Have you ever wondered how to become more confident or how to increase your confidence? If you have, the good news is it is not something you are born with; you can develop your confidence in any area of your life and any circumstance as there is a science to confidence.

Alyssa Dver is the co-founder of The American Confidence Institute along with Lynnette Rumble and she is the author of ‘KickAss Confidence – Own Your Brain, Up Your Game’. She is in fact the expert in the science behind building more confidence and has dedicated her career to researching it; so much so that the other gurus out there are following her lead.

Why is Confidence Important?

Confidence is important because it empowers us to take action, to showcase our ability, and it builds others trust in us by being confident. It can completely transform our lives from the risks we take in our career, to being visible in our business and asking for the sale, to growing our network of friends, and to advancing our leadership, authority, and influence.

So why then do we let not having confidence hold us back and accept our status quo when we actually have the power to increase our confidence and go for everything we can be and become?

Perhaps because there is a perception that people are either confident or not. This is an assumption that is now proven untrue. The science behind confidence states that confidence can be learned which is such fantastic news because any area of your life you want to become more confident, you can!

Listen to the Science of Confidence Interview with Alyssa Dver here:

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How to Increase Your Confidence

Alyssa Dver, Chief Confidence Officer at the American Confidence Institute explains that confidence is not a feeling or at least it is not created from a feeling; confidence is a thought! No wonder the title of her book said ‘Own Your Brain, Up Your Game’. So if it is a thought, that means we can train our brain and ourselves to be more confident! Just as athletes choose what they focus on during competition, use visualization, and practice mental rehearsal, we too have all these tools prior to any important performance or presentation.

To increase your confidence, Alyssa shares some key tips in the interview she did on the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast. Here are a few steps you can take to build your confidence:

  • Know Your Values and Live in Alignment with them to avoid Value Violation
  • Develop Your Key Confidence Indicators
  • Practice Self Compassion
  • Learn the importance of ‘Confident Enough’ to take Action
  • Know what you Need and Want
  • Why it is important to Give Yourself Permission to be Confident
  • How ignoring the areas you are not confident in can be decreasing your confidence and how a little attention to them and action can transform your confidence in these areas.
  • Having accountability for the areas you want to improve and tracking your performance, hire a certified Confidence Coach
  • Measure Success, Celebrate the small Wins!

As a certified Confidence coach from the American Confidence Institute, it has been amazing to coach others to confidence for the goals and dreams they are working on in their career, business, and life. If confidence is holding you back in any area of your life, please know you can build that up and there are steps you can take to feel more confident. You can start with Alyssa’s book mentioned here or work with a coach.

Give yourself the gift of confidence to live your life free with nothing holding you back! We would love to hear what you took away from the interview here and if you have any questions. Leave a comment here and two confidence crusaders will be happy to answer you!

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