Are you a women building your career or business and learning that there are a few skills around leadership you were never taught and that feeling confident is sometimes a challenge when everything is new to you? I coach a lot of women both career women and women entrepreneurs in elevating their leadership presence and having confidence and the irony is that every woman is always competent at what she does, but may not feel confident.

As I sit here writing this for you, the story of Cinderella comes to mind because there was a poor women who only sees herself one way, the way her life circumstances painted her worth until the glass slipper fits and she finds herself at a ball with a prince in a fairy tale moment. She went from rags to riches, hard working maid to princess, unnoticed to the belle of the ball. Even though it may not have been ingrained in you that you would be a leader, or a successful business owner, or advance in your career, does not mean you cannot own all of that confidently as your birth right.

Women’s Leadership and Confidence Coaching Program

I am really excited to announce the launch of my new program ‘Women’s Leadership Confidence’ for career and business success. You see after coaching new women leaders, women advancing into leadership, and young women in business, I have learned the key steps women need to lead with a powerful, confident presence. Building confidence and leadership skills affects every area of your life, not just your career and it drastically affects your income, influence, and the impact you can create. Once again what may be considered a ‘soft skill’ is actually the most powerful tool you can gain to become all you are capable of and share your greatness.

In this women’s leadership online course, you will learn the five steps to becoming a confident leader. You will evolve, expand and be elevated through each phase of leadership to take you to your own breakthrough. As women we encounter unique business and career challenges that may block or limit us as we grow and advance; this program addresses the leadership skills we women need to succeed in business both internally as our way of being and also externally in how we present, promote, and communicate with others.

This online program is the Women’s leadership coaching process I take my private clients through, but with the added benefit of a community, recordings, worksheets, and at a self paced journey that suits your availability. This is going to be the best of everything I have learned from working with leaders just like you and what created powerful shifts to peak performance in their leadership. Imagine a leadership coach who specializes with women guiding and elevating you to your next leadership success level.

How Women’s Leadership Coaching Transforms Business and Career Success

Whether you are a women entrepreneur, a career woman, or a new women leader navigating the world of business, women’s leadership skills and confidence radically impacts your results. Here are a few ways in which building your leadership and confidence as a women in business will positively alter your outcomes:

  • Increased Salary, Pay, Sales in Business
  • Advancing Your Career into Leadership positions
  • Greater Visibility, Influence, Impact
  • Exciting Opportunities, Growth, Professional Development
  • Greater Confidence Bringing Ease and Happiness
  • High Performance, Powerful Presence, and Greatness Realized
  • Increased Confidence Starting Your Career or as a New Leader
  • Confidence from Being Prepared and in Presenting Yourself
  • Strong Communication Skills with Assertiveness
  • Ability to Step Confidently into a Leadership Role
  • Well Defined Leadership Identity, Brand, Legacy, and Presence
  • Confidence and Leadership with a Career Path and Purpose

This program is going to combine the hard and soft skills of Women’s Leadership, the being with the doing of leadership, and the personal authentic leader in you with the external leadership presence required to be seen and heard.

Women Standing in the Role of Leader?

The Only Shoes You Need to Step Into are those of a Confident Women Leader

Perhaps you wear mom shoes more than you have business woman or you have been in student shoes more than career leader, or maybe you are a beta woman or introvert who has never stood solidly in shoes that hold power and visibility. It may be simplified, but all you need to become a bold boss woman is to own and step into the new identity of a confident woman leader similar to slipping into your sleekest set of shoes.

What happens in the big world of business is we get knocked down, bullied, rejected, passed over, belittled, ignored, or forgotten and we let this affect the strong , confident career woman that we are already. We play small to not be judged and to fit in being safe, but we are bored and unchallenged and deeply desire to play big. We are polite, pleasing, and quiet to be who they expect us to be again so we are not criticized and so we do not stand out; however in so doing we drift further into the back blended in to oblivion. No more! Nope that is not for you, that is not your destiny, and “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Are you ready to fight for what you want and go after it with a gusto never before unleashed?

For some of us, leadership is uncomfortable or is it just unknown. Have we perceived leadership to represent only a masculine way of being or reserved for a specific societal expectation? We limit ourselves thinking confidence only belongs to those who have already arrived, who are extroverted, popular, tall, pretty, rich, who have it all. Yet, in truth, it belongs to those who own it as their birth right and the brightest expression of their being that empowers their greatness for the benefit of all.

The greatest advice I remember receiving as a women leader was to get comfortable taking up more space. You first must own your space!

I developed this program to bring the highly effective transformation I see with my personal coaching clients to more women at a valuable price because it is powerful. You will experience shifts in confidence, in owning your worth, standing in the role of a leader, advancing your career, taking your business to the next level, and breaking the ceilings to higher income levels never reached before.

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    You can join us in the Women’s Leadership Confidence online course starting this November. To view the free webinar on “5 Steps to Success for Women in Business”, go here: FREE Webinar on Women’s Leadership and Confidence Skills . You can also get on the wait list and register for the online live group program by emailing [email protected].

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