Powerful questions ignite clarity and change for living an aligned, fulfilled life. Reflection connects you not only to your inner being and its knowing, but also to humanity, the world, and purpose. Challenging societal norms, what we have been taught, and the status quo of what we have been sold, empowers and enlightens a new path to lead a thoughtful, conscious life.

There are some people that when you spend time around them, you know their way of being and thinking is an example and inspiration to brighten the evolution of humanity. David Frank Gomes is one of those people. He is one of the top life coaches in Vancouver and an award winning coach who I had the pleasure of having a conversation with on the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast.

He has this refreshing approach grounded in the depths of our being and connected whole heartedly to contributing to this world. His perspective and questions will shake up what you thought you knew. He challenges you to not assume or accept how life is suppose to be, but decide how you choose to live it, even if it is against the grain.

Tune in to Learn from Life Coach David Frank Gomes on Episode #24

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Ikagai – Your Reason for Being

In this thought provoking and life examining podcast episode, we talked about striving, sustainability, success, fulfillment, and well being. David speaks to the Japanese ancient principle called ‘Ikagai’ which means our reason for being. You will hear how it is so easy to get caught up in the outcome that we miss enjoying the process and how so many of us jump from completing one outcome to the next, never really enjoying the journey.

Highlights of the Episode

4:35 The gap between where you are and where you want to be
5:20 Values, Ikagai, and Sustainability
9:00 Not being motivated by finish lines, but a greater connection
11:30 The Difference between outcome thinking and process thinking
14:00 Wabi Sabi Concept/Philosophy
19:30 The importance of Rituals in Life
21:00 The notion of sufficiency. What is enough for you?
23:00 The concepts of society we grow up with are not true
25:15 Flow from being and Charles Eisenstein
27:45 What are the assumptions of your choices?
29:20 Mindfulness and Ancient Wisdom
34:00 David’s touchstone of his work, one statement
37:50 Resistance to What is in Life
44:30 The two mountains in life we climb
47:30 Design a new of being as humans, connect to being to change
48:20 How to reconnect to your being
50:00 A new way of being, another step to reconnect
58:20 David’s Being routine
1:04 David’s shared quote to end with
1:05 The Future, creating it, living

Connect with David & Resources

David Frank Gomes Website: https://www.davidfrankgomes.com/
David Frank Gomes on Instagram: @dfgcoaching
David Frank Gomes on Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidfrankgomes
New York Times Article by David Brooks on Meritocracy

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