Did you know that the foods we eat daily influence whether our body will have inflammation and if our bodies remain in a prolonged inflammatory state, it can lead to disease? But what if you knew some simple daily food choices could decrease the inflammation in your body, would you want to know what you can do?

You are in luck because we were lucky to get an interview with international speaker, health and wellness consultant, and author of the ‘Hidden Messages in Food’, Teri Mosey PhD who is a holistic nutritionist. She explains what causes inflammation and actually how it is a normal body response we need, but when inflammation becomes chronic in our bodies it can lead to disease.

Choosing Foods to Decrease, Heal, and Prevent Inflammation

How amazing that a few simple food choices practiced daily or weekly can change the entire inner environment of our bodies thereby healing or preventing disease. Teri explains why plant foods are important and also the role our microbiome plays not only around inflammation, but also our immunity.

As you listen in to the podcast, you will hear Teri highlight an interesting twist and a very powerful message about how, ‘…it is not just what you eat, but how you eat’, that matters. Tune in to learn more about what she means by this.

How Emotions and our Emotional State Impacts Digestion & Absorption

It is fascinating to me that we are all bustling along cramming our days full, eating on the fly, and not even noticing the constant stress state we live in, and that this very lifestyle habit could be the culprit to our health or weight challenges. How refreshing that Teri takes a holistic approach for us and all her clients to understand that our emotional state and the emotions we have daily, impact our digestion and absorption of nutrients.

You may even hear about an example I give here about my work day eating habits and what Teri had to say about even if I am grabbing a healthy food option, if my emotional state is not healthy, I may not be benefiting from it. Wow! Aha moment to slow down, be conscious, and bring awareness to my emotional state while eating.

How does our Microbiome Impact our Health and Energy

Our microbiome is referencing the microorganisms that live in our body and they play a big role in defense of our immunity, disease, and health. The microbiome we have living in us protects us against germs, breaks our food down for energy, and helps us absorb vitamins. Teri provides specific examples of foods that support our microbiome both in the form of prebiotics and probiotics. She may even share her opinion about a popular probiotic we like to drink.

With research estimating that 70% of our immune cells reside in the gut, a healthy microbiome acts as a strong defense against infection, but our intestinal lining is also the gateway to what we absorb.

Therefore we need to choose foods that prevent inflammation, be conscious of our emotional state while eating, and feed our microbiome for optimal health and energy.

Teri shares so many great nutrition and health tips to heal and thrive and in fact, she has an incredible online program to help get you started; it is called ‘Heal and Thrive’ and you can learn more about it here.

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