Start & Grow a Service Business to Success

Start and Grow a Service Based Business

Service professionals have one of the most direct and simplest paths to starting their own business. Yes, you can take your service, the one you provide every day, and turn it into a thriving service based business run by you! There is great freedom and income potential when you decide to take the plunge either with a dipping your toes in as a part time approach or the full polar bear swim dunk into doing your own business full time.

It sounds so simple, right? Yes, there are parts of it that are very straight forward; however as with everything that looks too good to be true, there are a few mountains every service entrepreneur will need to climb. The good news is they can be climbed if you are willing and of course get the right gear and guide.

The first big reality hits when we realize we just want to do what we love doing, but now it sets in we also have to be the boss and build our business. As soon as that sinks in, we then come to the realization that we have never built a business before and we do not have the foggiest clue how to do it or where to begin.

Then when we jump in and get the engines running. We see it all clearly now, the truth of the matter is we not only signed up to deliver the service, but we are now the marketing department, sales department, accounting assistant, customer service, and yes the administrative support.

The predicament lies in we just really love doing what we started our business for and the rest of it, well we could happily leave it. This is the first mountain you will need to climb, the one that has you, usually in the start up phase of your business, wearing multiple hats and needing to know how to start, grow, and scale your service to a successful business.

Having ventured the first entrepreneurial mountain without a sherpa, but now having climbed many and running my own traditional service business and taking it to an online business, I feel there are many trade secrets to share that will speed up your journey. Actually, you and all service professionals running their own business, are my mission. So much so last week, I decided to start a new community called, To Serve with Wealth, but first things first, let’s dig into the 4 steps to launch and grow your service business.

service entrepreneur excited to start and grow their business

Four Steps to Launch and Grow Your Service Business

I created a four part free video series outlining four steps you will need to start and grow your service into a successful business. These four videos take you through crucial steps that will set you up for success at various stages of growth. In the ‘Service to Business Success Series’ videos, you will learn the following:

  1. Video 1: How to Turn Your Service into a Business, Get clarity on your offers, create your customer avatar, discover your secret sauce or unique selling point, and be guided on how to stand out
  2. Video 2: How to Build a Sustainable, Scalable, and Profitable business, learn the building blocks to creating sustainable income, find out options on how you can scale to leverage your time, income, and energy, and decide to be profitable even as a small business owner or solo entrepreneur
  3. Video 3: Marketing for Growth: with so many options where do you focus and how to make marketing work for you, your business, and your ideal customer
  4. Video 4: Beliefs that Block or Build Your Business: Yes what you think about matters, what you believe about you, your business, money, and other things will either elevate you in business or block your growth. Be shown the most common beliefs that block many entrepreneurs and learn how to establish beliefs and have an entrepreneurial mindset that will support your success.

In this four part video series, you will also receive worksheets to work on your own business. I am sure you have many questions about starting and growing your own business and I would love to hear from you! If you want clarity, direction, focus, and some insider secrets from a service business owner who could say she is an experienced mountain climber now, dig into the videos at the link above or you can view them directly here too!

In the meantime, if you do have a burning question, contact me at

p.s I am a big believer in the transformation that happens with a personalized approach and if you would rather learn with a real live human being, we can do personalized business coaching together specific to your business. Reach out at the email above and we can set up a free consultation for you.

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