The Achiever Fever Cure for Overachievers

Claire Booth

Are you an overachiever caught on the never ending treadmill of constant striving? Do you ever find yourself so caught up with being driven to achieve that you cannot enjoy the present moment? If so, you are not alone and there is something you can do to improve your conditioning to overachieve.

Claire Booth is the author of ‘The Achiever Fever Cure’ because she was an overachiever stuck, as she calls it, in a crazy state of striving that left her feeling unfulfilled and lacking the ability to be at peace in the moment. She set out on a journey to cure herself from overachieving with research, coaching, mindfulness, retreats, and with guidance from healing practitioners; she came back changed with practices to implement into her daily routine, but also shared it is a constant commitment to a new way of being.

Claire shared her insights and experiences on being an overachiever and how she cured herself from being in a constant state of striving on the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast.

Highlights of the Podcast with Claire Booth

4:00 min Claire’s Breakthrough moment of starting her journey for the Cure
4:20 min How Overachieving is sensationalized in society
5:40 min The Risk of Burnout and Lack of Sleep
6:30 min List of Symptoms that Characterize Achiever Fever
9:10 min The Ego, Identity, and Pressure to keep achieving
12:00 Feeling hollow instead of happiness
17:00 The Inner Critic
23:50 The Fear of Overachievers in Letting Go
28:30 Overachieving in Sports, Races, and Athletics
33:25 Claire’s Peak Energy Performance recommendation
36:50 Claire’s unique human connection habit that is beautiful

How to Connect with Claire

Claire Booth’s website:
Claire on Social: Instagram – @claireboothauthor
Claire on Twitter: clairebooth_lux

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