Healing the body from disease and illness can be a struggle in trying to find what will heal you so one women shares her path back to health and how it combined science, energy healing, and plant foods. Kristal Barret- Stuart found a red circle like rash or bite on her collar bone and decided to go check it out at the doctor. She had done her research and thought it might be Lyme disease and after sharing that with her doctor, the all too common response given to her was that it was not Lyme disease.

It in fact was Lyme Disease, but it took her another year and half and a whole lot of pain with a wide variety of symptoms before a formal diagnosis was made. The symptoms can be debilitating, life altering, scary, and extremely hard to treat. However, if the Lyme disease is caught in the early stages, it can be treated. The problem is most of us, including doctors, are not aware of the warning signs and symptoms.

Lyme Disease Prevention through Education and Awareness

Kristal shares her candid experience of living with late stage Lyme disease and the symptoms she experienced starting with a fever in the beginning, face paralysis, and then as it advanced, a confusing stream of painful symptoms. Everyone needs to know that Lyme disease is not just caught hiking in the outdoors and that it absolutely can be caught in your own neighbourhood. Tune in to hear more about how you can prevent it and what you need to be aware of for yourself, your kids, and your pets.

The Diagnosis of Disease is not Final

Wherever you find yourself in your health journey, know that being diagnosed with a disease is not the final story! There is so much you can do to feel better, create optimal health, and provide a body and lifestyle environment where disease cannot thrive. That is exactly what Kristal set out to do on her path to healing and back to health from chronic Lyme disease.

Sometimes it is not one health modality that will cure us and often it is not the first one we try, but rather a combination of healing practices that brings our body back to a state of health. You will hear how Kristal persevered to find the right treatment for her and how being open to trying multiple health approaches ultimately lead her to the holistic treatment she required to heal.

Health in Body, Mind, Emotion, and Environment

As I had watched Kristal’s journey unfold from 2014 to today almost 5 years later, it was amazing to interview her for the podcast because she revealed that it was not just the body that needed to be healed. You will hear how she needed to heal some emotions both from the painful journey of Lyme disease, but also some past emotions too and how powerful this process was as a final step in healing. She also shares how conscious she is now to only live in a positive environment and be around people with good energy to support her well being.

These are the exact guiding pillars of health upon which Peak Energy 4 Performance was created; the importance of our energy in body, mind, emotion, and environment create health and well being to be at your peak energy which lead to peak performance.

Alternative Health Methods for Healing

A few of the alternative health practices and treatment methods Kristal used include:

  • Reiki
  • Light Therapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Tissue 12 Salts
  • Vegan diet

Listen in on podcast #29 with Kristal Barret-Stuart to learn more about the health practices and treatment she used to heal her body from disease.

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