Healthy Mind, Body, Mood Eating Habits with Andrea Saliba

Healthy Mind, Body, Mood Eating Habits

Peak Energy 4 Performance Podcast
Episode 003 Highlights:

In this podcast episode, Andrea Saliba, a holistic nutritionist and health coach, shares her unique approach to healthy eating that goes way beyond food. She candidly describes her own journey to discovering how powerful the mind and emotions are and how she incorporates these into her nutrition practice.

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What’s in this Episode?

  • Hear how Andrea overcame fear and anxiety that held her back
  • Find out what Andrea answered to “What creates lasting behavior change?”
  • The #1 Peak Energy Performance tip she recommends
  • Her peak energy and performance routine that sets her up for success
  • Discover her unique approach to nutrition and eating habits that is transforming people’s lives
  • We discuss what can cause energy dips and how it is linked to food and food choices

Andrea takes us on a journey describing some real, raw moments in her own life that she had to go through in order to be the change agent and understanding, inspiring role model she is today. You will hear about some of her life transition moments and what it took for her to grow beyond where she was and become the person she emulates as an influencer now.

If you have ever wondered why food, diet, or nutrition alone has not worked for you, Andrea sheds light on the complex dynamics of eating habits that goes beyond food.

Food and diet has long been the focus of healthy eating habits, but you are about to find out what other energy sources are available to you that will make lasting, conscious change.

Resources from this Episode:

Andrea Saliba website:
Andrea Saliba’s program: Re-Center Within
Andrea Saliba on Instagram: @andrea_saliba.nutrition

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