With everything going on right now with the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to take care of our mental health, mindset, and the state of our body and brain. One of the missions of Peak Energy 4 Performance is to energize the mind and support peak health of our brains for optimal well being. In this video, you will learn 5 energy tips for your mind health and navigating through these stressful times. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, or career professional, attending to your mental state of being is a priority that will lead you and others to their peak health and performance.

5 Steps to Peak Health for our Mind

Just as we take care of our body with exercise and nutrition, we need daily practices to support the health and peak performance of our mind. If you are currently experiencing a lot of stress due to the pandemic and want to learn how to lead yourself or others to better mental health and mindsets at this time, here are 5 steps you can take:

  1. The State of Your Mind – Be aware of and determine the state of your body and mind. We are either in a stress state, which is reactive and in fight and flight with cortisol and adrenal pumping through our body, or we are in our optimal, calm mental state. We can bring our body and brain back into its optimal state with daily practices such as Blue Mind, breathing, time in nature, meditation, and Yoga. What daily practice will you implement to calm your brain and bring it into its optimal state of being?
  2. Biochemistry of Your Brain – Sometimes before we can even try to train our brain with positive thinking and affirmations, we need to support it’s biochemical make up otherwise it may not be able to function to peak health and peak performance. What this means is that some of us may have anxiety, depression, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances that are affecting the way our brain operates and we need to seek help and support for these first. Many people can have a vitamin or mineral deficiency that is affecting their brain function and these need to be addressed first before we demand more of our brain.
  3. Environment You Expose Your Brain to Daily – The environment you expose your brain to daily affects your mental health and well being and also affects your mindset. Something as simple as watching too much news can negatively impact your mental state. Also, with more people working at home now and having work available in their homes 24 hours a day, we need to be careful to not overwork our brains and instead take multiple breaks throughout the day. We have the ability to create an environment that fuels and feeds our brain health and a positive mindset; listening to podcasts, walking in nature, scheduling our days with energy breaks for the brain are all examples of ways to do this.
  4. Mind Focus – What you choose to focus your mind on matters. We have the ability to consciously and intentionally set a mind focus that supports our mental health and well being. Deciding on what you want to think about and what thoughts will positively support your health is crucial in stressful situations. This mind focus includes self talk and even the conversations you have with others. When you give your mind a focus it can realign to what you want to create. What is important to understand here is that the mind in crisis, in this pandemic is focused on the threat and fear, so to reprogram it, we need to give it a different focus. What will you focus on and what thoughts and self talk do you need as an entrepreneur, leader, career professional?
  5. Develop a Daily Mindset and Mental Health Practice – This is the action and implementation step to set you up for creating a habit that will energize your mind and lead you to peak health and peak performance. What do you need to do daily to ensure your mind is in its optimal state? This could include any of the following aligned to you and what works for you: a stress management technique, a calming mindfulness method, daily vitamins, a mind focus thought, affirmations, visualizations, positive self talk, and leading your communication to support mental health and well being with your family, team, and community.

Over to you now to create your peak energy mind daily routine. If you would like support for yourself or your team in developing a peak health and performance practice for your mind, I am happy to assist you. You can reach out to [email protected] to begin with a free consultation.

Here’s to your peak health and energy in body and mind!

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