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Get Ready to be Energized and Increase Your Energy! Be Inspired to Peak Performance in Business, Health and Life!

Peak Energy 4 Performance was created to energize you and your being in a world of doing, demands, and distractions. Peak Energy 4 is here to be an energy 'input' for you bringing you leaders that will elevate your body, mind, emotions, and environment. These are the four pillars of energy sources on which Peak Energy 4 will lead you to perform at your peak in health, business, and life.

Peak Energy 4 is a refreshing, much needed methodology of High Performance that is holistic with a focus on the input of energy.

Peak Energy 4 is for the everyday champion who wants to elevate their energy, experience peak health, and have peak performance in business to live their best life.

Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting a weekly performance coach, a leader wanting to lead your team with energy for peak performance, women seeking holistic high performance, or someone passionately interested in energy or how to increase your energy, we will bring you extraordinary energy experts to elevate positive, life transforming energy in the world!

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The Creator, Host, & Performance Coach of Peak Energy 4

Jody here, your podcast host and creator of Peak Energy 4 Performance.  I am an entrepreneur,  a health and well being advocate, and a coach.

My career started twenty years ago as a personal trainer fresh out of university from SFU with Kinesiology and I am an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist. This lead me into entrepreneurship where I grew my own service based business, expanded it into live workshops, online courses, and digital information products.

Then with a desire to grow and expand my knowledge and expertise, I pursued my career into becoming a certified coach and now have a breadth of expertise. I started as a business coach where I  advised hundreds of small business owners in the development of their business plan and the launch of their business.

With an interest in leadership, I became a GAIA certified leadership coach with a specialization in Women's Leadership. After that, I studied with World Business and Executive Coaching where I became a C-IQ certified coach which is the neuroscience of communication. Realizing confidence often held people back from advancing their career and growing their business, I became certified with the American Confidence Institute as a Confidence coach. These have been transformational ICF accredited certifications.

This combination of health, business, and corporate leadership coaching has brought me to the evolution of being a performance coach for entrepreneurs, leaders, and everyday champions!

Thank you for being here with me on this journey to elevate and energize every being to their Peak Energy Performance!

Your energized coach, trainer, and host.

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