Communication and leadership cannot exist without one another as they synergistically work together and when they do great leaders are created. Someone once said that the difference between merely managing others and leading is communication. Yet, how many of us know how to communicate effectively or have ever learned communication skills? How we communicate impacts our career, the way we lead, business growth results, and every relationship we have. It also can either be the catalyst causing or diffusing and preventing conflict depending on how we communicate with others.

As a certified leadership and communication coach, I can share that over 50% of the challenges leaders come to coaching for are due to communication issues with others or with their leadership. If you want to improve your communication skills and learn about the neuroscience of it called C-IQ, I will be delivering an online training at the end of this month where you will learn to lead and connect with every conversation you have.

Why Leaders and Managers Need to Be Great Communicators

It is a bold statement to say that you cannot be a great leader without excellent communication skills, but it is a true statement. These two skills go hand in hand and if one is on shaky ground, the other is not far behind it. Leaders and managers must be great communicators because it is the skill that will lead, engage, and enable teams to work together towards a common goal. There are blind spots for everyone in the way they communicate and what happens is these blind spots can impact the people you work with in a negative or unproductive way. Everything a manager or leader does daily requires communication with others and if we do not know how to communicate effectively to build trust, collaboration, and partnering with others, then our job is going to be a whole lot harder.

Learn C-IQ and Develop Your Skills in Communication

C-IQ is the neuroscience of communication and it is a body of knowledge that is founded in over 35 years of research on how humans connect through conversation. When people learn C-IQ, they realize how what they say and the conversations they have impact others and how everyday we are having chemical conversations; what is meant by this is that how we communicate can actually cause stress hormones to be released in others and/or oxytocin and dopamine which are the bonding and trust neurochemicals. When you learn C-IQ you gain a depth of understanding that will transform every interaction, conversation, and connection you make. Learning C-IQ will also give you powerful insights into how your own brain reacts to others and empowers you to take better control of your own reactions.

If you want to learn more about C-IQ and improve your communication skills, I am delivering a training online coming up at the end of this month that will give you all the foundations of Conversational Intelligence and how to be an effective communicator. It is happening April 28th and 29th 8:30-12:30 pm PST and you can learn all the details by going to this link.

Every Leader Needs to Know How to Communicate in a Conflict

First off, having great communication can prevent a conflict from happening, but conflicts in the workplace and our lives are inevitable, yet we have never learned the skills to navigate them. If you are a leader or manager and you have not yet learned how to communicate and handle difficult conversations, it is time to empower yourself with this invaluable tool. Often the leader or manager is the one responsible for when a problem arises, when there is a complaint with a customer, or even handling a challenge of two team members getting along. If you currently are in the camp of dreading or avoiding these situations, you are not alone, but what if you had the knowledge, skills, and abilities to approach these head on with ease? C-IQ provides excellent tools for leaders to learn communication skills for handling conflict.

Why Every Company Needs Communication Training for their Leaders as a Top Priority

The impacts of poor communication affect a business and company in many ways including: high turnover, poor team collaboration, inefficiencies, higher sick days due to stress, and possibly even a toxic work culture. The cost to repair ineffective communication seeps into other expenses and impacts the bottom line not to mention the psychological safety and wellbeing of the people in a company. As a leadership and communication coach, over 50% of the people I see come to me with a challenge they are experiencing with either a team member or their leadership. This directly links to communication and one’s ability to connect with others through the way they communicate.

This is why I believe it is essential that a company prioritizes developing communication skills and providing training to their leaders on how to become effective communicators.

Increase Communication in Your Company by Developing Leaders Communication Skills

A culture is created by the leadership team and by what the leaders focus on and model to their teams. The way leaders and a company communicates with their employees creates a culture. Do you know what culture your leadership team is creating or what culture exists in your company? Is it in alignment with what you value and how you want to lead your organization? When there are no guide posts, expectations, or vision of the values a company wants its leaders to emulate, it becomes a free for all of leadership and communication styles that may or may not align with the company. However, if the benchmark is set for how you want your leaders to be and interact with their teams, all of a sudden a congruent leadership style can begin to form.

One of the best ways to increase communication in your company is to develop leaders’ communication skills. This can be done with training, one to one coaching, and team communication workshops.

Online Communication Skills Workshop and Course

If you would like to explore communication training options for yourself, the leaders in your company, or for your team, you can learn more about the upcoming workshop at the end of April here.

If you would like to speak with me to find out more about one to one communication coaching, providing communication training to your team or company, or coaching to facilitate a conflict between two people, reach out for a free consultation by emailing [email protected]

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