I am so excited to announce the launch of what will be an incredible, life transforming online leadership development series that will elevate you, your life, career, and leadership skills. This is for the person who wants to align their life and lead it on purpose, elevate their career, build leadership skills, increase their confidence, enhance their communication skills, and be in peak health and energy to live and lead their best life. Do any of those topics ring true for you? If so, stay tuned for how it will all roll out.

First off, you may want to know why I am offering this Elevate Leadership Series and who i am. I believe in building people up and giving them the tools they need to succeed. I also believe everyone is a leader leading themselves, their life, and their career. But, what I see is life is so busy and full, that people are living in survival mode and are time poor where their own life leadership and career advancement gets dropped off the list. Their happiness, life purpose alignment, leadership development, and vitality of well being feels like a distant dream rather then a present priority.

I am offering this because I too a while back had developed, grown, mastered, and some would say got stuck in the same line of work for 15 years. Yes, I too was so busy working that there was little time, guidance, or leadership to develop and plan my next step. If only, there was someone or some program that could have grown me from the inside out with clarity and progression steps to discover myself and to lead my life. This leadership series will merge the leadership and growth of yourself, building your best life, and developing your career.

In a way this is going to be your take a time out to lead your life rather than it leading you aimlessly plan. It will also reconnect busy, searching, coasting, and committed individuals to elevate into the leader and life they want to be and live. If you want to elevate to your next creation, level, or leadership, this series is for you.

Ironically what you hold on to for so long or what you resist in the unknown often has a way of pleasantly surprising you with better.

Another one of my reasons for developing this leadership series is we often ignore, until it catches up with us, the life transforming skills necessary to elevate us. We focus so much on building our careers or business and doing our everyday work, that we neglect the most important elements that need to grow right alongside our professional life; that being our own personal and professional development skills in leadership, communication, confidence, self awareness, and peak performance.

I am bringing you this unique leadership series because my journey specifically over the last 5 years has you could say developed me into a leader on leadership development. If you could understand the breadth and challenge of me stepping into leading, you would know this is quite a feat for someone of my background. I grew up the youngest in a family of 4 children and perhaps my youngest experience is different from others, but when your size and age could have you vetoed in seconds, you quickly go along becoming a follower. Yet somehow in the pint sized follower there was a leader waiting to be born.

Add to my sibling order placement in the family, being shy, someone who is comfortable behind the scenes, and a person who, from what i know now, has struggled with performance anxiety in the past, you have a great recipe for back row, back stage follower. Yet somehow in my quieter nature from grade 2 on, people selected me for various leadership positions. What I have learned is that it does not matter if others see you as a leader, what matters is what you see, feel, and believe in yourself.

So five years ago I followed what felt like a calling or a life alignment coaching certification in Women’s Leadership. This then lead me to becoming certified in the neuroscience of communication through a world business and executive coaching organization. All the pieces of leading, leadership, and developing people to lead were falling into place. To complete it, I also became a certified Confidence Coach by the American Confidence Institute.

In complete alignment with what I have said for years, ‘lead your life’, I am also now currently enrolled in an extraordinary life coaching program that encompasses a whole person approach. The reason for sharing this evolution is because I am going to be sharing elements from each of these coaching disciplines with you to take you on a life leadership discovery journey. You will not only develop leadership skills, but you will also lead your life and career to the next level.

There are many definitions to being a leader some specific to perspective, but one of them is someone who has the experience, has the knowledge, a vision, and is willing to get out in front and lead the rest to a better place. Also, the dictionary definition describes a great leader as one who inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action. This is my commitment to you.

What is the Elevate Leadership Series?

The Elevate Leadership Series is going to include a variety of life and leadership development topics which you can experience for free to start and then choose the depth of learning and growth you want. The training and coaching will be sequential where each one leads to the next, but as a participant you can jump in where it suits you and stay as long as you like. The depth of transformation you want in each specialization will be your choice and the options to elevate yourself with more training and coaching will include: online group coaching, online courses, personalized coaching, and small group coaching.

The leadership series will start with life clarity, direction, and self awareness and then lead into and include the following themes:

  • Life Leadership, Alignment, and Clarity
  • Career Leadership and Advancement
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Confidence and Confident Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Leadership
  • Peak Energy, Health, and Performance
  • Life Leadership Legacy

There you have it; an overview and highlights of what will be offered soon to elevate you, your life, and career. If you would like to be notified and receive free leadership training and coaching on a variety of leadership development topics, fill in the form below and we will keep you up to date.

Elevate Leadership Series

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