How to Improve Your Relationship with Money

The Energy and Emotion of Money

We all have a relationship with money and it absolutely impacts our well being, stress levels, and how we feel about ourselves. In fact whether it is healthy or not, many of us link our self worth and success to money. Do you know what your money archetype is and that you may be operating with behaviors towards money that are linked to beliefs that may or may not be serving you?

Working with entrepreneurs as a business coach and also coaching executives with leadership, I often hear about either money struggles or discontentment around salary. Money impacts so many areas of our lives and yet we rarely have conversations about it and examine our behavior with it.

That time is here as I sat down with a holistic and behavioral money coach, Mariska Reinerink, from Money Conversations. While she was advising people as a financial planner she realized that what would really transform people’s relationship with money was much deeper than advising people on numbers; she knew if people could change their behaviors around money, this would have lasting, positive results for them.

We all have a money story and the money archetypes which we operate from are impacting our experience with money. You can take a Money Quiz here to learn what your money archetype is and begin to bring awareness and mindfulness to the behaviors you have been operating from.

The Energy and Emotion of Money Episode 18 of Peak Energy 4 Performance

Money Conversation Episode Highlights

  • What is a Holistic Money Coach?
  • How Behavioral Money Coaching is positively transforming people’s relationship with money
  • The patterns and behaviors with have with money
  • Neuroeconomics, behavior finance, neuroscience, and psychology of money
  • Mindfulness and increasing awareness around money
  • Your money story and Money Archetype
  • How money activates a survival instinct/response and the neuroscience behind its physiological impact on us
  • The unhealthy impact of our self worth being tied to our net worth
  • You cannot change it until you know what it is, writing your money bio
  • The male/female DNA money message
  • How to connect better with your money
  • How to take your power back over expenses
  • How being distracted lowers our impulse control, a bias known in behavioral finance

Resources to Connect with Mariska

Mariska Reinerink’s website:
Find out your Money Archetype: Money Quiz

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