The Everyday Life Athlete & The Power of Being

Peak Performance for Everyday Life with Jody Kennett

Peak Energy 4 Performance Podcast Episode #002 Highlights:

You are an every day life athlete, you just do not see it that way yet! Listen in to find out why you may need a shift in how you are training for life, work, and the demands of your day so you can experience peak energy. Hear how structuring your days and weeks like you are an athlete may just be the answer to increase your energy and to perform at your peak.

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Episode Highlights for the
Everyday Life Athlete:

  • Hear how Jody defines the Everyday Life Athlete and what that means
  • Find out what the effects of being in a high stress environment or state are
  • How high stress impacts not just our body, but our cognitive abilities
  • Discover how we may just need to train and schedule life like an athlete
  • Be introduced to daily and weekly micro cycles to recharge yourself
  • How parents, caretakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders are all athletes that require recovery and it is the recovery that enables peak performance to go again

Have you ever thought about the amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy you are expending daily and the costs of this long term to your energy and performance? If you cannot change the demands and stressors you face daily, you can certainly set yourself up for success to handle them with a peak energy performance plan.

Perhaps its time to take a different approach to your day and intentionally tune in and train your body, mind, emotions, and environment to be at your peak state. Jody shares a new perspective and a fresh way of approaching your days, weeks, and schedule that will excite and energize you to perform at your peak.

Is it possible that having more ‘being’ time could actually increase our productivity, performance, and output?

There is a power in being that transforms clarity, enhances vision, gives direction, provides solutions, and ignites innovation. It’s time to respect and prioritize ‘being’ time as much as we idolize and brag about doing.

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