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No Limits Thinking

Have you ever wondered how a world champion and the winner of the most grueling endurance race in the world thinks? When I first heard Leah Goldstein speak, it was the adversity, obstacles, losses and setbacks she overcame that had me spell bound in awe. Actually it was her brain and the way she thought that fascinated me because what would have devastatingly knocked most of us out of the ring in our life, business, or sports got her back on the saddle inevitably, of course, to a win!

As she said in the interview we had, “the mind is so much stronger and more powerful than the body”, so how are you training yours for the win and success you are seeking as an entrepreneur or leader? Actually and not surprisingly, Leah’s winning track record is a synergistic combination of how she thinks and taking action. She takes a lot of action and you will hear her say stop talking about it and start taking action.

When her opponents in kick boxing set her up against logically impossible competitors, she won. In the moment she lay in a hospital bed after one of the worst cycling crashes ever to be survived and the doctors told her she would not get back on her bike, she did and won. When no woman had been a part of the Israeli secret military service yet and they wanted to prove she could not and should not be there, she became the first woman and opened the doors to other women ever since.

It is Leah Goldstein’s way of being that makes her a champion. As you listen in you will hear she is anything but normal, she is excitingly abnormal in the way she thinks, acts, and is with her ‘No Limits’ mindset.

No Limits Thinking with Leah Goldstein Episode 013

Peak Performance with our Mind

Our thoughts have energy and what Leah has demonstrated to us here is they have an energy of what is possible, but her thinking goes to an extraordinary level of unlimited possibilities. There are no limits, but those that we think. What if you took the chains off what you have been told is possible or what you think you can do to broaden your vision to the beautiful horizon of being and having no limits?

Leah, as she joked for her 50th birthday mid life crisis, is coming out of retirement because she not only wanted to win Race Across America, but she has unfinished business in holding the world record. No competitors are even looking at her because of her age. Age is a limit society puts on us and we sometimes accept, but not Leah.

Our performance is directly related to the way we think, what we think, and the limits of our thinking. Peak performance in our business, health, and life includes the beliefs we have about ourselves and what is possible for us. We can change our thoughts and create new beliefs that will take us to peak performance.

Create the thoughts and beliefs of a champion daily with the discipline and commitment of an athlete. When you do this, the bold, positive life affirming thinking will lead to action and the two together, with some bumps along the way, will lead to your championship win, just like Leah.

Thank you Leah Goldstein for the inspiring, mind shifting, fun and powerfully thought provoking interview on Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast. To hear more about Leah’s exciting journey and the inner making of a champion, grab a copy of her book, ‘No Limits’.

Highlights of Episode 013

1:45 min Leah is back on the Saddle out of retirement
3:30 min Where did the Champion Mindset for Leah Start?
5:00 min Overcoming being bullied and her idol Bruce Lee
6:30 min A hard, but good lesson she was taught by her coach
7:30 min Never Overestimate or underestimate yourself
10:00 min How badly they wanted to see her fail and give up, but she fought
14:00 min Overcoming sexism & becoming an agent in in the Israeli Military
20:00 min The start of her pro cycling career after military, police, and spy
24:00 min You do not need the ability, work ethic will get you there
26:30 min The setbacks and battle with Race Across America
28:00 min Going for the world record in Race Across America
33:00 min Everybody has the ability to do it, how to have her mindset
36:00 min Reaching her pinnacle in pro racing and having a horrific crash
38:20 min Getting knocked out, but not hanging down there, get back up!
40:00 min Give it everything you got without a shred of doubt on the table
43:00 min You are putting limitations on yourself and are really good at it
45:00 min What you want to absorb, what you want to take in your mind
46:00 min Part of being successful is shutting out the negative
47:00 min Her upcoming race, documentary, and movie coming soon!

Connect with Leah Goldstein

Leah Goldstein’s website:
No Limits Book
Twitter @nolimitsLeah Instagram: @nolimitsleah
Let’s Cheer her own in Race Across America this year starting Jun 15th!

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