Let’s make this very clear, women already have extraordinary leadership skills and in fact, have the leadership style corporations need more of; however there are a few skills women leaders may not possess naturally that can make the difference in advancing their career and growing a successful business. Women’s leadership development encompasses a unique and broad set of skills that targets leadership competencies, but it also includes all of the following:

  • Confidence and Confident Body Language
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Self Esteem and Worth in Pricing, Asking for Raises
  • Communication Skills
  • Visibility and Influence
  • Owning Your Power
  • Leadership Career Path Planning
  • Standing in the Role of Leader
  • Working in Male Dominated Work Environments
  • Self Promotion and Sales
  • Asking and Delegation
  • Self Care, Energy and Time Management with Juggling Priorities
  • Assertiveness Skills and Boundaries
  • Competition, Ambition, and Harnessing the Fighter Within

As a women’s leadership coach I see common struggles in new women leaders, women advancing their careers and building leadership skills for advancement, and women entrepreneurs leading their business growth and success. Self awareness to what leadership skills may be missing and blocking the growth of your business or preventing you from advancing to the next level in your career is a key first step for every women leader and business owner.

Women’s Leadership and Confidence Quiz for Women Leaders

That is why I created the Women’s Leadership and Confidence Assessment for Women in Business. It assesses your leadership skills, ability, and areas for growth in 5 key areas specific to women’s leadership development for business and career success. The quiz is free to take and will only require less than five minutes of your time. You will receive a free report highlighting your self assessed scores in these five core competency areas in leadership specific to women leaders in business. The insights you will receive provide guidance for your own leadership growth and direction to where you may need coaching to close the gap.

How Women’s Leadership Skills Elevate Women Leaders to the Next Career Level & Empower Women Entrepreneurs for Business Success

I am a coach to women in business and there is one certainty I see time and time again which is women can learn and teach themselves any hard skill when their desire is high. There is nothing they cannot do and in fact, they can do it all. However, where I see the most blocks in business growth or career advancement is in the following:

  • A few key business leadership skills
  • Internal struggles within, the non tangible beliefs, confidence, worth
  • A few specific self promotion, presentation, or communication in conflict skills

How would your career or business transform and advance if you felt the freedom of complete confidence, were empowered with bold communication skills, were comfortable with self promotion and being more visible, and stepped into fully owning your worth and asking for it too? These are all a part of Women’s Leadership coaching and they only scratch the surface of what women in business need in order to breakthrough any blocks that may be holding them back.

Women’s leadership development and coaching directly influences a women’s career, business, income, influence, and impact. We see it all the time where there is a women who is a genius at what she does, but may not be known or recognized for her talent due to the lack of a few leadership skills in self promotion, negotiation, communication, or influence. Imagine how developing a few leadership skills could transform her visibility, advancement, and influence in her industry or company.

Here is the irony too, sometimes you do not lack the knowledge, skill or ability to become a leader, but you are being held back by your company or a specific leader. Women’s leadership coaching will step you through how to navigate this conflict, communicate boldly, and develop your leadership advancement or career plan despite the challenges put before you.

How Women’s Leadership Coaching Increases Your Income, Influence, & Impact

I created the Women’s Leadership and Confidence Quiz to give women leaders around the world a tool for gaining self awareness so they can up level their own career or grow their business to success and fulfillment. Perhaps more importantly, I became a Women’s Leadership coach because I saw too many incredible women playing it safe, small, and secure when they are equipped to play a much bigger game not only for themselves, but for the world.

Did you know that by developing women in business leadership skills, you can increase your income, influence, and impact? You could be one skill, one refinement away from making a massive breakthrough in your business or career by simply developing or being coached on a key women’s leadership element.

One of the goals of Women’s Leadership is to grow you and your career or business to the next level. We coach you on areas specific to your leadership growth, on advancement, and for a career or business growth path that will elevate you from where you are to where you want to go.

You will crash some ceilings and also some self imposed or self limiting ceilings to increase your influence, impact, and income in your business or career. Here is a podcast episode on how women in business can breakthrough to their next level and how Women’s Leadership helps.

Women’s Leadership is not just for Women Leaders, it is for every Career Women, Women Entrepreneur, and Young Women

The word ‘leader’ scares people away as all of a sudden we judge whether we are worthy of the title or label leader, whether someone has defined us as a leader, if we see ourselves as a leader, and whether we are ready for the daunting responsibility or exposure of being referenced as a leader.

So if I may I would like to clear up the definition of a leader for the purposes of using it in the term ‘Women’s Leadership’. I truly believe we are all leaders leading our lives, our careers, our business, and our purpose. If you do not define yourself as a leader, know that my definition in relation to Women’s Leadership is any women who is:

  • A career women
  • A women entrepreneur or business owner
  • A women on a personal growth journey or professional growth path
  • A young women who wants to improve her confidence, communication skills, or business skills
  • Any women who wants to advance or grow to her next level
  • A women who wants to be the best possible version of herself or do her best
  • A women who finds herself leading a project, group, or team unexpectedly
  • A mom, single woman, young women, or female youth who wants to be bold, stand in her power, and own her worth
  • Any woman who wants to lead herself out of mediocrity, powerlessness, limitation, survival, trauma, or patriarchy
  • Any women who wants to feel confident and empowered and to be elevated in her life, career or business

How to Become a Women Leader in Your Company, Business or Industry

Becoming a women leader in your company, business or industry starts with an assessment of skills, knowledge, and abilities related not only to your specific niche, but also of the unique competencies women leaders require. Some of these unique women’s leadership skills focus on what would be called ‘soft skills’, but really are the ‘business and leadership skills’ we require to be great leaders.

To become a women leader or increase your leadership skills, begin by taking the quiz for women in business here.

Every woman is a leader and is leading her life, career, and business every day. There is no question whether you can lead or if you are a leader. The question is rather:

Are you wanting to elevate yourself, career or business to the next level with leadership that will transform your growth, communication, confidence, visibility, business outcomes, impact, and influence?

When you take the quiz, you will also be offered a complimentary coaching call. Click the link above for the Women’s Leadership assessment quiz and to begin your women’s leadership growth!

Here’s to your brave, bold, fearless leader within!

Jody Kennett

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