There is a Neuroscience to Communication

There you are running through your day creating and engaging in many conversations, but did you know that with every interaction you have, your communication with others is causing a chemical reaction creating trust and bonding or a stress response of fight, flee, freeze or appease? If you are a leader, manager, supervisor or anyone who works with people, learning about conversational intelligence, C-IQ, will positively transform your results. CEO’s and leaders everywhere are learning this communication skill and implementing it throughout their organizations at all levels and seeing extraordinary results.

What is the Neuroscience of Conversations?

Our brains are hard wired to respond and are unconsciously processing information with every conversation we experience. In addition, there are neurochemical responses that produce what we call a chemical cocktail in our bodies with the hormones of oxytocin and serotonin, if we are feeling trust in a conversation, or cortisol and adrenaline with a stressful interaction.

Neuroscience also teaches us that we have different parts of the brain each with their own role that are processing information and if we are in a stressful conversation, the parts of our brain that house our higher executive functioning will shut off. This means that a stressful conversation will automatically send our brain into protect or fight mode with conditioned responses and without knowledge and training, it would close off our ability to think and process information or make decisions at our highest functioning level. We can learn to create conversations that build trust and also develop the communication skills to understand or rewire our reactions.

Why Leaders are Learning C-IQ

Leaders have the ability to influence people, growth, and results, but in order to lead, they must be able to communicate and gain the trust of their tribe so they will be motivated to follow. If you can build trust with your team, customers, community, and throughout your corporation this contributes to many foundations of business succesConversational Intelligence & Communication Training for Companiess including: building solid relationships, a positive culture, collaboration, connection, increased sales, and elevated engagement.

Not only are leaders learning the impact of their communication based on the neuroscience facts of how our brains operate, but also how to improve their conversation skills to create a we centered approach enhancing overall performance.

Why Communication Training can Transform Your Business & Career

Creating trust and therefore releasing the bonding hormone chemicals with every conversation you have, positively transforms every interaction and ultimately the results you have in business and your career. Learning and receiving advanced communication training with C-IQ enables leaders, executives, and business owners to create a much larger, more successful impact with their goals by positively transforming relationships.

Transformation comes with new learning, a revolutionary awareness, and profound impact that alters the way you see things, behave in the world, and the example you now live by being in the world. Transforming a culture, business, or your own career begins with one person, you! The simplest first step in creating change in our relationships is with the conversations we lead and engage in every single day. This quote by the creator of Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser, describes the impact and ripple effect we have with every conversation.

“To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.” – Judith E. 

Trust is what grows business. Communication and communicating with people is at the core of a every great career and career advancement. Building solid relationships, engaging employees, and cultivating a culture and environment of collaboration that creates innovation and produces results all begins with communication. Communication begins with the conversations we have with our customers when we are selling, with colleagues when we are co creating, with business partners to expand, with team members to complete projects and reach goals , and even in our everyday communities to create culture and spread compassion.

The Importance of Conversational Intelligence

Over the past year I have learned that C-IQ has united large national companies in change to produce extraordinary growth through difficult transition times. On a smaller scale, I have heard of the positive impact it has had with a palliative care nurse who has to facilitate probably the hardest conversation any of us will ever have to be involved in, speaking with an entire family that is emotionally charged with varying opinions about their loved one who is dying and managing the interaction of doctors, patients, family and other professionals.

Then within my own network, I have been able to coach and explain to talented, hard working professionals the response they are having to bullying in the workplace and how to overcome the amygdala hijack of their emotional brain response protecting them with the behavior of fight, flight, flee, appease. Lastly, the teachings of C-IQ have profoundly impacted my own communication and leadership style where I am practicing daily having level three conversations and implementing the C-IQ tools that build inclusive communication and trust.

If you would like to learn more about how C-IQ can elevate your own communication and leadership or for your team, send me an email at or call 604 448-2410. C-IQ will transform every area of your life and produce amazing changes and results for your business, company, and professional growth! Call for a complimentary consultation.



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