously preparing themselves for a higher growth track into leadership, career advancement, business profit, and to be influencers. To fast track their career and business success, they are turning to Women’s Leadership coaching.

How to Thrive as a Career Women Leader in Business

It is a fascinating and challenging concept to propose thriving for women in a working world that has limited them, held them back, and where they are battling for equality. Yet, thrive we must and we will! Yet how can a career women or women in business thrive? Let’s explore and dissect what we can all do to thrive despite any challenge before us.

First, we need to define what it means to thrive so we are all on the same page and understanding with our objective. To thrive means to prosper or flourish which includes: to grow vigorously, develop well, advance, make strides, boom, succeed, profit, and expand. Recently I was inspired by Dr. Valerie Rein author of the Patriarchy Stress Disorder who created a paradigm shift in thinking for women from perhaps what may have been a survival mindset to the question she posed that we need to be asking ourselves,

“How good can it get?” “How great could it be?”

If you have been settling, surviving, accepting, or allowing it to be fine when it could be great for you, it may be time to starting asking yourself this question and knowing you are meant to thrive!

Steps to Thrive as a Women in Business

I am so passionate about empowering, elevating, and energizing women in business to thrive and that is exactly why I became a Women’s Leadership coach to give women the tools they need to lead and succeed. Here are my tips to thrive as a career women or women entrepreneur:

Set the Expectation and Intention to Thrive
Yes, it is a competitive world and there are many challenges put before us on our path to ascend, but if you set the intention that you will thrive no matter what and expect it of yourself and the world, it will happen. When we declare that we want to thrive, it immediately draws a boundary that we will accept no less and that surviving will not be permitted.

Money and Abundance are a Part of Thriving: Prosper and Profit
We all have a relationship with money, a perspective on it, and beliefs about it, but no matter what those are know that if your goal is to thrive, it will include an abundant flow of money. This means money will need to be an essential element in your career and business planning, action steps, and requests of others. As a heart centered, service based business owner, I understand how challenging a money mindset can be; women’s leadership coaching empowers women in business to raise their worth, communicate their worth, and negotiate confidently.

Leadership Confidence for Career Women & Female Entrepreneurs
If you are new to leading, in a new leadership role, or find yourself in a growing business that requires you to lead your team, feeling confident as a leader is crucial. This is one area many women leaders seek leadership coaching around and your confidence will increase with leadership skill development, communication coaching, and executive presence. As an American Confidence Institute Certified Confidence Coach, I empower women with the tools they need to be a confident leader.

Self Promotion, Visibility, and Selling are Essential
Oh yes, this one is cringe worth for many I am sure, me included! Even if you are not in sales or are not running your own business, every career women needs the abilities to market, sell, and step in to the spotlight from time to time in order to truly thrive. We absolutely must get comfortable with this and get out of our comfort zones, but know it can be authentic.

Raising your visibility is important for career and business growth and can be done both off and online which Women’s Leadership coaching also addresses. As women many of us will give credit to the team before we will ever confidently do any self promotion; however learning the art of promoting ourselves in a way that is natural, yet boldly sharing our value is critical to success.

Learn Leadership Communication Skills
Women are naturally great communicators and connectors who are masters at building relationships. For women to thrive in their career and business, it is often the communication skills beyond relationship building that may pose a challenge or require refinement. Women in business need to be able to communicate effectively with difficult conversations, lead meetings, delegate, be influential, develop teams, and create a culture of effective leadership communication. Developing and refining superior communication skills will elevate women to thrive in their career and business.

I strategically became both a certified communication and leadership coach because communication is the language of leadership. As a C-IQ certified coach, which is the neuroscience of communication, I am able to empower leaders with the understanding, skills, and tools to communicate for trust and partnership based on neuroscience.

Energy Management & Self Care for Peak Performance
Women thrive in business when they manage their energy, practice self care, and prioritize their health and life alongside their career. Peak performance for women infuses energy into body, mind, emotion, and environment for what a women needs to be at her best for everyone and everything that requires her attention. Many of us en route to building a successful career while taking care of family let ourselves drop in priority; however it is when we take time to infuse ourselves with energy that we can truly have peak performance and be in peak health.

If you are depleted, exhausted or burned out, you are not thriving. A woman who is thriving has both success in her career and also feels great in body, mind, and life. This is exactly why women leaders and entrepreneurs benefit from health, life, and peak performance coaching to keep themselves on the priority list.

Thrive Women’s Leadership Coaching Program

If you are a career woman, woman leader, or female entrepreneur that wants to thrive in creating a successful career or business, the Thrive Women’s Leadership Coaching Program will elevate you! After working with many women small business owners and career professionals, I saw what women leaders needed most to advance their career and build a profitable business. It was not the skill or know how of their profession – no this they had mastered! Instead it was the combination of higher level leadership skills along with some of the internal worth and confidence work. This is exactly what I will be delivering in the program.

If you want to develop your leadership skills as a women in business, feel confident, increase communication effectiveness, and raise your visibility all with peak performance, this program is for you! It will be launching right after International Women’s Day 2020 on March 10th.

To learn more about it go here: THRIVE Women’s Leadership Coaching Program.

I am so excited to bring this program to women leaders everywhere and to both career women and women business owners. It encompasses holistic leadership that will not only empower you to thrive, but also your business, team, and the culture of your company. Here are a few of the leadership skills and tools you will be learning in the program:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Self Promotion, Visibility
  • Executive Leadership Presence
  • Peak Energy Performance

This will be an online group coaching program running for 4 weeks in March, but it can also be delivered in a one to one leadership coaching format or customized to your company and team. I am thrilled to be able to combine my women’s leadership, communication, confidence, and health coaching into a comprehensive, holistic program for women leaders to thrive! To learn more about it and register, click here.

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