If you are looking for a unique gift idea, an amazing experience to give someone, or something for the person who likes personal growth, then giving the gift of coaching this Christmas may just be what you have been looking for and now found. Just as people receive spa gift certificates or massages for their body, coaching is that gift idea that rather than pampering their body, supports their life, leadership, and health goals. It is a gift of growth, one of transformation, and it also provides mental and emotional wellbeing on so many levels.

It has been pretty amazing hearing comments from my clients as they often say, “It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself,” or “It is the best thing my manager ever did for me, getting the support of a coach” and “I and my life are transformed from the coaching we have done together”. In a way, a massage is temporary, but coaching is life transforming and lasting and it can propel a career into a promotion, a person into leadership, or with life coaching, determine what will bring happiness and peace to someone.

I have never offered coaching as a gift or as a Christmas promotion before, but it occurred to me that people are seeking more these days, more than something material, they are searching for what they want out of life and to live the life they choose. For those people, life coaching is a great gift idea that literally could change their life for the better.

Leaders have been challenged, worked over, and exhausted by the last two years and have been in need of extra support mentally and emotionally for a long time. As a leadership coach, clients have shared how valuable it has been for them to have a safe, neutral sounding board and a coach to support them through these times of change and turmoil. If you are looking for a gift to give that manager or leader in your life, leadership coaching could be exactly what they need and want.

Lastly, with the upheaval the pandemic brought, the grey boundaries of work home life, and lack of social interaction, many people have experienced negative impacts to their mental, emotional, and physical health. Health and mental health coaching provides a support to people in these extraordinary times and improves their wellbeing. It is a boost of energy, professional expertise, and accountability to support people with their health goals. Having a health coach helps to support someone who wants to start and sustain healthy habits long term and set them up for success.

That is why right now I am offering some Christmas coaching specials for leadership, health, and life coaching until December 26th, 2021. There is the option to get someone a gift certificate in any dollar amount to use towards a coaching package of their choice. If this is a gift idea you want to explore, reach out to me and we can even customize what you want them to receive.

To learn more about the Christmas Coaching Gift ideas and special promotions click here.

If you have any questions at all or want to discuss customizing a coaching experience for someone, reach out and I would love to be your personal coaching concierge to provide the best gift possible.

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