Build an Online Business from Your Skill

Do you have a skill, expertise or talent that you have been wondering how to build a business with and specifically an online business? Congratulations for having the idea because if there is one way to create your own income and leverage your time, energy, and money, it is with building an online business. I am going to show you how it can be done, how to get started, why it is so powerful, and a bit about my exciting journey to launching two eBook and Videos, online courses, and online services that are offered globally from my laptop.

Why is building an online business important and powerful?

When you have an online business, it expands your market reach from your local community to well a global, unlimited market. Let me give you an example here. About 10 years ago I was busy trading my time for money limited by the hours I could put into the day, the number of people I could serve, and the income I could make. I was able to package my service into an product as well as an online course and it now sells 24 hours a day globally around the world.

If you have a skill, expertise, or talent and want to be able to share this on a larger scale while making money, creating online products and services will expand your reach! I would have never known that packaging my knowledge and skill and the service I was providing into an online course and product could be so powerful for both its impact and for me.

Here’s what Having and Online Business Can do for you:

  • Expand your Exposure & Impact around the Globe
  • Make Your Knowledge and Skill Accessible Globally
  • Open Your Doors to Business to 24 hrs by Automation
  • Potential to Exponentially Grow Your Income
  • Leverages & Increases Your Location, Time, Energy, and Income
  • Give You Freedom and Flexibility to Work from Where You Want
  • Ability to Share Your Skill, Talent, & Expertise Far & Wide

It also can position you to leave your full time job if you so desire!

How to Start Your Online Business

To start your online business, you need to decide what you want your online business offer to be. Will it be an online course, a product like an eBook or Video, or a real time program that you teach to an unlimited or selected group size? You can offer both online services and products. Determining the content of your online business product or service and then the delivery format are the first two steps in building your online business.

One thing to note here which is absolutely amazing and can be hugely successful, is you can create your online service or product offer idea and do a pre launch of it before it is complete. Just like some people do book pre launches and sell their book before its release, you can do this with your offer to test and see if the market is interested in it. This means you can pre sell your online course or product before you have completed it as long as you can deliver on the time frames you commit to with your customers.

The next step after you have your course idea, content, and delivery confirmed, is selecting your online course platform. There are so many to choose from including Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and online website membership platforms like Optimize Press Member.

Some of these options require you to have a website, but there are options like Teachable or Skillshare where you can get started right away without a website. I would, however, encourage you to have your own website because this is all about creating your own business and establishing you as an expert with your own real estate online.

Successful Steps to an Online Business

Once you have completed the above steps and your online product or service is live there are definitely some key steps to ensure its successful launch and your businesses growth in sales. Below I summarize a few key steps you will need that I have learned along the way:

  • SEO of your website and your course or product pages is crucial
  • Hire a digital marketing strategist to Optimize your website, It’s worth it!
  • You can do your own SEO, blog weekly with keyword dense rich blogs
  • Share your content on other social media sites where it can be seen
  • Use SEO rich social strategies like YouTube on your website, Pinterest and Google Listings, Google +, and Google Adwords if you have the budget
  • Add an email opt-in to your product/service page to start and build the relationship with your customers
  • Guest Post, Investigate Affiliate Options, Plan PR and Media as well as links from other websites back to yours by offering your expertise to them

That is how to take your skill and service into an online business! This is a brief overview of the crucial key steps for you to build a business with an online course or product from your expertise. Now over to you, to your next step of what will your online course, program, or product be? Then begin the outline and framework for the content.

Let me know how it goes!

To your business launch, growth, and success!




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