Maximize Positive Energy in Your Environment for Peak Performance

How to create a positive energy from your environment

Steven Nathenson is the founder of Strive for More and is a business and personal development coach. In this episode he shares ‘How to Maximize Positive Energy in Your Environment for Peak Performance‘. He shares his story of being a former FBI agent, how he needed to develop practices for his peak energy in high stress environments, and how he made the decision to change careers.

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Highlights of this Episode #004:

  • How fear holds people back from living their dream life
  • How to maximize positive energy from your surroundings
  • Types of energy in our environment we can optimize for peak performance
  • What he did to have positive energy when he was an FBI agent
  • Creating energizing work spaces and positive energy in your days
  • His Peak Performance advice to be at your peak
  • Find out what his own peak energy performance habits are
  • How to engage the senses to feel great and be in positive energy
  • Why coaching and being an FBI agent are not that different

A lot of people do not know or understand how they can foster and enhance their everyday environments to have peak energy and create a more positive working environment. You may not be in control of the circumstances in your workplace, but there are things you can do to set yourself up to be in an optimal and positive energy state.

Whether you are an entrepreneur designing your own work space or a leader or executive who wants to learn what you can do to create a more positive environment, know you can maximize positive energy in your own space. Listen in for some creative, simple ideas to have peak performance and be in a peak energy state while working or in a stressful environment.

Steven is an Ironman triathlete and will share his tips for peak performance and creating positive energy in your daily environment.

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